We try not to mention our real registered name publicly (because some really important papers were signed by drunk owner). We try to focus on quality* icelandics (but sometimes we get our hands on other breeds). We never were (and probably will never be)a big sporty stable and we mostly offer exciting** trail rides and endurance races.

    *small, but big enough to carry large men, mean spirited but brave
    ** falling of inevitable
    *** really loong and boring trail rides

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    Reclaiming Backbreaker

    There is reason why we named him like that. He always was kind of difficult horse. He used to bite people that looked stragne and kick other pons on paddock. But once you got on him, you were safe. Unless he had his days.
    Backbreaker never spooked on trail and showed some expectional moves. Great prospect on reining and also talented in dressage. He popped one filly already and she is being started - too bad she has her father's personality.

    When he got of trailer he sniffed everything he could and thought that he was too old for stallioning. Backbreaker gently followed human and quietly entered his stall.

  • Wild spirited balls of hair with hooves are the best balls.

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