LMEC Stable Blog | October 17th - A XC day in October

  • @Jade-Nguyen and you should have an BIG thank you for letting me borrow Hallie <3 without her, I wouldn't have Highlight today so, thank you <3

    @Marquis-Moulin Aw!^^ yeah, you're not alone about it can I tell you :heart_eyes: Had so much fun with make/breed these gems and I really can't wait until they're starting their careers later this year :D

  • AHHHHHH you know already that I am unhealthily obsessed with LMEC Highlight, definitely one of my favorite horses yoy have ever made :heart_eyes: but all these babies are so stunning, you seriously have some of the best horses around! What a gorgeous picture too, I love seeing them out and about in your world <3


  • They are all so stunning! <3 :heart_eyes: Absolutely adore LMEC Sansa, her dark coat is just amazing!

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    So many pretty babies; I think Highlight will always steal the spotlight with that beautifully marked coat and silver hair but the more I stare, the more I want to give lots of snuggles to Aviciia :heart_eyes:

  • Wow I love all those cuties :blush: The landcape behind them is also stunning, wish I could have a ride there!

  • @Michelle-Frohman <3 <3 I had so much fun when making them and Highlight was an challenge for sure since it was my first silver baby, ever but she turned out really amazing :heart_eyes: It will be hard times to wait until they're ready to show their skills in competitions can I tell you xD

    @Neeve-Kalford Yes my toughts too, she's really beautiful! :heart_eyes:
    @Jill-Reyes Thank you! ^^ When I planned her, I wanted the coat to be really dark and rich and it turned out really well :D
    @Callixta-Rosella <3 <3 She's a very baby for sure and her dam is coming from you too, and also Summerburst daddy :heart_eyes: And you're definitiely not alone about have fallen in love with Highlight and the name does fit her really well :D
    @Maria-Makovetskaya Thanks! ^^ Yes I have used this world for few years now and I absolutely love it since it gives amazing backgrounds to my pictures <3

  • Beautiful girlies!

  • @Alex-Richards Thanks! :D I'm really fond of them too :heart_eyes:

    Summer have finally arrived to LMEC and the fields are really lushy and green so Linnea wanted to make a day full of memories and told Christina that she wanted to do something fun and they decided to why not make an sort of photoshoot like the pro's with all in tacked up in the best oufits and she picked her fiercy mare LMEC Quinnie (Foxberry's Jabari x Eretria's Quiana) that competes in both eventing and dressage for this session. Quinnie went up bathed, braided and dressed up in her best luxury tack and here is one of the best pic from this photoshoot :heart_eyes:

    alt text

    Thanks for visiting! ^^ <3

  • Aaa ahhh stunning ❤️

  • So pretty!

  • Beautiful image, Christina! <3 Quinnie and Linnea look very smartly turned out indeed (Quinnie, particularly, looks absolutely stealable (have I mentioned my weakness for liver chestnuts?)... my favourite thing about it though is how evocative it is of my personal memories of Swedish summer. :relieved: Looks just as I remember it- lush, flat, green; endless sky above. And the sun is out! Perfect. Ahh, I feel like I might be back there. <3 I hope you'll make more idyllic shots like this!

  • Quinnie is so preatty :heart:

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    Okay, so I'm a little late. I know I said I would check in here earlier too but you know me, I'm hopeless :') First of all, the beautiful pictures of Aviciia, Summerburst, Sansa and Highlight... Just wow. You know I loved Himla; She is exactly what I told you earlier, just heaven. :sparkling_heart: I'm speechless!  And the other ones, you know I love them. I've already said this a hundred times, I don't think I have to describe every single one of them because you already know how weak I am for your horses :see_no_evil:

    And second, Quinnie. :sparkles: Lovely Quinnie with her rich, smooth, beautiful livery shade. You know I loved this picture; it looked awesome unedited too, but even more stunning with editing. I love, love the grassed you used and your blurring is perfection. And not to mention all the gorgeous tack! So well put together. I love the whole picture and the atmosphere in it. Just perfect <3

    And I'm surprised no one has noticed that flashy bridle yet. I mean, double bridle? where did you get that :heart_eyes: :drooling_face: :laughing:

  • The mood in the pciture is so brilliant! I looovee the summer vibes in it! :heart:

  • Love this photo! It's so bright and summery <3 and wow, Quinnie is beautiful! she has such a sport build to her, the look of determination on that mare's face really make the photo

  • @Jade-Nguyen Thank you! <3 I'm really happy with how the result went with this pic :heart_eyes: and Quiana is an perfect model too <3
    @Anna-Foster Thanks! ^^

    @Ariadne-Waters You're definitiely not alone about being fond of dark rich colored liver chestnuts, that's why I have many of these :joy: :heart_eyes: I had really fun when I dressed up both Quinnie and Linnea and had an picture in my head how it should look from outfit to environments and this pic really nailed it :heart_eyes: Where in swededn did you visit when you was here? I'm living in middle of sweden but LMEC is placed in southern parts of this country since I wanted more open fields and more airy space so I can take pics like this a it will be more for sure ^^ and as spoke of idyllic pics, did you see my last update with these 4 girls? ;)

    @Borja-Domecq Yes she is! :heart_eyes:

    @Diana-Sæterbakken Haha aw :joy: <3 You're not alone about falling in love with those gems <3 I'm so happy with them, that they turned out so well and that I even nailed the first try with an silver coat - I had no idea how I succeed but I did it in some way xD Then the next summer pic with Quinnie, I think it's one of my best pics that I've taken with colors etc :heart_eyes:

    and yes,I'm surprised as you are too, will be fun to see if someoe actually notice it later xD :sunglasses:

    @Annalena-Voigt Thanks! :D I felt that too when I planned the pic, that it shows the top weather of an swedish summer in july month ^^

    @Marquis-Moulin Thank you! <3 she's an gorgeous mare, even if she's quite young (turned 7 last month) she have had an incredible career so far and are at PSG in dressage and 2star in eventing and I can't wait to see how it goes for her in the highest levels :heart_eyes:

  • How did I ever miss this blog?? :heart_eyes: Your pictures are incredible, so clean and smooth I love the atmosphere!

  • :open_mouth: Your editing is so stunning! I absolutely love the way the grass came out, you know I love these in action pictures from you they are such a treat!! <3

  • @Catriona-O'connolly Aw thank you! <3

    @Michelle-Frohman I think it was first time actually that I used this grass, much because that it haven't really fit earlier but now it was spot on for this pic :heart_eyes: and thanks! <3

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