Jasmine’s CC || New Terrain Pt 3 || 05/06

  • here for the ridden show ring AND the hay! thank you so much, jasmine <3

  • You are AMAZING, thank yoooou soooo much ❤️❤️

  • Amazing works really good job :)

  • alt text
    Here i am again with more terrain :laughing:

    Asphalt 1
    alt text

    Asphalt 2
    alt text

    Asphalt 3
    alt text

    Asphalt 4
    alt text

  • Yooooo I have to remember to come here more often! They're all so good1

  • omgosh! the third asphalt thougH!

  • Wauw, i was just passing by. And this is just... way to awsome for me to handle xD
    I LOVE your creations! Also, what hd mod are you using?

  • These look great, thank you!

    I was wondering if you'd possibly be able to do scaled down/smaller versions of some of them? I think they'd be great for adding a bit more depth to my terrain painting but they don't match the 'scale' of my other paints :sweat_smile: I feel rude for asking.

  • @Eowyn-Vance

    Thank you!

    I’m actually working on smaller version currently. The same method I took with making the sand smaller didn’t exactly work for the others so I’ll need to edit them again to reduce the size, but hopefully they’ll come out soon :heart: and don’t feel rude for asking, I was waiting for someone to say something so I’m glad you did! :smile:

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