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  • Oh my you have so many horses!
    And the two Warmbloods you showed are magnificent! I love the dark aspect to the photo, they look stunning!
    And I really like how your horses are set out in terms of discipline, it's very neat!
    I look forward to seeing more! :heart_eyes:

  • Oh theses horses are stunning! And the way you took those pictures. They are amazing <3

  • @Jasmine-Wilkinson said in LMEC Stable Blog - Welcome!:

    Oh my you have so many horses!
    And the two Warmbloods you showed are magnificent! I love the dark aspect to the photo, they look stunning!
    And I really like how your horses are set out in terms of discipline, it's very neat!
    I look forward to seeing more! :heart_eyes:

    Thanks a lot for the lovely comments! ^^

  • @Serena-Bass said in LMEC Stable Blog - Welcome!:

    Oh theses horses are stunning! And the way you took those pictures. They are amazing <3

    Aw..! Thank you so much! ^^

  • Now I think that's time for the first proper update of this scrappy instad for editing post whole time xD So here we go! I'm gonna do an similar update that I did on the old forum but with some more additionals ^^

    First one will be the joyful hack in the snow that started pretty quiet until Lollan (LMEC Leeloo) went bonkers and started to buck when the speed was tuned upwards a little bit :joy:


    From left LMEC Leeloo, LMEC Allegro, Casiro W and LMEC Kalahari

    Among them, Casiro is one of our new additions that I've got as birthday gift from sweet Elin <3 and here is an closer look at him ^^


    He's a 4y/o Danish warmblood stallion and his parents are Casper W x Novalux W and he will compete in dressage and eventing.

    The other horses that I'm gonna show you comes here ^^

    LMEC Diana

    She's one of our top eventers and the pic was taken during a groundwork session with her rider Christina :)

    Next pic shows two of our younger dressage horses that we bought last summer and here they are


    To left is LMEC Bacchus, DWB stallion and to right LMEC Olympia, hano mare - they was on their way up to the big paddock for some dressage training this lovely late summer afternoon.

    Now we're gonna show you a couple of our GP jumpers and first out is our SWB stallion

    LMEC Mr Midsummer Surprise

    and next big jumper is one of our Danish WB stallions

    LMEC Valegro

    Now it will be some newcomers and this time I will add 2 more horses to present for you and I'm gonna start with these beauties ^^

    OBI Poetess

    She's an 3 y/o Danish Warmblood mare and her parents is LMEC Poetry of Magic x SG Redemption's Princess and she will compete in show jumping when she's old enough :)

    Next horse is an stunning 1 y/o dapple grey filly that also have one of my stallions as sire and here she is

    Foxy Lady VN

    Her parents are my own sire Harley Davidson HA x Kullabergs Young Fox and she will also compete in SJ as Tess.

    Huge thank you Diana Saeterbakken for your trust to take care of these amazing mares <3

    Next horses that I'm gonna show you is

    Janna L.M

    She's an 5 y/o Dutch WB sired by Jacobus FR and out of Jeanetta de Frothingham and competes in both Show Jumping and eventing, Thanks Callixta for letting me buy her! <3 Meanwhile I bought Janna, I also got offer about an another horse from Callixta and here he is

    Monachyle's Seastar

    He's also an Dutchie and he's now 7y/o and competes in only eventing and his parents is J'Adore du Tussock x Monachyles Bellatrixe

    And last but not least, our newest addition to our dressage team that I bought from Jade straight before christmas and here he is!

    LGS Capoccino

    He's also an Dutch WB at age of 4 y/o and will compete in dressage, just waiting for his reg to be approved first and his parents are RDEC Lerentino x VDC Cafe au Chocolat.

    and it was all for this time, thanks for visiting! <3

  • Yayy, all the pretty horses! Glad to see your album is ready ^^ Hope Fancy Pants is due for an update soon enough :heart_eyes:

  • Oh my, Casiro is stunning! His coat is just amazing. <3

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    Can't remember if I commented on these in your old scrappy but since there's new pictures now I can comment again :grin:

    First of all: Casirooooboo! :heart: I'm so happy you like him! Makes all that work soooo worth it :kissing_heart:
    Second: you already know how much I love all the training pics but I do have to say that the progress you've done with you editing is amazing! It looks so good and you've come so far :smile: :heart:
    Third: Diana!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • @Mandy-McAvoy - Yes! I'm gonna take some pics of her soon and show her cute butt doing some flashy jumps as her parents does so she can show which skills she have herited from them :heart_eyes:

    @Serena-Bass - all credit for him goes to his sweet breeder Elin that put a LOT of work with him <3

    @Elin-Fredriksdotter - Haha! and yes he's one of my top favourites among my horses since he's an such gem <3 our sweet little Pruppen :heart_eyes: I must also admit that I was pretty shocked yesterday when I looked back in my old scrappy on es and saw my first edits, it have happened a lot since that can I say xD

  • Eek! They are all so beautiful, I commented on your old scrappy but seeings as this is a new one I will comment again! Your horses always look so happy and healthy :heart:

  • I like this table thing on the new forum, it makes it easier to get a grip of the amount of horses people do have, and I have to say you've got more horses than I thought :D

    LGS Capoccino is a real stunner! :heart_eyes:

  • I really adore your horses (as you already know :wink:) I wish you best of luck with these pearls :D All the best <3

    And the Riding Out picture is gold :3 The Atmosphere is really great :)

  • Out of all these conformation-photo-ed horses I have no idea who to choose as he prettiest! :heart_eyes:

  • I seriously LOVE conformation and head shots of your horses. So professional! :heart_eyes: Makes me want to redo all my horses' confos (again XD )

  • @Alice-Palmer - aw! thanks a lot alice! ^^

    @Merida-Dahmer - I absolutely love these tablets, it's so useful in many ways and I didn't realize that I had that many horses either and I have around 20 more that are retired that I still havent added there yet xD Only active competitors and few ones that are a little bit younger but will debute in a couple months :) Yes this cute chunky fella is so adorable and all credits for him goes to his breeder Jade :)

    @Erika-Holmfirth - thank you so much! ^^ yeah it's never boring with an hack out when it's 4 younger horses together xD it always happen something when Lollan is involved xD

    @Lidija-Rotherford - Thank you! :)

    @Kia-Williams - Haha! I have noticed same way sometimes like "omg! that was great!" and decided to redo everything and it have been some rounds but now I'm really happy with how it looks ^^

  • I missen this how?! You got way to many pretty pons girl! :heart_eyes: Gorgeous scrappie, cant wait to see more :smile:

  • @Jasmin-Mikaelson - Haha! yeah it's easy to miss new posts sometimes when it's a lot of new threads whole time xD and thanks a lot for the compliments about my sweet ponpons ^^

  • omg how amazing are all these horses <3 My favourite would OBI Poetess!

  • Beautiful Intro and so neat ! :heart_decoration:

  • @Erin-Cooke - Thank you! :) yes she's one of my favourites too among a lot of others in my barn ^^

    @Nicole-Löffler - aw! thanks a lot! ^^

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