[3/30] Woodbury Scrapbook || WooS My Princess

    Woodbury Stables is a quaintly sized private facility, nicely situated ways down a private road in rural Maine, U.S.A. We're guarded by a little ring of forest, and I would not want to wake up to any other sound than the tunes of the songbirds in the trees.
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    We at Woodbury have a massive soft spot for Thoroughbreds. While all faces are undoubtedly welcome in our stables, Aubrey simply knows that Thoroughbreds are her "heart horses". Therefore when you walk down the stall rows you'll see only two of twelve faces that stand out from the chiseled snouts of the ex-racers! And some still perform what they were bred to do -- we also house racehorses that are anywhere between already having proven themselves and glimmering with potential. Each horse at Woodbury we could not be more proud of. They've all found the career that best suits them, and when their spotlight days are over, they'll absolutely be living it up in the paddock for their indefinite futures.
    Ready to meet the horses?

    Note: this is gonna be a WIP for who-knows-how-long, I've barely photographed any of my loves yet, and I was thinking maybe if I finally started up a 'blog' thing for myself, then I'd be infused with the motivation to do it! we'll see I suppose...

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    Italics represent horses I am leasing
    Bold represents horses that are for sale or lease, you may PM for more information

    Name Breed Gender Color Discipline #1 Discipline #2 Points
    WooS Eye Candy Thoroughbred Mare Bay Flat Racing -- 171
    EVE Calling Bird Thoroughbred Mare Gray Flat Racing -- 52
    Mastermind QF Thoroughbred Stallion Bay Splash Eventing Show Jumping 29
    WooS My Princess Thoroughbred Mare Gray Eventing Dressage 10
    WooS Little Bee Thoroughbred Mare Black Show Hunters Show Jumping 10
    WooS Not Quite A Phillip Thoroughbred Mare Bay Show Jumping Show Hunters 8
    WooS Gasket Quarter Horse Gelding Palomino Trail Pleasure Show Hunters 4
    WooS Loose Knot Thoroughbred Stallion Chestnut Flat Racing -- 0
    WooS Tiny Stormcloud Thoroughbred Mare Gray Flat Racing -- 0
    WooS Lucky's Helicopter Ride Thoroughbred Stallion Flaxen Liver Chestnut Flat Racing -- 0
    WooS Hamilton Thoroughbred Stallion Chestnut Show Hunters Show Jumping 0
    WooS Gulliver's Luck Thoroughbred Stallion Bay TREC Endurance 0
    WooS Doubledawn Arabian Mare Chestnut TREC Endurance 0


    Date Posted Image Link Featured Horse(s)
    3/27/17 Here WooS Little Bee
    3/27/17 Here WooS Loose Knot
    3/30/17 Here WooS Not Quite A Phillip
    3/30/17 Here WooS My Princess

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  • Here's our rather elegant mare, WooS Little Bee or more affectionately known as Bee, giving us a bit of attitude as she's not too sure why she's the last to be turned out this morning!

    alt text

  • Here's another introductory photo of another of our fantastic horses -- WooS Loose Knot, aka Carl! He's young, recently turned 4, and throughout the year or so he's been with us, we've seen what we believe is incredible racing potential in him. He's the only one of our horses that we're starting on the track ourselves, and we are excited to see the outcome.

    alt text

  • Let me tell you about this horse... she is the definition of WEIRD! WooS Not Quite A Phillip, or more affectionately dubbed as Ginger, is a young mare who we pulled out of a questionable future. Her racing career (rather, her training for it) was started early, and as a result of what we believe to be rushed/unthoughtful handling, Ginger developed some distasteful "quirks". Her racetrack prospect gone, despite her incredible physical potential for it, her old trainers wanted nothing but to get rid of her. Thankfully, she found her way to Woodbury by some incredible luck. Her name was the result of a miscommunication between us and the track -- she'd been accidentally described as a young stallion, so we'd all concluded that Phillip would be a nice name. Instead, it turned out to be Not Quite A Phillip.

    alt text

  • oh beautiful last horse

  • @Nina-Ricchi thanks so much :D

  • I am SO excited to share this update, as it's the image I am absolutely the most proud of so far... so, feel free to click it for a clearer look! :D

    Here you'll see a photo of me working with one of our newer horses, WooS My Princess or, of course, simply Princess. This off-the-track Thoroughbred has filled out SO fast since she's arrived, and she's also displayed to us her immense potential! Seeming to dive in to whatever we set in front of her, no matter what type of task, Princess has given it her all, and she has also proven that she's a very swift learner. Because of all of this, we thought she'd suit best taken into an Eventing career. Aubrey, a past eventer, is REALLY excited to be launching back into her most adored discipline, especially while on the back of such a promising mare! Expect to see many more pictures of this rising star!

    alt text

  • You have very beautiful horses! I'd love to see more :two_hearts:

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