LMEC Stable Blog | January 16th 2020 - Christmas Halter Show entries

  • I seriously LOVE conformation and head shots of your horses. So professional! :heart_eyes: Makes me want to redo all my horses' confos (again XD )

  • @Alice-Palmer - aw! thanks a lot alice! ^^

    @Merida-Dahmer - I absolutely love these tablets, it's so useful in many ways and I didn't realize that I had that many horses either and I have around 20 more that are retired that I still havent added there yet xD Only active competitors and few ones that are a little bit younger but will debute in a couple months :) Yes this cute chunky fella is so adorable and all credits for him goes to his breeder Jade :)

    @Erika-Holmfirth - thank you so much! ^^ yeah it's never boring with an hack out when it's 4 younger horses together xD it always happen something when Lollan is involved xD

    @Lidija-Rotherford - Thank you! :)

    @Kia-Williams - Haha! I have noticed same way sometimes like "omg! that was great!" and decided to redo everything and it have been some rounds but now I'm really happy with how it looks ^^

  • I missen this how?! You got way to many pretty pons girl! :heart_eyes: Gorgeous scrappie, cant wait to see more :smile:

  • @Jasmin-Mikaelson - Haha! yeah it's easy to miss new posts sometimes when it's a lot of new threads whole time xD and thanks a lot for the compliments about my sweet ponpons ^^

  • omg how amazing are all these horses <3 My favourite would OBI Poetess!

  • Beautiful Intro and so neat ! :heart_decoration:

  • @Erin-Cooke - Thank you! :) yes she's one of my favourites too among a lot of others in my barn ^^

    @Nicole-Löffler - aw! thanks a lot! ^^

  • As you can see in the topic - I've finally managed to get myself an new fresh signature for 2017 after have been using same for a very long time ^^ I must amit that I REALLY love it! :heart_eyes:

    To see the new one just look below here ^^

  • your new signature is gorgeous, Girl :heart_eyes:

  • @Jade-Nguyen said in LMEC Stable Blog | Jan 15th - New signature:

    your new signature is gorgeous, Girl :heart_eyes:

    Thank you so much, Jade! I really like it a lot by myself since it's clean and classy ^^

  • Oh I love that signature! So classy!!

  • Finally time for next update! ^^ This time I'm gonna show you one of our talented young horses and this time it will be SSE Fancy Dress a 7y/o hano mare, breeded by @Mandy-McAvoy thank you so much for her! <3 Fancy is sired by Mandy's stallion SSE Moody Blues and out of my own mare Scarlet O'Paradise REC and here she is! ^^

    This pic was taken during an show jumping workout and halfway through it, Denise decided to take off the saddle from Fancy and take some jumps bareback to freshen up her seat and balance and she did it quite well since the jump is 1,4m high and Fancypants litterally flew over it as an piece of cake :heart_eyes:

    alt text

    thanks for visiting! <3

  • Gorgeous edit! I would not dare to jump this without a saddle xD Or with one! ahaha

  • Now that's an impressive jump! I'm personally not sure if I could make it with the saddle, not to tell about bareback (I was never good at jumping lol). And Fancy Dress is fancy indeed! I still dream about a SSE horse :heart:

  • I love her coat it's so pretty. They did a great job going over that huge jump!! :heart_eyes: (Also I love her name)

  • PR Committee

    Oh my :O that certainly took some guts to do! She must have a lot of faith in Fancy and confidence to attempt that!

  • AHHH That editing!!!! Amazing work as always!

  • Your images are always so crisp and clean! Fancy and Denise look like they're in great form -- they must have great results after all this bareback jumping. :)

  • @Lidija-Rotherford thank you! :) Yeah it's not a small jump that she does there but she's not afraid at all :p

    @Daria-Burtseva All credit for her goes to @Mandy-McAvoy that breeded and made her for me <3 yeah it needs a lot of good balance to jump this high but when you made it, it feels great and I know since I've jumped this high irl but with saddle ofc and it was an amazing feeling after I cleared this impressive jump :heart_eyes:

    @Zinnia-Arvi all credits for her coat, confo etc goes to Mandy that breed her for me ^^ and this was an piece of an cake for Denise since she uses to ride the most crazy and wildest horses (LMEC Contessa, My Fair Lady, Leeloo and Regina just to name some) in our stable otherwise xD

    @Johanna-Masters yes! The obstacle is quite high for bareback jumping but it didn't scare Denise at all and she have fully trust in Fancy too since she know the mare very well and have trained her since she came home to us as a little filly so their bond is strong and Fancy trust fully in her and do whatever Denise wants her to do and she does it without hesitation <3

    @Alice-Palmer thank you so much! <3

    @Frida-Radtke aw..! Thanks a lot, Frida! ^^ yes Fancy is among the best of our younger show jumpers, she have now 109 pts in show jumping so she have herited a lot from both her parents and also have got a lot of help from Denise that have ridden her since she was broken in by age of 3 so they're an quite strong team and I hope that they will do great together in future too ^^

  • It's always good to work on your seat and your balance, some of my riders might steal the idea some day ^^ Some of them likes to challenge themselves :slight_smile:

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