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  • Love this photo! It's so bright and summery <3 and wow, Quinnie is beautiful! she has such a sport build to her, the look of determination on that mare's face really make the photo

  • @Jade-Nguyen Thank you! <3 I'm really happy with how the result went with this pic :heart_eyes: and Quiana is an perfect model too <3
    @Anna-Foster Thanks! ^^

    @Ariadne-Waters You're definitiely not alone about being fond of dark rich colored liver chestnuts, that's why I have many of these :joy: :heart_eyes: I had really fun when I dressed up both Quinnie and Linnea and had an picture in my head how it should look from outfit to environments and this pic really nailed it :heart_eyes: Where in swededn did you visit when you was here? I'm living in middle of sweden but LMEC is placed in southern parts of this country since I wanted more open fields and more airy space so I can take pics like this a it will be more for sure ^^ and as spoke of idyllic pics, did you see my last update with these 4 girls? ;)

    @Borja-Domecq Yes she is! :heart_eyes:

    @Diana-Sæterbakken Haha aw :joy: <3 You're not alone about falling in love with those gems <3 I'm so happy with them, that they turned out so well and that I even nailed the first try with an silver coat - I had no idea how I succeed but I did it in some way xD Then the next summer pic with Quinnie, I think it's one of my best pics that I've taken with colors etc :heart_eyes:

    and yes,I'm surprised as you are too, will be fun to see if someoe actually notice it later xD :sunglasses:

    @Annalena-Voigt Thanks! :D I felt that too when I planned the pic, that it shows the top weather of an swedish summer in july month ^^

    @Marquis-Moulin Thank you! <3 she's an gorgeous mare, even if she's quite young (turned 7 last month) she have had an incredible career so far and are at PSG in dressage and 2star in eventing and I can't wait to see how it goes for her in the highest levels :heart_eyes:

  • How did I ever miss this blog?? :heart_eyes: Your pictures are incredible, so clean and smooth I love the atmosphere!

  • :open_mouth: Your editing is so stunning! I absolutely love the way the grass came out, you know I love these in action pictures from you they are such a treat!! <3

  • @Catriona-O'connolly Aw thank you! <3

    @Michelle-Frohman I think it was first time actually that I used this grass, much because that it haven't really fit earlier but now it was spot on for this pic :heart_eyes: and thanks! <3

  • Sometimes through our lives, we're getting to learn some lessons and promise ourselves to not do this again, ever :joy: and Amy taught an big lesson - do not never ever forget to security the extra lock at Lily (WEC Oblivion) stall door, or this will happen :joy:

    alt text

    Yes, Lily is our own Houdini and are a true pro to open her own (and other horses) barn door and until now it have worked fine, but now Amy have got an honorable guest in shape of Belle (WEC Orabelle) that we was lucky enough to borrow from @Diana-Sæterbakken (thank you so much! <3 ) to stay over in the barn due of the Hunter show. She's entried there and are gonna be competed by our newest rider Helene Lund, and Amy took in Lily from the pasture earlier due are planning to ride her after lunch, and did totally forget the extra lock at the bottom of her stall door and the results was this one = Lily escaped from her stall and decided to set her sister free :sweat_smile:

    alt text

    Those girls are really partners in crime and they're actually full siblings too xD so great minds thinks alike and both does really love food and Amy thay left the food bin open... Party time! did both girls tought and walked straight over there but luckily Amy came back short after and saw which mess she have caused and how dirty Belle was around her face after all food and when competing in hunting, a horse should be clean and tidy so it was just to wash her and get her clean before the ride to the competition :sweat_smile:

    A little bonus pic with Belle and Helen in Handy class in the hunter show ^^

    alt text

    Thanks for visiting! <3

  • Oh No Oblivion is such a naughty girl!!! And Belle was all to happy to join in on the antics when she broke free from her stall too lol, that is hilarious! Glad to see both these beautiful girls doing well! I always love to see siblings reunited! <3

  • @Michelle-Frohman Haha yes xD Amy uses normally not to forget this extra lock but now she got a bit stressed due of Helene and Belle arriving and noticed that she reminded that she forgot something inside the house and was forced to run inside and forgot to fix the security lock at the bottom of the stalldoor :sweat_smile:

    It does happen more or less every time Belle stands in her stall that the ordinary locker is open but she haven't managed to escape, until now xD

    Will be so fun to see results from the show, but Belle and Helene did look really great together so we cross our fingers for some nice results :heart_eyes:

  • @Christina-Lindblad said):

    Sometimes through our lives, we're getting to learn some lessons and promise ourselves to not do this again, ever

    Uh oh. :joy: Looks like somebody had to learn the hard way... Still, it might not have been much fun for Amy, but it looks like Lily and Belle had lots of fun! This is such a cute little story, Christina. I love being able to see little snapshots from the everyday activities at other stables.

    I stayed in Mora, in Dalarna, for a few days, as well as central Stockholm. I actually drove in from Norway so saw some variation in the countryside- shady forests and big, still lakes turning into sprawling green plains and low hills. It was so beautiful and clean and just :heart: I had a wonderful stay; you're very lucky to live in the area! I really wanted to pop down to Skane and go to Gotland but I couldn't fit it in my schedule... :broken_heart: I'll just have to go back to Sweden again some time. ;)

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