LMEC Stable Blog | October 17th - A XC day in October

  • It's always good to work on your seat and your balance, some of my riders might steal the idea some day ^^ Some of them likes to challenge themselves :slight_smile:

  • I love this edit, it looks so crisp! The colors are so warm and Fancy is just stunning with those dapples! <3

  • @Annie-Emerson exactly and if your seat and balance is good there is no need of saddle actually ;) Looking forward to see if some of your riders feels challenged by Denise and wants to try same thing :P

    @Iris-Hammel Thank you so much! <3 and all credits for Fancy goes to @Mandy-McAvoy that breed her for me ^^

  • Aww, look at Fancy Pants :heart_eyes: She seems to be in great shape nowadays, wow! And same goes for your rider, who manages to jump her without saddle! Thank you for all the credit, but all credit to you who present her in such a great way - she always seems so happy and healthy in your updates ^^Best of luck in the upcoming shows, I look forward to seeing more of lovely Fancy :two_hearts:

  • @Mandy-McAvoy thank you so much for the lovely words <3 it really warms my heart to hear that from you ^^ Denise and Fancy have been really succesful in shows so far and have gained 109 pts so far and I really hope that it will continue this way in future too <3 :D

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    WOW!! Your editing is very inspiring :heart_eyes: And your horses are magnificent! <3

  • So many pretty horses! <3 i need a LMEC horse someday cough

  • I just love your album, Christina! Your horses are one of my favourites around our community <3

  • @Ann-Salina Thank you so much for the lovely comments! ^^ <3 I hope thatI have more pics to upload and show you soon again, irl have been a little busy atm so it have been hard to actually sit down and edit but I hope that I'll get more time again soon :)

    @Maria-Jones aw..! Thanks a lot! :D

    @Luna-Andrews aaw..! ^^ thank you so much <3

  • I tought that it was time to introduce our latest newcomer to our team ^^ She's very special and I'm so happy over that I got the opportunity to borrow her amazing sire to make this breeding come true and an massive thanks to @Daria-Burtseva that breed her for me <3 and with no further words, here she is!

    Caramia HA
    alt text

    She's an gorgeous 2y/o hanoverian filly sired by Call Me Casanova II BN and out of my own mare LMEC Contessa and with these amazing parents, we all here on LMEC have big hopes for her so it will be so exciting to see how it goes for her when she starts to compete when she's 4 y/o and she will compete in both show jumping and eventing <3 She's shown in our new indoor arena that have been renovated, and the handler is also her future rider Caroline that have been really succesful with other horses that she have taken under her wings so we all are sure that they will make success together :heart_eyes:

    Here is also an studio picture with her adult confo too if some are really curious over how gorgeous she's as adult ^^

    alt text

    Thank you SO much Daria for this gorgeous girl! <3

  • Aww, look at my girl! She is so happy at her new home, I really hope that she will do as well as her parents :heart:

  • What a gorgeous lady <3

  • what a pretty, young lady :)

  • @Daria-Burtseva and I feel so honored that I got the opportunity to borrow Cas from you for this breeding <3 Can't wait to see how it goes in shows for her later in spring :D

    @Luna-Andrews all credits for her goes to Daria <3 and I can't stop watching at her, she's so sweet <3

    @Maria-Jones yes she so tiny yet with those loong leggy legs as a normal 2y/o in this growing period :heart_eyes:

  • She is soooooo stunning!

  • PR Committee

    She looks a lot like her sire! You are so lucky!

  • @Neeve-Kalford Thank you! :) All credits for her goes to Daria that breed her for me <3

    @Johanna-Masters Yes! She's an copy of her sire and grandsire <3 fiercy black with blaze and socks <3

  • Damn, you guys move so quickly from generation to generation, meanwhile here I am, breeding a foundie to a second gen xD

  • She's an elegant young lady, best of luck with her in the future dear :slight_smile:

  • Wow, what a beautiful mare you've got there! Stunning coat and conformation :heart_eyes:

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