Looking for flat racing thoroughbred stallion for breeding.

  • Hello to everyone,
    I am looking for a stallion who activily competes or has been competing in Flat racing. It will be perfect, if stallion has about 200 points or more. Suddenly, if you have a stallion that has less than 200 points - you can also write here or pm me. Also stallion can be1st or 2nd generation.

  • Are you looking to breed or buy? I have an Akhal Teke stallion Luqman who has 112 points in Flat Racing and who now competes in Eventing with 42 points. I also own his offspring MBS Gülbahar who at the age of 4 already has 82 points in Flat Racing and receives a +10 bonus. Both are available for stud.

  • @Isaiah-Pace Sorry for that imprecision! It's my mistake. Also I didn't note about breeding or purchase and about breed.

  • I have a Thoroughbred stallion WWFS Battle Cry with 114 points in flat racing and another FC Animal Instinct with 86 points. They don't have as many points as you're looking for, but both are still actively racing.

  • I can offer two of my tbs, Hipoliner AW or Hurricane Seven AW. Both are already retired, Hipoliner has about 240pts and Hurricane 250pts, cannot tell exactly how many because I don't have access to my sheets right now. You can find them on my main site to see horses they've sired already. If you want to know something more shoot me a pm ;)

  • I have a TB stallion whom has over 200 points in flat racing and is recently retired, pm me for more details!

  • @Constantine-Vale & @Lana-Rea-Collins Thank you guys! I'm going to pm you soon!

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