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  • Hey guys,

    I'm really trying to get good at marking creation. I've seen people do some awesome stuff, and I'm jealous -- I want to make my horses that much more unique! :D
    Using Raymond Equestrian Center's awesome tutorial, I've been able to figure out the process of marking creation and I've gotten my markings to work in-game, however my question now, is how do you guys get such crisp looking markings?

    Here's a visual example of what I mean (the face marking I made vs. the crispness of the leg marking you can see there, leg marking is of course by another creator):
    alt text

    Thanks for any help :)
    (note: excuse the face marking I made, it was a test to see if the placement/sizing was suitable, it's very ugly though! lots of work to be done if I can figure out how...)

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    The key to ultra-crisp markings is high resolution- most of the markings you see on here these days are being made in at least 2k, some as high as 4k. To make a marking in 2k you need to change the resolution of your Photoshop document to 2048 x 2048 for both the flat map of the horse and the 3D model (if you are using it) Go to Image > Image size for both and change the sizes there.
    alt text

    The 3D model rig definitely makes markings easier, if you're not already using it- you can download it from @Elsie-Spectre's shop here; and @Samantha-Lockhart has a fabulous tutorial for using the 3D rig and packaging markings with it, her video is here. :smile:

  • ohh this is so helpful!! My life just got a lot easier & cooler... Thank you sooo much!

  • If we wanted to create a 3k or even 4k marking, what are the dimensions we would need for those? Thank you :kiss:

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