Revelwood Equestrian's Blog - Revelwood's Whiskey River [2/20]

  • Southern Pines Equestrian Center

    Welcome to our blog! Our facilities are ran by Farrah Lockwood and Meredith Burchett who focus on eventing, dressage, and show jumping.

    Southern Pines Equestrian's facilities include a large main barn, state of the art breeding barn, spacious indoor arena, training barn with indoor/outdoor arena, show jumping barn with outdoor jumping arena, and a dressage arena complete with holding stalls and seating for our guests, our horses also have large turnout areas for private and group turnout. In addition to our equine facilities we also have a large veterinary clinic for large and small animals and a dog kennel where we specialize in German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds.

  • Katsura d'Auroy
    alt text

    alt text

  • Foggy Mornings and Surprises

    alt text

    Each morning at Southern Pines, all of our horses are let out for morning turnout in their respective pastures. Most horses go into group turnout. Some horses who do not play well with others or have special care needs go into private turnout.

    Here is Katsura d'Auroy, RRE Pepper, and WFS Versage grazing and enjoying the cool foggy morning at SPEC.

    alt text

    Aerion's Intrepid is eyeballing the ladies from the boys' pasture. What a ladies man!

    When staff was doing morning turnout we found a very pleasant surprise in the foaling barn. Our eventing mare Hantara foaled a filly, SPEC Debutante. Debutante's sire is the amazing Swedish Warmblood stallion Woodford's Daquini owned by Annie Emerson

    alt text

    Tara and Tasha having an evening gallop

    alt text

    After an eventful day, Meredith had a lovely schooling on SPEC Ashford, one of our homebred Thoroughbred stallions

    alt text

    Conformation photo of SPEC Ashford

    alt text

  • SPEC Ashford nice horse <3

  • Philippa <3 <3 Great to see your new blog!

  • @Anastasia-Dotsenko Thank you! Probably one of my only homebreds I am proud of so far :P

  • @Luna-Andrews Thanks Luna! Philippa is by far my favorite horse <3

  • SBS Sailor

    Southern Pines would like to introduce our titled show jumping stallion, SBS Sailor!

    alt text

    Here is Meredith taking Sailor out for a morning school with some low grids. He soared over each jump carefully and with little effort.

  • I am in the process of editing a photo but I figured I would share a facility photo.

    alt text

    Our facility includes:

    • Dressage Barn
    • Boarding/Lease Barn
    • Show Jumping barn
    • Main (Eventing) Barn
    • Round Pen
    • Small Outdoor Arena
    • Covered Arena
    • Large Outdoor Arena
    • Dressage Arena with holding stalls (Not sure why its green in the photo)
    • Staff House
    • Lots of paddocks

  • PR Committee

    That's such a nice setup you have there!

  • @Callixta-Rosella Thank you so much!

  • Beautiful facilities! :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    I love how nicely your facilities come together! Seems like you a cute little setup.

  • @Janelle-Forsyth @Johanna-Masters Thank you both very much! I worked very hard to have a very structured feel so I really appreciate the compliments :)

  • alt text

    SPEC Code Blue (SPEC Out of the Blue x Katsura d'Auroy) our homebred APHxTB practicing his dressage skills. He is showing a lot of promise to be one of our best homebreds yet! He has the gentle nature of his father and his mothers fluid movements. He is going to be the one to watch in the show ring. Although he is best at dressage, he is brave around cross country, and careful in the show jumping; making him unstoppable!

  • So nice to see your updates <3 I hope your computer is doing better! Code Blue has such a beautiful coat!

  • @Luna-Andrews
    Thank you Luna! I upgraded to a better computer with a high quality graphics card (I found out my old computer didn't have a graphics card that could withstand gaming). So I am enjoying a game with great graphics and the stability to enjoy my horses ❤️

  • @Farrah-Lockwood Yay that's good news :D

  • I know Code Blue is the latest update but I gotta say that I love the look of Sailor!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford
    I love Sailor as well! He is definitely a great asset to my Show Jumping team!

  • SPEC D'Artagnan

    Introducing SPEC D'Artagnan (aka "Artie"). Artie is our newest addition. He is a 3rd generation Selle Francais colt by WRNGS/PX Out of Cape Cod x Kenya d'Auroy. He is an eventing prospect, and judging by his rambunctious nature he will do quite well!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

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