Rosewood Center [10/30 Fairytale]

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    This post is deleted!

  • i love SPOTS beautiful mare

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    I was hoping to get a more impressive update, but college things are happening and I didn't have time. However, I do want to show off the whole herd, even if it's just profile pictures.

    ROSEWOOD'S GREYGARDEN - Grey American Warmblood Mare
    0_1490928183736_ghost forum.jpg

    ROSEWOOD'S BULLET TIME - Chestnut Hanoverian Stallion
    0_1490928329831_bullet forum.jpg

    ROSEWOOD'S STANDING OVATION - Black American Warmblood Stallion
    0_1490928509638_ryder fourm.jpg

    ROSEWOOD'S FIREFLY - Chestnut Leopard Knabstrupper Mare
    0_1490928580883_firefly forum.jpg

    ROSEWOOD'S RISING TIDE - Bay Tobiano Irish Sport Horse Mare
    0_1490928640872_luna forum.jpg

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    Rising Tide has a very unique tobiano :o I love it :heart_eyes:

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    @Luke-Teth Thank you! She's a combination of tobiano markings from at least six different creators. Most ask that you mix them up, so I delivered. ;D

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    Things were busy today around Rosewood. I didn't get to see much of the daily ritual, as I was taking care of some business and also looking for some more horses to add to our show teams. However, I did check in on Olivia and Lauren during Firefly's afternoon training session. It seems Lauren hasn't quite gotten acquainted with our lovely mare.

    "She's looking a little down this afternoon," Lauren noticed as she looked over the spotted mare.
    "You kidding?" Liv answered, giving the horse a pat on the neck. "Wait until I get in the saddle. That'll wake her up."
    "Are you sure you don't want to get her looked at? I've never seen a showhorse so calm."
    "She's always like this. Competitions aren't going to be a problem with her. Just be glad you don't have to work with Oliver. Liam's got his hands full with that one.

    alt text
    alt text

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    With Rosewood's first round of competitions approaching, we've been finalizing our competition teams. We still aren't completely full, and have a few more horses scheduled to arrive soon, but after meeting this mare we had to introduce her. This is Rosewood's Juno, an American Warmblood mare who will be a part of the dressage team. She already thinks she's alpha mare, a role she is fighting Luna for, but hopefully she'll calm down once she gets used to her new home. She'll be ridden by Mikaela Carr, who has been spending the day with her in order to bond. (Her ears look so small in this picture. She was checking out one of the boys!)

    0_1491089703904_juno &mikaela.jpg
    0_1491089804115_juno forum.jpg

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    With the move-in of our latest member of the dressage team, I wanted to get a group picture since it doesn't look like we'll have any new arrivals to add this month. Our dressage team is small, and if I'm being honest I only trust one of these horses (can you guess which one?) to not get too excited when put under pressure.

    From left to right, Rosewood's Standing Ovation (Oliver) and Liam Hall, Rosewood's Juno (Juno) and Mikaela Carr, and Rosewood's Bullet Time (Bullet) and Maria Brock. Bullet and Maria are also part of the Eventing team, so expect to see them there as well!

    0_1491106053407_DRESSAGE TEAM.jpg

    "Boss, we've got about five seconds before Oliver's drama queen comes out."
    "Juno's upset she's missing dinner."
    "Should I...y'know get a blue jacket instead?"
    "Would you all shut it so I can take the picture?"

  • Firefly is so nice! I think she's my favourite haha :heart:

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    @Zinnia-Arvi Thank you! I can't wait to see how she does in shows.

    Michael took Ghost out for a run on the cross country track today. And yes, I talked to him about his lack of a helmet. It's a good thing Ghost is a relatively calm mare and Michael doesn't make a habit of doing stupid things.
    0_1491170533913_ghost cc.jpg

    "Mike, stop showing off to the camera and pay attention. And where is your helmet??"
    "Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of my awesome!"
    "I hired a four-year-old."

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    Let's put it this way: I couldn't be happier right now. I've been talking about getting a few Gypsies to breed and compete as a side project, and likely opening up a second stable in the future. Then @Samantha-Lockhart offered me three gypsies, and with my own mare finally arriving at Rosewood, we now have a small herd of these fluffy horses running around. Even better, the ones from Samantha are already competing and doing very well!

    First up is my mare, Rosewood's Cressidia. She's a gorgous little blue roan sabino and the sweetest mare in the world. She also happens to be the smallest horse we own at the moment, but that doesn't slow her down.

    Next up, one of the mares from Samantha, Tiptop Nipnop. Yes, I love the name too. It's the name of a winner. Plus, she is homozygous for Tobiano, so our colorful Gypsies will be even more colorful. She already has 7 points in Dressage and will also be competing in Halter.

    CNB Forrest Fire, the third and likely not final bay tobiano at Rosewood. He's also competing in Dressage and Halter, with 6 points already. He hasn't quite settled in yet, but our trainers will be working to get him used to his new home.

    And saving the best for last SiLS Calm Cascade, a stallion who is more than we could ever ask for. He's a palomino sabino who is already titled with 40 points in Dressage. I can't wait to see what else he will accomplish here at Rosewood!

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    I'm glad to see them all go to a good home and get settled in! I hope they all do well in shows for you :smile:

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    So it turns out the Gypsies were missing some markings, and holy crap they're even more stunning. So here's the three newcomers again with their lovely complete coats.


    Cressidia and Tiptop seem to be getting along very well, of course Cressida has always been a calm and friendly little mare so there wasn't going to be any trouble anyway.


    I haven't introduced this boy yet, but now is a good time. This is Rosewood's Pathfinder, a sooty buckskin tobiano Irish Sport Horse who is showing in Eventing and Dressage. He took a run through the Cross Country course with Maria today and did very well!

    1_1491768428133_ryder xc2.jpg
    0_1491768428131_ryder xc.jpg

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    Pathfinder huh :sunglasses:

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    @Luke-Teth Of course, and his barn name is Ryder because what else would it be? :sunglasses:

  • Wow I love the first and third gypsies :heart_eyes:

  • Oh, I didn't know you had Forrest! If you could please change his prefix to Cinnabar's that would be great :slight_smile:

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    @Cole-Tieman I've only had him for a few days! I'll get that prefix change in as soon as I can! ^^

  • i love them all ^^

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    We have a new baby at Rosewood! We recently purchased Andromeda HW from @Johanna-Masters . She will be joining our dressage team when she's old enough, but for now she's hanging out in the pasture with Firefly and Cressidia and bossing them around. Cressidia is very patient with her, we know she'll be a good mom in the future! And Andromeda... she may have won over all of our dressage riders, but right now she's shaping up to be a bit of a troublemaker. We're going to have our hands full! (unposed picture...forgot to add foal poses)


  • You have such a wide variety of horses! Andromeda looks like she's loving her new home. I hope she does well with you!

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