[ENDED] KWPN Dressage mare

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    Terms & Conditions

    • You are not allowed to change horse's appearance in any way (i.e. changing coat, conformation, gender, height, mane&tail colour). Stallions may be gelded and mane&tail style can be changed. Conformation may be slightly altered for posing purpose.
    • You are not allowed to change horse's information (i.e. show name, prefix/suffix, genotype, date of birth, pedigree etc).
    • You are allowed to swap disciplines (if there are two), but you are not allowed to add new ones. You may retire horse from one discipline (if two) and compete in only one. Please let me know before hand.
    • CAP pictures are available, just shoot me a PM.
    • Horse has to be active in all Randomized/Combined shows and in at least two (2) Roleplay Entry Phases in lifetime.
    • Blog updates are not necessary, but always nice to see.
    • If you decide to sell the horse later or, please contact me first, as I may be interested in buying it back.
    • Payment have to be sent within 5 days from the purchase date. If that will not happen, we have the right to re-sell the horse.
    • Autobuy available if horse has no bids.
    • Bid upvoted = bid accepted

    PCRA America

    PCRA Moonshadow (PCRA Domino x PCRA Mirabelle) x PCRA Amaretta (PCRA The Whiskey Bandit x PCRA Hello Annie)

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    Black KWPN mare | 3rd generation | Holds 54 points in Dressage | Receives 13 bonus points to Dressage | Gives 2 bonus points to Dressage

    Starting bid: $20,000

  • $20 000! :heart:

  • $21 000!

  • $22 000!

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