Olympia Equine Estates (Update 11/18/2019)

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    Welcome to Olympia Equine Estates, the over-arcing brand for Areion Equestrian Center and other establishments associated with it. Please take a look below for the rosters of animals registered with each subsidiary.


    Name Age Job Horses
    Riz Artemidoros 23 Owner and Rider Lots
    Lindsay Hatcher 23 Rider and Trainer Lots
    Katrina Lewis 25 Veterinarian All
    Victoria Hutchinson 24 Jockey Flash of Lightning EP, Warrior Maiden EP
    Ruby Johnson 26 Broodmare Barn Manager Broodmares
    Scarlet 6 Foal Herder Foals

  • Show Jumping

    Name Breed Gender Colour
    Areion's Goddess of Warfare Hanoverian Mare Sooty Bay
    Areion's Sovereign of Desire Irish Palouse Stallion Bay Varnish Roan Appaloosa
    Calidoscopio NC Holsteiner Gelding Flaxen Chestnut
    Nectarios NC British Warmblood Stallion Bay

    Show Hunting

    Name Breed Gender Colour
    Areion's Baroness of the Hunt Irish Palouse Mare Chestnut Near Leopard Appaloosa
    Areion's Celestial Messenger Irish Palouse Stallion Bay Blanket Appaloosa


    Name Breed Gender Colour
    Areion's Goddess of Starlight Irish Palouse Mare Gray Snowflake Appaloosa
    Areion's Goddess of Warfare Hanoverian Mare Sooty Bay
    Areion's Rise from the Dead International Sporthorse Stallion Dark Bay Sabino
    Areion's Rouse from Slumber International Sporthorse Stallion Dark Bay Sabino Overo
    Areion's Secret of Fire Belgian Draft Mare Flaxen Chestnut
    Broudein's Lanthys British Warmblood Mare Chestnut
    HCF Mistress of Discord Australian Warmblood Mare Splash Liver Chestnut
    Ridskolan's Lawrence KWPN Stallion Bay
    WHEC Elaena Selle Francais Mare Seal Brown


    Name Breed Gender Colour
    Areion's Blue Matine Danish Warmblood Mare Fleabitten Gray
    Areion's God of Brutality Belgian Warmblood Gelding Black
    Areion's Snowstorm Princess Irish Palouse Mare Black Semi-Leopard Appaloosa
    Areion's Valkyrie Queen Barock Pinto Mare Bay Tobiano
    Comandante MAS Andalusian Stallion Mahogany Bay
    NRR Sombra del Diablo Andalusian Stallion Black
    WHEC Elaena Selle Francais Mare Seal Brown
    YI Altiva del Impio Andalusian Mare Perlino

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    Name Breed Colour Status
    Areion's Celestial Messenger Irish Palouse Bay Blanket Appaloosa Available
    Areion's Lord of the Sea Vladimir Heavy Draft Dark Bay Available
    Areion's Magnificent Titan Clydesdale Dark Bay Sabino Available
    Areion's Sovereign of Desire Irish Palouse Bay Varnish Roan Appaloosa Available
    Areion's Titan of Light American Cream Draft Gold Champagne Available
    DPPR Ain't You A King Clydesdale Bay Sabino Available
    Flash of Lightning EP Thoroughbred Bay Available
    NRR Sombra del Diablo Andalusian Black Available


    Name Breed Colour Status
    Areion's Herald of Dawn Irish Sport Horse Black Overo Available
    Areion's Lady of Bitter Winds Swedish Warmblood Bay Roan Unavailable
    Areion's Phantom Queen Clydesdale Dark Bay Sabino Unavailable
    Areion's Queen of the Heavens Morgan Cremello Available
    Areion's Rising Dawn American Cream Draft Gold Champagne Unavailable
    Areion's Spirit of Rushing Waters Thoroughbred Chestnut Available
    DPPR Bring the Champagne Australian Warmblood Splash Silver Amber Roan Champagne Available
    Hollow's Patroness of Voyage Irish Draught Gray Available

  • Now that my first couple posts have been fixed and things are actually set up how I want, you're welcome to post comments! I will be posting pictures here as well as in my "scrapbook" (which is really a tumblr) that is linked in the first post :)

    Here are some pictures to get us started!

    Blue and Chione are super unsure about this snow.

    And an adorable picture of Athena and her daughter Nike! (Sorry about the plumbob, my removal cheat hadnt kicked in yet.)

  • I gotta say that I love your logo designs! Looking forward to seeing more of your horses as well!

  • @Isaiah-Pace
    Thank you! I appreciate the compliment :)

  • This is my lovely birthday gift from Blake! Say hello to Coffin aka Hollow's Emergency Room
    We're starting to see why that is her name...

  • Administrators

    She gon rek some riders :smirk:

  • Well, Blake, you're not wrong! The only thing we could get on her was the rope halter, and she fought us every step of the way. And then... well... you can see what happened.

  • PR Committee

    Hehe, looks like your birthday horse lives up to her name all right! :D

  • Today I decided to do a little dressage practice with Blue in our arena, Here are a few pictures from the training session!
    0_1488680897076_TS3W 2017-03-04 19-11-17 copy.png
    0_1488680913200_TS3W 2017-03-04 19-22-09 copy.png
    0_1488681816883_TS3W 2017-03-04 19-40-16 copy.PNG

  • Blue is such a beautiful horse! :D

  • @Lidija-Rotherford said in Olympia Equine Estates (Dressage Training):

    Blue is such a beautiful horse! :D

    Thank you so much! I am very proud of her <3

  • WOOPS. Its been a while. Sorry for my disappearance! Life has a tendency to get in the way sometimes! Rest assured, I am still showing the horses and I will be more active on here from now on! Hope everyone is doing well!

    Riz Artemidoros

  • Follow up update.
    So right after i posted this, the new motherboard and RAM fr my pc arrived. Yay! Unfortunately, during the dismantling and installation, my gpu kinda died... oops. The new one should get here in a couple days, so I'll be back up and running soon. In the mean time, I'm saving a lot of ideas for cc, so make sure to check my Saddlery in the shops!

    Riz Artemidoros

  • New Update, October 31st

    I am so sorry I've been gone the past few months. I've been working on a lot of health items and its been kicking my ass. My pc works great, but my body doesnt -sob-
    Hopefully I'll be better soon. I have been lurking. I'm still trying to enter competitions. If anyone needs anything, please feel free to message me.

    Riz <3

  • Wow, has it really been a year? I'm so sorry for not updating pretty much at all!
    I have been entering horses in shows, and coming up here in a couple days I'm going to have about two weeks of free time on my hands.
    I'm updating the studbook in order to begin open breedings again, so please be on the lookout for that topic soon.
    I have some plans for cc in the works, so please be sure to check the saddlery soon for those!
    I'll be posting the links once the updates are done, in order to make things a tad easier.
    Time really flies doesnt it?


  • Hello everyone!
    I just wanted to give everyone an update. The reason I now have two weeks of free time to myself is because I had abdominal surgery.
    Good news first, I'm just fine and I feel great!
    The bad news is that during the surgery I had an anaphylactic reaction to one of the medications they used while I was under. I didnt have any way of knowing about this, so I was pretty surprised to wake up in the ICU.
    If you'd like to ask me about the surgery, please feel free, I think it's pretty interesting.
    I'm really excited to have so much time to make things for you all. I've missed being here, and I'm happy to be on hiatus from real life to really dive into my favorite virtual worlds.
    The first bit of cc I'm going to be completing for you all is a few more base coats. I hope you all are looking forward to it!

    Riz Artemidoros

  • It's been a little bit since i posted any pictures, so here are a couple random ones I found!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Nice to see you again! Great pictures :D

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