[FOUND] Eventing Stallion For Breeding

  • Hi fellow ES-loving people,

    I am looking for a stallion who activily competes or has been competing in Eventing (and maybe, but not mandatory as a secondary in Dressage), since a lot of my horses will be retired this year with almost no sucessor to take on their pride and because a lot of my horses are related to one another in one or the other way, I want some fresh blood in their bloodlines.

    What I am looking for:

    • Any warmblood breed, I really don't have any preferences.
    • Black or chestnut (bay might be of interest as well depending on the genetics, no homozygous agouti please)
    • Primary/secondary discipline Eventing (if the stallion has a second discipline, preferably Dressage)
    • 200 points (if not competing anymore) or somewhat about 150p (if still competing with the intention of competing close to 200p) in Eventing
    •2nd prefered (foundations are fine though if the criterias are matched)

    The mare:

    • Hanoverian
    • 2nd generation
    • 210p in Eventing & 171p in Dressage (she is still competing until around June 2017, so it's more likely that she gains the international title in Dressage as well)
    • 14 bonus points in Eventing and 4 bonus points in Dressage
    • Will be her second and therefore last foal.

    Intentions for the foal:

    I keep my horses active as much as I can. This means I enter them in every R-Shows and try to have them shown in updates regularly. But please beware that I do have a real life as well.
    The foal will get private markings and, if necessary private shade markings.
    Please keep in mind that I want to breed the foal myself so I can make sure that the offspring has the conformation I am looking for in my horses. Of course I am willing to pay whatever you ask for (of course, it should be reasonable).

    If you think you have the right stallion, just shoot me a PM or write it in this thread. I love seeing your stallions :)
    Thank you for stopping by.

  • Competition Committee

    I have a black SWB stallion (Woodford's Daquini) who currently has 225pts in eventing and is still actively competing. He's 3rd generation, I don't have any updated confopictures of him yet but I can fix one later today if you're interested :slight_smile:

    Edit: managed to edit his profilepicture today so this is how he looks (I've only edited the tail and the mane) Woodford's Daquini

  • I have my baby boy Paladin des Ifs KN who has 150+(can't remember and can't check because I'm in the car). He shows in Eventing and doesn't have a secondary discipline. Let me know if it interests you at all. If not that's fine :)

  • I've found a wonderful stallion :) Thank you all for your lovely replies and your wonderful stallions you guys have.

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