[ENDED] Eventing/Show Jumping Hanoverian Mare

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    • You may change the barn name, but may not change the show name or alter the suffix.
    • You may change the mane and tail style and alter the opacity of the shine and detail markings.
    • Do not edit the horses conformation or coat (other than shine/detail).
    • You may use the horse for story related things that may include injury, illness, early retirement etc.
    • Do not use the horses coat or conformation as a template or a base for any horse.
    • You may sell the horse on, but an offer would be appreciated!
    • This horse comes with a custom marking, you may not use it on any other horse.
    • By bidding you are accepting the above rules and agree to uphold them on any site you use the horse - using it on ES or similar sites does not mean that the rules suddenly do not apply.

    This auction is a 24 hour After Last Bid Auction, meaning that if their are no bids within 24 hours the horse goes to the last person who bid.

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    Main Site Profile
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Gender: Mare
    Colour: Black
    Age: 5
    Height: 16.2hh
    Main Discipline: Show Jumping
    Secondary Discipline: Eventing
    Bonus: 5+ in Eventing 14+ in Show Jumping
    Sire: Calgary AT
    Dam: Poetry Hit L

    With an impresive pedigree on her dams side and a top eventer for a sire, their is very little this mare can't do. She is incredibly talented for her age and is an easy ride, with a soft mouth and no spooking, stopping or losing control. Over jumps she shows great technique and is an incredibly careful jumper, albeit not the fastest. She would make the ideal partner for a teen or adult rider looking for a serious competition prospect in any english discipline - or be a great addition to any warmblood breeding programme looking for a horse to compete on the side. Allegra is even tempered, easy to handle and with no vices; an ideal mare for both riding schools and competition alike.

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    Starting Bid: $15,000
    Bids must increase by a minimum of $1000

  • Administrators

    SB! She's a lovely horse!

  • $20k! Shes adorable.

  • 23k! Lovely mare

  • 25k <3 <3

  • $27,000

    I need more words

  • Breed Committee

    $28,000 :heart:

  • $29,000 - 🎉

  • $30,000 i have no chance but still....

  • $31.000 . she's amazing

  • $32,000 :horse:

  • $ 33,000

  • $ 34,000

  • $35,000 <3

  • $ 36,000

  • Breed Committee

    $ 37,000

  • $ 38,000

  • $40,000 - Always wanted a foal from Calgary and now that he's retired this is my last shot!

  • $ 41,000

  • $42,000 @Breanna-Fahnestock same!!

  • 45k - mine lol

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