[Questions] entrance Ranch ?

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    you know how I could get this kind of input there to my ranch
    I would very much like this entry for access to my parking lot. I like this kind of "sidewalk"
    Possible to create it from the caw ? or Edit it directly in the game. ?

    I intend to recreate this kind of entry for my ranch but I do not know or start?..
    If you have the solutions, or idea. Post them below :)

    Thank you in advance

  • Heres mine with CAW Fences.0_1490849253701_Screenshot-28.jpg


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    @Leda-Monroe for fence it's okay.
    but What I would like is how to put a sidewalk

  • What a huge territory:heart:

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    @Toreno-Werty Thank you .. I always dream this kind of entry for my ranch

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