Reinin' D Ranch // goodbye equus community

  • I wasn't sure if I should start a blog here or not, but in the end I decided to give it a try :D

    So welcome to the official album of Reinin' D Ranch.

    We breed American Quarter Horse, American Paint Horse, Appaloosa and even Criollos!

    Our horses are bred to excel in reining and working cow horse, but also to have the typical cow sense in order to cut even the most stubborn cow. They sturdy conformation is the result of a careful selection and makes them balanced and proportional. Yet they still keep a sporty conformation too, making them agile and capable of cat-like movement to quickly chase a cow. The elegance of their head, the good sloped hip, the proportional neck and the strong back makes them exceptional performers.

    • picture not available, sorry -

  • OOHHH MY GOD That Boy <3

  • Beautiful boy!! <3

  • Thank you girls! <3

    Weee since I'm on a roll today I have to more pictures :smile:

    First is the apple of my eye, RDR This Wimp Is Kruzin :heart:
    Burburry is a 5 year old, smoky black quarter horse stallion breed by us.
    alt text

    Second is LR Crowning Mr. Krymsun which my close friend Dana Johnson breed for me a year ago :heart:
    Krymsun is a 6 year old, chestnut overo paint horse stallion.
    alt text

  • WOW!! Absolutely gorgeous! :heart_decoration:

  • RDR This Wimp Is Kruzin love love love <3

  • Such stunning horses and amazing edits

  • Beautiful boys and amazing edits

  • Gorgeous boys! But Krymsun is by far my fave <3 reminds me lot to my Hit And Run :D

  • Still love every piece of your art! <3

  • @Lindsay-Wish awwe thank you :heart:
    @Nina-Ricchi thank you! He's one of my favorites :smile:
    @Erica-Davis thanks hun :heart:
    @Ola-Urban thanks :heart:
    @Jester-Coleman aww thanks :heart: Oh really? always loved that boy of yours :smile:
    @Stacie-Fuchs awwe thanks

  • Maybe some of you are similar with the feeling that the worlds you find online just doesn't fit the plan you have in your head?!
    Well I had that feeling for so long, so at the end of last year I finally decided it's time to build my very own world from scratch, perfect for my ranch, Reinin' D.

    I planned the world in my head, and oh dear let me tell you it was pretty difficult to the get all the things done in caw, which I had planned in my head XD
    I created my own costume terrain paints, a close friend of mine created a costume fence for me and so on.

    There have been times where I haven't known if I would ever finish the world, times where I deleted half of the terrain paint again, times where I was so frustrated that I simply wanted to delete caw completely!

    It took me months to finish this world but now it's finally done and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier with it, I finally have that one world which is perfect for me and my plans :heart:

    beneath are some pic's of my world^^ And since my ranch's prefix (RDR) is based of red dead redemption of course the world name hds to be too, that's why I named it Hennigan's Stead^^

    alt text
    (excuse my misuse of jumping cc, it was simply perfect to create a small bridge xD)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Wow this is amazing! And that jumping cc bridge is really clever! :smiley:

  • amazing world

  • Omg that world is gorgeous, you did such amazing work! I love the fencing and all the flowers. I have never seen those red ones that you used before. Are they cc or did they come with an expansion pack?

  • @Luke-Teth aww thank you! :heart: hehe I had to come up with something there are no small bridges out there sadly :D

    @Nina-Ricchi Thank you! :heart:

    @Tiffany-Tieman wow thank you :heart: No they're actually cc, I'll have a look for the link^^

  • First of all it has been some awesome years on equus, I've meet so many nice people and found some amazing friends on here and I'll always remember that! :heart:

    But lately I simply lost my motivation for ec....
    That's why I decided to say goodbye, I won't post here anymore or comment on any albums, topics, etc and I will sign out of slack, however I will check in here and the mainsite every few months to check upon the horses I've sold and if somebody tried to contact me.

    This is not a goodbye from the whole equine community but from this forum, I have found my motivation again over at equus sims so that's where you can get a easy hold of me or on my sims facebook profile^^

    goodbye lovelies!

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