Shadowhaven Arabians | Penny Lane - Stallion Pics and New Horses 11-18

  • Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. I must say I got a little emotional while writing the story also. I am toying with the idea of adding to it actually.

  • Some new pics now. First up a couple of entries for the Silver Berry Stallion Showcase

    WPW Naomhan

    alt text

    Spectre SH

    alt text

    Some polish Arabians

    Astrophel SH

    This guy was originally going to be part of a Polish Arabian promotional sale but I liked him too much so I kept him.


    Pumpkin Spice SH

    alt text

    Mieszko G purchased from @Bella-Wolf

    alt text

    Last but not least DPPR Muundancer a lovely Trake purchased from @Luke-Teth . I love this guy.

    alt text

  • Your Arabs are so gorgeous! Also congrats on getting Muundancer, he's an absolute stunner, too :heart:

  • :heart_eyes_cat: So many pretties, so little time for thievery! <3 Muundancer is so fricking dreamy and Spectral can still come live with me. ;D Heck, they all can! Don't you just love it when you make a pon to sell or to give away and you end up keeping it. xD

  • Muun looks lovely in his new home :full_moon_with_face: Good luck handsome boy :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Everyone is so beautiful!!

  • They are all wonderful, I do have a question, the horse with the handler running, did you have to add the lead rope and halter or just the lead rope?

  • @Annalena-Voigt Thank you, I do love my Arabs. I am also so happy to have Muun in my game he was definitely worth it he is a stunning boy.
    @Keegan-Noble No Thievery! Just place your order and when my horse mojo is working I will deliver you some more Arabs for your hoard and I won't keep them myself I promise :smirk_cat:
    @Luke-Teth He is stunning. I adore him already :heart_eyes_cat:
    @Alex-Richards Thank you Alex, hopefully I will get the hoard of pretties you sent me set up for a photoshoot soon.
    @Katharina-Opalhaven I only drew the leadrope. The halters can be downloaded here if you need them

  • @Skye-Valens Thanks that helped, because I saw the show where you used a picture to used in judging. I want to try to enter in one of those type shows.

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