LMEC Stable Blog | October 17th - A XC day in October

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    She looks a lot like her sire! You are so lucky!

  • @Neeve-Kalford Thank you! :) All credits for her goes to Daria that breed her for me <3

    @Johanna-Masters Yes! She's an copy of her sire and grandsire <3 fiercy black with blaze and socks <3

  • Damn, you guys move so quickly from generation to generation, meanwhile here I am, breeding a foundie to a second gen xD

  • She's an elegant young lady, best of luck with her in the future dear :slight_smile:

  • Wow, what a beautiful mare you've got there! Stunning coat and conformation :heart_eyes:

  • @Merida-Dahmer Haha! This sweet girl is actually "only" 3rd gen but are full with horses from early 2.0 so it's older bloodlines in her ^^ but both her parents and grandparens are exceptional competitors so it will be fun to see what future will bring to her :heart_eyes:

    @Annie-Emerson thanks a lot hun! <3 I also hope that she will bloom out fully, but now she's mostly leggy legs full of curiousity and wants to explore everything around her with her mouth and we can say tha our pockets isn't even safe from this little mischevious lady :joy:

    @Mandy-McAvoy all credit for this gorgeous gal goes to Daria that breed her for me :heart_eyes: and I absolutely agree, I just can't stop looking at her, she's incredible beautiful <3

  • There she is! She is so beautiful! Can't wait to see her in action one day!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Alice-Palmer we're gonna start break her in soon so it won't be long before we can show pics when she's being ridden ^^ and I agree about her, she's so gorgeous! <3

    Now it's time to give other horses a little bit more attention in the spotlight and we decided to pick these three gorgeous horses, all are breed by LMEC this time and here they are!

    Sir Cadogan CN x LMEC Divine N' Angel
    SWB dressage | International champion with 222 pts
    alt text

    Solitary Vagabond CN x LMEC Quite Sun Blaze
    SWB Show jumper | State Champion with 117 pts
    alt text

    Killian W x LMEC Qharma
    Hanoverian eventer | Regional Champion with 97 pts
    alt text

    Thanks for visiting! <3

  • When I saw Savannah I thought that omg how pretty, this one is my fav of these for sure but then I saw Kalahari and couldn't decide anymore o______o Why are your horses so pretty :sob: <3 <3

  • Oh I fell in love with II Divo, he has such a nice head shape with the sweetest eyes. I love his black muzzle on the chestnut colour, speaking of his coat colour it is absolutely beautiful :heart:

  • Beautiful portraits! And I'm very happy to hear that Il Divo has so gotten his final title--hopefully it won't take too long for his little sister to follow in his hoofprints. :)

  • Ah Christina! I love the new horses in the spotlight! LMEC Kalahari is one of my all time favourites, I can't think of many that are not! :D

  • your horses are so unique i love staring at them ^^

  • @Luna-Andrews aaaw..! Thanks a lot for the compliment <3 Savannah is also one of my favs due of her lovely rich dapple buckskin coat that was extremely difficult to create so she's really precious for me but she's also a little diva with huge personality too ^^

    @Zinnia-Arvi Thank you so much! <3

    @Frida-Radtke Yes he have held this title for a while now and have collected over 230 pts at the moment with his 1st place in tha latest dressage show and also his son Isildur that I own, he have truly followed his sire hoofsteps so it will be really fun to see how Seminka develops when she's older and starts to compete in the bigger classes ^^ (pssst if you want her updated, just shoot me an message here on forum or slack ^^ )

    @Alice-Palmer Thank you hun! <3 Yes, she's a really lovely mare even if she can act like a diva sometimes and being difficult but mostly she's very easy to handle and ride <3

    @Jade-Nguyen Thank you Jade! <3

  • Look at that, your current spotlight horses are some of my favourites! :grinning: Okay, true, all your horses are some of my favourites, but these three are really top-tier. They're all such beauties, and truly just great representatives of the always-lovely LMEC horses. :heart:

  • Your horses are always stunning! Savannah is my favourite though :heart_eyes_cat:

  • @Erin-Ward Finally you're back! :heart_eyes: and thank you so much for the lovely compliments about my sweet pixelpons and yours are truly amazing too, just look at these two that I have from you <3 Btw did you know that Savannah is Solstice younger halfsister? ;) They have same sire ^^

    @Daria-Burtseva you're definitiely not alone about to have fallen in love into her, she's so beautiful! <3

  • Now when the spring have more or less arrived in different shapes depends on where you live ;) Some lucky ones will have dry weather and clean streets meanwhile some will still have minus degrees on nights and muddy forest trails to walk on (i.e rl me there I live xD ) but here on LMEC we have celebrated the arrive of spring with purchase of 2 new gorgeous horses and both of them have lived with us a couple week already but it's first now that we're gonna present them for you all ^^

    First out is an gorgeous dark bay 6,5 y/o KWPN mare that we bought from @Daria-Burtseva - thank you so much both you and @Jasmin-Mikaelson that letting me buy her <3 She competes in both eveting which are her first discipline and also in dressage that are her 2nd one, and here she is!

    Eretria's Quiana

    alt text

    alt text

    Next new addition in our stable, also an KWPN, he's an 4,5 y/o dark grey stallion that competes in dressage whic are also his only discipline. Thank you so much @Callixta-Rosella for letting me buy him! <3

    Monachyle's Colossus

    alt text

    alt text

    And thanks for visiting! <3

  • They both are such eye catchers! So unique, each in their own way. I hope they will have a great career with you <3

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