Never received show earnings

  • It looks like I'm missing a pretty significant amount of show earnings, this could be because I have two extra Aubrey Horvath accounts (registration error) that have been pending deactivation for awhile. I can total up the exact amount I'm missing, however i've no way to know which accounts they went to (or if they just weren't sent at all), anyway who should I contact about this?

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    Hello Aubury,
    I've renamed your extra accounts as INACTIVE which should prevent this issue in the future.

  • @Elsie-Spectre Great, thank you! that is definitely a relief.
    Is there anyway of transferring the missing winnings to my active account? Though I do of course understand if this is all that you can do.

    In case there's a chance of reimbursement, I'm missing two prizes from two shows:
    Gumtree Stadium Classic I -- missing $900 earned by Mastermind QF
    Ashford Estates' Grand Slam -- missing $300 earned by WooS My Princess
    So that would be a total of $1200, definitely not the hugest deal, but really helpful to me for entering future shows.

    I'd assume they were sent to the account ID #6287, as that's the account that shows up first and has a stable name associated with it. The proper ID would be my #9686 account.

    Thanks for deactivating!

  • @Elsie-Spectre @Aubrey-Horvath I will take care of this tonight. 😊

  • Thank you!

  • @Aubrey-Horvath The funds have been sent to you! There were a couple more than what you have mentioned, but you should have them all now.

  • Oh really? Well I'm glad you caught that haha -- thanks so much for the help!

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