LMEC Stable Blog | September 27th - We have moved! <3

  • Both of them are gorgeous :heart_eyes:

  • What's a a lovely grey guy! And lovely Quiana is adorable in your hands :relaxed:

  • @Daria-Burtseva <3 <3 Yes both of them are true stunners and we here on LMEC have big hopes in both of them and can't wait to see what future will bring for them ^^ <3

    @Luna-Andrews Haha! we had such ice for a couple weeks ago, now it's more or less very slippery mud instead but will be softer if you slip to land the butt on xD and then spoke of the horses, I agree with you - both of them are really gorgeous and credits for them goes to their breeders <3

    @Callixta-Rosella and I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to buy him from you <3 and all credits for Quiana goes to Jasmin who's her breeder and I agree about her, she's an such stunner <3

    @Kayla-Albright yes they are! So unique in their ways :heart_eyes:

    @Helena-Katsuba Thank you so much! <3 I'm so happy over to be their new owners and can't wait to see how it goes for them in their new home :heart_eyes:

  • both Quiana & Colossus leave me speechless... wow šŸ˜

  • I'm absolutely in love with Quiana! Her color is so rich :heart_eyes:

  • You know how much I love these two already and I am excited to see their journey with you!

  • I swear I am just going to hire you to do my profile pictures because I STILL haven't gotten around to them and mine simply cannot compare to yours! Stunning as always my dear <3

  • @Hayley-Quinn Thank you! ^^ Credits for them goes to their breeders <3

    @Iris-Hammel I absolutely agree, she's so beautiful! <3

    @Alice-Palmer <3 and I'm so excited by myself to see how it goes for them with us and their rider and I really hope that it will go great ^^

    @Michelle-Frohman Haha! aww..! <3 I'm so happy over that I finally have found an way to get these gorgeous pictures of my horses after years of searching and testing different methods but this is gonna stay for good ^^

  • Finally I have got some time and energy to open my game to actually take pics and edit them and I managed to finish one today and here is the result! ^^

    Spring have arrived! and it means time for the first outdoor xc training for the season and Julia decided to take out LMEC Cloetta for an training session in the sunshine and on her way up she met Christina that came rode on her chestnut mare LMEC Lemon Touch and Julia asked her if she was on her way to the area there the XC jumps was placed and she said yes she was so both rode up there together ^^

    alt text

    Cloetta (the one that jumps) is a 9 y/o SWB and she competes in L9 and she will soon be qualified to advance up to L10 and she have recently won her National Champion title and Lemon turned 14 this month and she have already competed in L10 a while and have now 227pts in eventing ^^

    Thanks for visiting! <3

  • What a gorgeous spring weather you already have! And what a pretty pic <3

  • @Luna-Andrews Thank you! <3 yeah I really want an lushy green and WARM weather now but can't have it until sometimes in may so it's good that I can have it inside sims instead :P Here it's only +2 and very windy and we got some more snow earlier today >.< not fun at all!

  • @Christina-Lindblad Ah that sounds exactly the weather we have here :unamused: #springinthenorth

  • Love this picture it looks so warm there :heart: And of course your horses look so nice :smile:

  • @Luna-Andrews and now we have really really wet snow outside >.< very typical #springinthenorth

    @Zinnia-Arvi Thank you so much! <3 yeah I really enjoy to make spring pictures when it's green and lushy meanwhile I'm waiting for it to come here too irl ^^ :P

  • You already know how much I LOVE this picture!! It looks so beautiful up there, I will have to bring Knight up to train soon ;)

  • @Alice-Palmer <3 looking forward to see pics of him ^^

  • Gorgeous photo!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yayy, so nice to see the fresh green colors and the horses feeling frisky outside! :heart_eyes:

  • @Lindsay-Wish Thank you! ^^

    @Mandy-McAvoy Yes! :D and it makes me really want real spring here too even if it's good way already with spring flowers here outside and some tree and bushes have started to greenish out a little bit but in a couple weeks it will be an huge different do I hope ^^

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