Jasmine’s CC || Final Saddle Dump || 08/10

  • Not just one thing this time, but two! They even go quite well together!

    New Saddle Retexture w/ Sheepskin Piping

    • Can be fully recolored (sheepskin piping and the actual saddle)

    Now, it looks better from side on, as from a front on angle view you wont be able to see the knee pads properly. So if you want it to look like the pictures, the angle is everything :laughing:
    Also, i have found that if the saddle is a somewhat dark color, the knee pads wont be as visible compared to a light brown or something lightly colored.

    (modeled by ART Skata ~ Pintabian)

    New Saddle Pad ~ Show Jumping

    • Can be fully recolored

    Now this pad has a few flaws, which i am not that experienced to fix (nor do i exactly have the time at the moment :sweat_smile: ), but with the right coloring/placing it can be avoided.
    First of all (to begin this list) the so called sheepskin fluff (dark blue on the pad near the base of the saddle) is far too wide to look like sheepskin. So to fix this it is best to use this pad with a sheepskin saddle (built in with the saddle), or to just edit it in to make it look realistic. Problem one solved!
    Now even though it says its recolourable, it isnt exactly......a normal recolor. It will always be either a greyey blue, or a blue.
    Any other color will ruin the pad...kinda hard to explain, but check the picture below for a better look :smiley: .
    So its really just a matter of fiddling around with colors.

    Trying to recolour it yellow
    Trying to recolour it red

    So, if you manage to follow those simple things, it will actually look like the pictures shown :heart:

    alt text
    (modeled by WYE Curiosity ~ British Warmblood)

    Both Combined

    alt text
    alt text



  • Neck Shine Marking

    • Can be fully recolored
    • 1 channel

    Shown on a typical black coat.

    100% Opacity
    alt text
    50% Opacity
    alt text
    25% Opacity
    alt text


  • Breed Committee

    That looks amazing, thank you! :heart:

  • Moderation Committee

    Love it! Thanks for sharing :hugging:

  • amazing job great job

  • Training Pads

    • Can be fully recolored

    So i got bored again, whoops, and decided to have a go at some pads.
    They're pretty boring, but they're good to use when you're out trail riding, or simply training for the next comp, instead of making your show pads all sweaty.

    Dressage Pad
    alt text
    SJ Pad
    alt text

    In game images:
    alt text
    alt text



    NOTE: Since im in a creative mood (and im kind of bed/house ridden at the moment due to my cold) im open to ideas for new creations/retextures/markings, so hit me up with any ideas you may have bubbling in your mind :tongue:

  • Such a good idea to have just a training your horse with. It will keep your nicer pads nice, clean and looking good for the show ring. Nice job. :D

  • Horse Dapples V2

    • Can be fully recolored

    Whilst creating some markings, i got a little creative and thought why not to update my previous dapple marking (which you all seemed to love) with a new version. This one also has dapples on their behind :)

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


    Im also taking in ideas for any new markings you guys would like to see around, as im getting more involved with Photoshop. If there's any ideas regarding markings floating around in your head, hit me up with them! :heart:

  • Oh wow these are great! Thank you for sharing them! :heart:

  • Beautiful dapples, used them on a horse and they look great ingame!

  • These look so great, can't wait to test them in game.

  • Dressage Set

    A small sad part of me was bored once again and got their hands into Photoshop and created a lovely creation to share. Today for download there is a new saddle (a retexture of Lakeside's dressage saddle) based off Hermes Arpege dressage saddle. And since i like to match, i have created a matching Hermes dressage pad with its logo, all fully recolourable. Hopefully i can get this SJ set out before - oops! Ive said to much :eyes:

    Saddle In Black

    alt text
    alt text

    Saddle In Brown

    alt text
    alt text

    "But what do the pads look like in colours other then white?"
    Say no more

    Download Saddle

    Download Pad

  • Banned

    Ohh the saddle 😫😍

  • Thank you Charlie :D

  • Eventing Posepack

    Before you even get the slightest bit excited, there are few tiny faults. Well they're only minor but the fact that i mucked them up frustrates me on a high level. But if you remember the names according to the pictures, you'll be set.
    Canter 2 is Gallop
    Gallop is Trot 3 (yes there's a hidden trot pose on purpose of course)
    Other poses are what they are listed as.

    Posepack Pics

    alt text

    Download Posepack

  • Are these pose listed?

  • @Marc-Sanders said in Charlie's CC || Eventing Posepack || 25/03:

    Are these pose listed?

    Yes they are :)
    Forgot to mention it in the post :sweat_smile:

  • .>
    Good thing I havent started my EE entries xD

  • These are great! That horse is sooooo cute though! Cutest little face and gorgeous coat!

  • Show Jumping/Eventing Set

    I have been gone a while im sorry, but i did manage to make some new CC in the last couple hours. I had to get the idea out of my head and into my game. Yes, you heard me. HOURS. Im sorry if they have faults, but so far so good.
    I have made a SJ saddle re-texture before (2 to be exact) and they seem to work out better each time, so why not make a third!


    • Saddle pad has 3 channels. The piping, edge patch near the bottom and the pad itself.
    • Saddle will show up in game really dark if made completely black. Best look is an in between grey colour (as shown in images below).

    Saddle Ref: Hermes Allegro Jump Saddle
    Pad Ref: Ascot Equestrian Eventing Pad


    alt text


    alt text
    Colour variation 1
    Colour variation 2

    In Game

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Please enjoy, and i always love feedback. Tell me what you think!

    Download Saddle

    Download Pad

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