Shadowhaven Arabians | Penny Lane - New Horses 3-2

  • It must be update time...

    I thought I would show off the lovely horses I was gifted at Christmas by some lovely Equus members.

    First up is WRNGS Grave Robber a gift from the amazingly generous @Dimitri-Dane I just love this gorgeous boy

    alt text

    Zagan MV a gift from @Keegan-Noble who makes some of my favorite Arabians.

    alt text

    Ataullah L a gift from @Therese-Lind I treasure all my lovely Tess horses <3 him

    alt text

    Holmgard's Emiliana a Christmas import from @Charlie-Smith I always <3 a pretty bay.

    alt text

    Ravenwood's Taktika a gift from @Anna-Hertler who also makes amazing Arabians

    alt text

    Honeybrook Blintze a gift from @Callixta-Rosella who makes stunning horses which I can never get enough of. I think this is #33 in my Honeybrook collection ( I have lost count so can't be sure )

    alt text

    Last but not least a present I made for myself Winter Sky SH a polish Arabian Mare. Her dapples are my first attempt at making custom dapples. I am pretty pleased with the result.

    alt text

  • Your blog just makes me want more beanies in my stable <3

  • They're all amazing but you better lock your stable so I don't steal Winter Sky :heart_eyes:

  • SKYE!! SO HELP ME, I will kill a hostage for every day you don't post another picture of Ataullah. I need him spammed until everyone is tired of seeing him. I need him broadcasted on every screen on the GLOBE. I am prepared to die for him any time any place for any reason whatsoever. I will sell off what's left of my soul and several stolen souls for a foal from him

  • you have so many new horses, they are all gorgeous! Glad Emiliana settled in well, and i hope she gets along with all your other beauties :heart:

  • Oh my god, I only just relooked at this on my laptop to comment and the pics look amazing! Like wow the beast takes good pictures. The coat detail looks amazing and really pops.

    But most importantly of all, wow just wow. Each and every single one of those horses are gorgeous :D I have a new favourite in Blintze, the shade of his coat in so indulgent coupled with his gorgeous face marking. I also love Zagan ofc!!! But they are all just simply gorgeous :D

  • PR Committee

    I'm happy to see you got loooots of new pretties over the holidays :sparkles: Grave Robber is gorgeous with all that white, but really all of those Arabians are so gorgeous <3

  • Now that I'm starting to breed Arabs I like to look at other members' horses :) And I think that yours are very beautiful!

  • So many gorgeous new horses ❤ Can't wait to see more of them

  • Competition Committee

    I'm so late to the game, as always :sob:
    I wanna steal Winter Sky, she is so gorgeous :heart_eyes: The others are too, of course :heart:

  • Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, I am such a slacker with this lately.

    Have some more horse pics :cat:

    Samael SH son of my stallion Spades SH who recently retired from dressage an international champion and another in my Romeo line of dressage stars

    alt text

    Some new foundation arabians for Western disciplines

    Faust SH

    alt text

    Serenity SH

    alt text

    Diabolica SH

    alt text

    and a new Trakehner to round things out

    Rebel Love Song PL

    alt text

  • Beautiful, I'm really loving the shading on Samael SH <3

  • Omg you never showed me Diabolica - man she's stunning for sure!

  • @Rena-Cort Thank you I am very happy with him. I remade him a couple of times before I was happy.
    @Alex-Richards That's because I made her after the last time we talked :P

  • Wow so many pretty pons, as usual :heart_eyes: I especially love Diabolica's shade and Samael ofc since well he's a dark bay which is another of my weaknesses <3

  • PR Committee

    Love all the white on Rebel Love Song, reminds me of one my Trakehners! Bright bays are such underappreciated shades. I do hope you offer a public breeding service at one point! I'm truly lacking in PL Trakehners in my lines.

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