LMEC Stable Blog | October 17th - A XC day in October

  • LMEC Cannavaro has the most amazing dappling!!! Definitely my favourite!

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Haha thanks! ^^ <3 Yeah and even if I have a lot of horses, I love and admire every single of them <3

    @Neeve-Kalford Thank you! His coat was definitiely not easy to make but it did paid off, just look how stunning he is :heart_eyes:

  • Very adorable Danish Warmblood babies :heart_eyes:

  • @Valeriya-Repei Thank you so much! ^^

  • OMG OMG OMG! I have had so much to do that i din't noticed that you had introduced Ruben! :heart_eyes: Heee looks so great! :D <3

    And for those babies of yours... I'm in love with LMEC Carino and LMEC Cannavaro! I want them so bad! :heart_eyes:

  • Wow! I just logged in after a few moments to see Gallaway's Fürst Romancier appearing here! Glad to see he has ended up at such a good home, take care of him. :hearts: He was and still is one of my favorite horsies

  • @Gina-Jolie-Richards Haha aw! :joy: yeah but now you're gonna keep an eye on this blog do I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and thanks for the lovely words about my babies too <3

    @Renee-Mudde I had no idea that you're actually his breeder, saw it when I checked closer and saw that Gallaway's was your prefix ^^ He have settled down very well here with us and have been spoiled to rotten since he moved in here earlier in april month and have now 81 points in dressage under his belt so he's getting closer and closer to his 3rd title :heart_eyes:

  • This update will be a small sale ad, yes, LMEC are selling a gorgeous promising black 6,5 y/o, 3rd gen hanoverian mare with points and good pedigree bonus, so canter further to this thread and find out more ^^

    alt text

  • 7 months?! Have it been that long time that I updated, not good at all buuut, I hope this update will make up for it ^^

    So let's begin! This update will be dedicated to all my newcomers that I've got the honor to own, from other breeders - I can't thank you all enough! <3 and I tought it was time to show them off properly in this massive update <3 First out is WEC Oblivion (WEC/CDC Onatello x WEC Sol Bianca) She comes from very well known @Michelle-Frohman , thank you so much for this lovely girl! <3 She competes in both show jumping and eventing with her rider Amy.

    alt text

    This beautiful girl was bought from @Ellory-Clarke and her name is VPE Nevaeh (MSE Jack-A-Roe x RDEC Sirrah) and she competes in both eventing and dressage, here seen with her rider Melissa.

    alt text

    WEC Myrrine (WEC Ravallo x Monaco HA) is one of our most newest additions, we have only owned her for a couple weeks now, a big thanks to you @Callixta-Rosella that let me buy her <3 Merry is one of our future stars in dressage.

    alt text

    Next pic shows a trio of lovely eventers/show jumpers <3 they are from left VPE Marble Rose (CDC Calexio x RDEC Sirrah), PCRA Chacconu (PCRA Hercules x RDEC Simphonia) and VPE Lotus Moon (Draconis Maiden Moon x VPE Laelia) Thanks @Toni-Lamberti and @Ellory-Clarke for this lovely gang! <3

    alt text

    Being groomed is the best thing does WEC Classified (WEC Cambridge x WEC Hypnotic) think and he seems to really enjoy to be scratched on his belly ^^ He was bought from @Michelle-Frohman <3

    alt text

    These two boys are also from @Michelle-Frohman and they are WEC Silk Road (chestnut, WEC Sirocco x ILA/WEC Rumour Has It) and WEC Taos (WEC Sirocco x WEC Annelie), here through a SJ workout. Both competes in show jumping and eventing.

    alt text

    This lovely girl, Honeybrook Vaishali (GOS Vinzenz x TE Jaantje) moved home to us through late december last year and it was many that argued about who should ride this future star in dressage, and Amy pulled the longest string so you can imagine how happy she was and they're really a perfect match <3 Thank you so much @Callixta-Rosella for this lovely girl! <3

    alt text

    Now another two more lovely WEC horses, from left, WEC Enchantress (LEG Eligius x CGS Fire Fox) and WEC Asteria (WEC Allegro x WEC Wild Heart) and both competes in eventing/dressage. Thank you @Michelle-Frohman again for these lovely girls! <3

    alt text

    Lewen's Lorenzo ( Lewen's Lysk x HRSA Royal Diamond), bay to left, did I get the opportunity to buy, for just a couple weeks ago by @Gwen-Parker , thank you so much for him! <3 The lovely golden girl beside him is HAX Alphenrose that I bought from @Gina-Jolie-Richards last year, thanks a lot for her! <3 Lorenzo or "Enzo" competes in dressage an "Alpha" in show jumping.

    alt text

    Linnea with her latest addition in her eventing stable, a sweet mare named Honeybrook Storeybrook (DPS Ami D'Or x Winter's Skylark ZA) together in the studio when we took "Storey" profile pictures and she wanted to share one of them on instagram ^^ We bought this sweet girl for just few weeks ago from @Callixta-Rosella <3 Isn't they adorable?! :heart_eyes:

    alt text

    We have always tought that our boy LMEC Eclipse should keep the throne as the biggest horse in the barn with his impressive 182 cm height but he was beated. WEC Caetano (WEC Cambridge x WEC Valentina) that we bought together with his halfbrother WEC Classified, is bigger - he's standing at whole 186 (!!!) cm and his rider Victoria that took him out for an stretch due of his regular rider was sick so Victoria helped him to keep the horses fit, and she does look really small on him even if she's a tall girl. She got company with Andreas that rode Honeybrook Hellaby that was on their way home from their trail in woods.

    alt text

    Before show seasons starts properly - it's a must with strength and cardio workout, here is, from left WEC Douceur (WEC Chagall x WEC Cinnamon) and VPE Mercury Moon (RDEC Leviatan x VPE Laelia) that are getting through some gymnastic workouts to make them strong and quick in their bodies and both seems to enjoy the warm spring weather too with lovely sunny weather :heart_eyes: Douceur aka "Meatball" comes from @Michelle-Frohman and Mercury from @Ellory-Clarke. Meatball competes in eventing and Mercury in both eventing and show jumping.

    alt text

    Can a dressage horse beat an eventer? Let' find out ;) From left VPE Hellebores (Ashbrooke's Spitfire x WPW Ryker) and Eskos HX in a lovely canter over the huge fields that we have around here and I can for sure tell that they had an blast! :D Both comes from @Ellory-Clarke

    alt text

    Last but not least is HAX Feuerspiel (Duval's Firestone x Monachyle's Bailéy Harbor) that are enjoy the sunwarmth grass after a lovely bareback ride with his rider Denise that took the chance to take a little rest on his back <3 This gentleman comes from @Gina-Jolie-Richards Thanks for letting me buy him! <3

    alt text

    Thank you everyone for reading this post all the way down here! <3 and again, a HUGE thank you to everyone that trusted me those gems from you. <3 <3 <3

  • Administrators

    LOVE all of this slice of life stuff. They all look gorgeous omg :heart_eyes:

  • Competition Committee

    Such a lovely update, so many nice pons

  • I am literally crying, but these tears are because these pics are magnificent !! I missed Your pretty pons sooooo much! This Giant Grey, maaan! And this gallopping pic! Im so in love ❤❤

  • @Blake-Bellanaris Yes it was also the tought I had with this update ^^ I also wanted to show how we have it here on LMEC and show how the daily life can be here :heart_eyes: All credits for the horses goes to their breeders <3

    @Rena-Cort Thank you so much! <3

    @Jade-Nguyen Aw! <3 and it touchs me too, to know that my pics have been missed <3 I had really fun when I made all these pics can I tell you and I had no idea that I was that rusty but it worked out well anyways does it seem ^^

  • Yayyyy I love a huge update!! So many beautiful WEC Ponies here :smirk: I don't know how I will pick my favorite...but we both know it is meatball after all!! She is so special in my heart lol. I absolutely love the style of your photos the editing came out so amazing!! I have been waiting for these riding pics and they did not dissapoint! I love these updates <3 :-)

  • Have I stumbled upon the WEC album by accident? :laughing: lovely collection of horses and its so nice to see them all outside of a photo studio. Alphenrose is my favourite here I think... though their is a lot to choose from :wink: also Classified is HUGE!! sure he isn't part Russian?? :laughing:

  • Development Committee

    Finally, you finished all of them!! I mean, I honestly did not think you'd managed to finish all those 14 pictures in a short matter of time after you showed me how many it was xD It has been so much fun following you while you edited all these pictures all day and night (except when I fell asleep all of those late nights lmao :sweat_smile: ) and also I was there drooling over the new horsies every time you bought a new one (still envious on some of them really, they're all gorgeous especially those WEC horsies :drooling_face: ) and I have also seen most of the pictures already, but holy wow!!

    They all look soo much better when you actually placed them in a blog post! I can't even choose a favourite. Merry is beautiful! And dear Classy <3 How I miss that lovely boy! I'm so glad he ended up being sold to you by Michelle, with you especially after jumpinga few homes since I sold him :'( but he has a perfect home now at LMEC. <3 And I've already said this but Caetano is HUUUGE!! I mean, how did he even grow this big? I have no idea but he looks stunning! I might steal Cateano and Classy if I can fit Cateano in our tiny little horse trailer(I need to measure it first, don't think it's tall enough for him ), so please don't look for those boys in my stable if they suddenly go missing! :angel: And of course, we must not forget the O' devil, my dearest Orabelle's full sister!! They seem to both be very good at jumping, look at her flying over that jump!! She looks stunning. I hope she is still being a mare with big M like Belle is? They sure live up to their names these girls but hey we both love them right XD

    Also, you liar! You said you were rusty on editing manes, you are not! The last picture looks stunning and so does every other ones as well. I love your editing style, it's so simple yet so well done and you really enhanced them all well. There are so many pictures and I've already said that they all look great, but they really do <3 This was a huge unnecessary comment but whatever, it was worth a long comment since you posted so many lovely pics and I know you worked so hard on them and you really deserve a lot of praise for all of your hard work :hugging:

  • @Michelle-Frohman <3 <3 <3 and I can titulate myself as a proud "hoarder" of WEC horses, they're like chips - you just can't have only one of these gems :heart_eyes: and I can't even pick a favourite by myself among all those gorgeous beans <3 and thanks for the lovely words about my pics and editing, and I always try to do my best :kissing_heart:

    @Eowyn-Vance Haha! It's actually Caetano that is the biggest one, Classified is "only" 172 ;) and thanks ^^

    @Diana-Sæterbakken You should know how Lily can act when you're not having eyes in the neck since you own her sister and I bet that she's an copy of her xD She's a mare with an BIG fat M, and even if she's black unlikely her sister but I swear that there is an chestnut mare hidden behind that shiny black coat :joy: The day the pic was taken, she was almost too nice and you don't even dare to ask what she did later same day... :see_no_evil: Even if they're making us grey haired in pre-time, we do still love them for their craziness and stubborness :heart_eyes:

    And you can be sure that Classy is not moving around anymore, he's here to stay <3 And I can tell that it was actually trouble to get Caetano home to us due of his size :joy: and also thanks for the indirect warning so I can keep their stalls even more safier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but you're welcome to visit them at any time <3

    I AM rusty! xD took extra long time to edit for me, had forgot how to do few steps but after a while, the muscle memory woke up and I figured out to do = need to edit more regulary to keep it fresh and smooth do I realize :joy: and thank you so much for these lovely words about my pics an edits <3 <3

  • WEC Myrrine is unbelievebale beautyful :3

  • Wow all of your pictures are so super soft & beautiful & the light is just on point & all of your horses are so sweet. Gosh im so in love 😍

  • @Anna-Winters Thank you! ^^ but credit for her goes to her breeder @Michelle-Frohman <3

    @Mira-Green Thank you so much! <3 and it will actually be hard to believe, but the lights in the pics are totally untouched, it is all natural lights from my lightning mod ^^

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