• sorry if i ask too much but im not sure whats going on the thing is my horse SASH Everybody Loves got regected for registry but they are no comment on the sheet can somebody tell me why he got rejected
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  • That's indeed interesting. Perhaps they just forgot.

    Perhaps it has to do with the horse's conformation and colour. You have Realistic set as the registration type, which mean the horse's conformation and coat are judged in relatively strict manner.

    The horse is marked as grey, although there doesn't appear to be a single white hair in him even though he's adult (and while some horses do grey out slowly, at that point it should be on its way already). You may want to tweak his conformation a bit, too, perhaps consider giving him shorter legs? If you're after the American show Percheron, the neck should be longer and held little higher, and his build should overall resemble a great big Friesian more than a draft horse. Just a thought! I'm not a registrar so it's not really my place to say.

  • I agree with Isaiah she may have felt the horse didn't meet the standards for the breed at all and so denied registration? If you're still curious as to why I would contact Nea Sterling

  • @Cole-Tieman i mean i know that he got rejected because they are some imperfection but a comment would be handgull its weird that they dot add a comment since they always do thats why i asked

  • Understandable, she may have just gotten sidetracked and forgotten. It's Nea Sterling who does drafts so you can probably contact her directly.

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