LMEC Stable Blog | March 22nd - Our next generation <3

  • As you already know my personal favorites are Luminata and Limited Edition, but all of these babies are absolutely stunning!!! I want to steal them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • What a stunning Danish warmblooded!
    I love them with you :heart_eyes:

  • What absolute beauties! I can n o t decide on a favourite, they are all so gorgeous! Really looking forward to see them grow and start their carreer :heart:

  • Oh my gosh! LMEC Limited Edition ♥♥

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    @Katherine-Star-Ackles Yes I know! :heart_eyes: They're truly gems all of them <3

    @Michelle-Frohman :sunglasses: thanks for the warning! - puts extra locks on their stalls - and you're not alone about having hard times to pick one favourite, I really love every single of them <3

    @Valeriya-Repei Thank you so much! ^^

    @Annalena-Voigt Yes me too! :D Luminata have already started to compete since she was born last year actually and she's doing it extremely well and the parents to the other foals have had amazing careers so I really can't wait until they're turning 4 in may so I can start compete with all of them :heart_eyes:

    @Anna-Winters Yes isn't he stunning?! :D and the name suits him really well since he's really special <3

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    Wow, all your lovely hopefuls are just stunning! :heart_eyes: I love all of them, I'm not even gonna pick a favourite. (but maybe I like Limited Edition the most because that marking is killing it) You know I love them all! However, I will mention that I'll never forget the journey we went through on choosing a name for Outlander, omg, I mean.. we spent so much time finding name on O, even with my name list(that was horrible btw :') ) when one of your favourite shows started on the same letter!! But you had it figured out after a while, so he truly has the perfect name now. :sparkling_heart:

    (And yes, I always need to add at least one funny part of my comment when commenting on your blog, otherwise I'd just be like "Omg, they're so perfect * fangirling * :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: " like a little girl every single time, and that would be boring right :see_no_evil: )

  • OMG Christina!! So many beautiful horses!! I am totally in love with so many of them, and I'm sure you already know this ;) You are so talented! I cannot wait to see this young generation out competing!! Also the gorgeous pictures you have edited further up, you know my opinion already, BUT omg such amazing pictures. Can I come to visit please? and maybe bring more ponies home :sunglasses:

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken Haha! :joy: You have no idea how much I laughed and smile when I remember the real struggle to find a name for this poor guy but now he have the perfect name <3 Even his barn name are spot on too <3 (yes! you know how much I love this tv-show and I really can't wait to season 5 to arrive later this year :heart_eyes: ) and it seems that Eddie have melted a lot of hearts with his lovely coat and marking and you're not alone about that and I can't wait to show him off more together with other babies :heart_eyes:

    and about fangirling, you may do it as much as you desire - no shame about that! ^^ :missingastarstrucksmileyhere: xD

    @Alice-Palmer Omg! you're back! :D really long time no see here ^^ and thank you so much for these lovely comments about my horses and pics! <3 You're not alone about wanting to see these babies compete, luckily it's not far left to May month when they turns 4 and can show off the skills they have herited from the parents in competitions :heart_eyes:

  • omg Outlander is super pretty!
    All your horses (for sure) are super pretty! I am super excited to see them in action ♥

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