[OPEN] SAI STUD [Classic or BIY]

  • Rules

    ✯ Coat and conformation may be changed in small degree (or if contacted me in big)
    ✯ Horses need to be registered as realistic
    ✯ No-no for uploading for mass download anywhere
    ✯ The coat and conformation cant be used as templates
    ✯ Do not remove prefix. Show name can be changed (need to ask).
    ✯ Active please. Update at least once in 4 months (otherwise reclaimed).
    ✯ If going uncative, please let me know.
    ✯ If want to sell pon, ask me first, I may want it back.
    ✯ Add some funny pic in application
    ✯ I can refuse to anyone
    ✯ You won't get horse's file when BIY
    Please send me application via PM. If you don't have CC I may not be able to send it to you.
    If you don't have mare, I can make half-foundie horse. If you are interested in some colour, include it in application.
    Horse you are interested in -
    Your mare {mainsite profile} -
    {if biy] horse you created yourself
    Do you accept rules -
    Any more to add? -

    alt text
    Ee aa nT
    1st generation. 14hh. Stud fee for BIY is 3k, for an import foal. All breeds accepted.
    This amazing APH stallion gives +1 in reining and +1 in dressage. Expectional movement. Ambitious and energetic. Has one filly on ground who starts to compete.

    SAI Apollo
    alt text
    Ee aa nSpl ZZ
    1st gen. 14hh. Stud Fee for BIY is 4k. For import foal is 5k.
    Very sturdy and strong icelandic horse. Gentle and easygoing personality. Gives +1 in endurance (soon to be +2) and +1 in speed racking.

    Stud slots
    SAI Backbreaker 3/3
    SAI Apollo 2/2

  • SAI BACKBREAKER :heart_exclamation:

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