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    Henderson Thoroughbreds is a soon-to-be large stable in the USA. It was bought by Audrey Henderson in 2013, and finally received it's first horses in December 2016. The property has an English side, specialising in Show Jumping, Dresssage and Eventing, and a Flat Racing side. The main breed on the property is the magnificent thoroughbred, a favourite breed of Audrey's.

    The stable is small now, but there are big plans of expansion for the future.


    [Coming Soon]

  • Staff

    Audrey Henderson

    Wyatt Richardson

    Logan Kauffman

    Rosie Henderson

    Maurice Jacobs

  • Horses

    TLM Kubic Velocity
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    Barn Name: Vee
    DOB: October 2016
    Discipline: Flat Racing
    Trainer: Logan Kauffman and Audrey Henderson
    Jockey: Wyatt Henderson

    TLM She's All That

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    Barn Name: Rose
    DOB: October 2016
    Discipline: Flat Racing
    Trainer: Logan Kauffman and Audrey Henderson

    HT I Can Dream

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    Barn Name: Ranger
    DOB: July 2016
    Discipline: Show Jumping
    Trainer: Audrey Henderson
    Personality: Ranger is a stallion, and boy does he know it. He can often be caught prancing in his pasture or stall when he sees a mare, and can be very stubborn. He has a hard mouth, and often if he's set on going fast, there's not much you can do to slow him down. He jumps much higher than he needs to, and shows lots of potential for high level show jumping. On the ground he can be a gentleman, if you can keep him away from mares. Ranger doesn't know his own strength very well, which doesn't matter until he uses you as a scratching post. This stallion can be really lovely, but his stubbornness and hard mouth means his handling is not for the faint of heart.

    HT Over The Rainbow

    alt text

    Barn Name: Bubba / Rain
    DOB: August 2016
    Discipline: Show Jumping
    Trainer: Audrey Henderson
    Personality: Rain (or Bubba, as she's called by Audrey) is a lovely mare. She's incredibly sweet and loves cuddles. She has a tendency to nuzzle everyone and will snuffle in your pockets for treats, though she knows her strength and is careful not to knock you over. She's gentle and sweet, though she can be a little jumpy (pun intended). She is particularly nervous around trailers, which makes transporting her difficult. Rain adores peppermints and licorice, so be sure to keep the packets well away from her reach! This mare is a favourite amongst the HT team, and is usually loved by anyone and everyone she meets.
    On Loan to Cassie James

  • A (Not So) Short History

    Audrey Henderson is the third child of Maxwell and Rosemary Henderson, an Australian couple who lived on what used to be a cattle station in far west Queensland. Rosemary and Maxwell were much more interested in the wild horses of their home country than cattle, and transformed the cattle station into a haven for brumbies in 1975, when they were both just over 20 years of age. The couple adopted brumbies from wherever they could, even going so far as transporting them from Western Australia. By the time their first child, Andrew Henderson, was born in 1977, the station was home to more than 50 brumbies. The horses were spread over the thousand acre property in multiple herds. In 1980, when Julia Henderson was born, the family had trained and sold more than 20 of the wild horses, with each one becoming incredibly successful and fetching the family quite a lot of money, which they put towards the care of their beloved animals. Andrew and Julia fell in love with the station life, and quickly fell into a routine. They would climb into the back of the ute and help their father transport large round bales of hay around the station to provide for the horses in times when the land couldn't produce enough food for them. When Audrey was born in 1988, the family had adopted their 100th brumby, which had been named Bubbles, by the 8-year old Julia. Bubbles, now old and retired, still belongs to Julia today.

    As Audrey grew, she became fascinated not by the brumbies at home, but by the powerful thoroughbreds she would see racing on television. She loved the big horses, and started asking for one of her own when she was just seven years old. While her older siblings were outside riding their little brumbies, Audrey would be sitting in front of the TV, watching the races.
    When she was 18, Audrey's parents finally gave in and bought Audrey a thoroughbred. A magnificent chestnut stallion, who was already trained to race. Audrey never rode the horse, but with the help of her father she trained him, and the mighty horse manages to collect 12 win and 13 placings from 40 starts. Unfortunately, on the stallion's 41st start, when Audrey was 20, he fell during the race, shattering his cannon bone in his right fire leg. He had to be put down, and Audrey was devastated. To make matters worse, her father died in a car accident just two weeks later. Unable to cope with the depression brought on whenever she was home, Audrey packed up the few things she owned and moved to the USA. She bought a large property, though it seemed tiny compared to her Australian home, and started a new life. While she had been shocked and devastated by her horse's death, Audrey was not completely deterred from racing, though she didn't have a single horse. She built herself a racetrack, a small barn and a house. Aged 25, Audrey was ready to rejoin the horse world.

    In 2015, Audrey met Wyatt Richardson, a man who had spent his entire life working as a groom for a racing stable. Wyatt and Audrey were quick friends, and it wasn't long before the pair were married. A few months after they were married, in late 2016, Audrey received a beautiful, large barn and two thoroughbreds from Kayla Albright, as a breathtaking Christmas present. Audrey was quick to move her new horses into the barn that had been built for her, and was eagerly awaiting the beginning of the racing season.

    Now, in January 2017, Audrey and Wyatt have hired a trainer, who will move in shortly, as well as put in an order for two more thoroughbreds to be imported, although these horses will be trained in show jumping and eventing, as Audrey has recently become fascinated by the sports. The couple live happily at Henderson Thoroughbreds, wondering what the future will hold for them.

  • This is fantastic! Love your horses too :)

  • @Kira-Simpson said in Henderson Thoroughbreds || Album || A History Pg 1 ||:

    This is fantastic! Love your horses too :)

    Thank you! :slight_smile: :heart:

  • Competition Committee

    Yay! More Thoroughbred breeders! Just what we need :heart: Can't wait to see more from you! You're stable has such an in-depth history.

  • @Johanna-Masters said in Henderson Thoroughbreds || Album || A History Pg 1 ||:

    Yay! More Thoroughbred breeders! Just what we need :heart: Can't wait to see more from you! You're stable has such an in-depth history.

    Thank you! :heart: I decided that since I enjoy writing, I'd try my hand at giving my stable a story. :smile:

  • An Unplanned Training Session

    Bubba (HT Over The Rainbow / Rain) was set to leave in the trailer this afternoon to head for her lease home, Sunny Creeks, where she will stay with Cassie James and her staff for a year. My poor mare was eyeing off the trailer all morning, flaring her nostrils and snorting anxiously. Despite how much time Wyatt and I spent with her, she just wasn't calming down. As I had watched her walk back and forth along her pasture fence, I figured there was only one thing I could do to take her mind off the terrifying transport machine. I had to take her jumping. I collected her tack from the tack room and saddled her up, which proved to be rather difficult, as she was too nervous to stand still. It would be normal for me to worry about how she might react in the arena if she was already so nervous, but I knew my mare. There was nothing she loved more than jumping.

    One we made it into the arena, it was like I had another horse. Bubba's fidgeting ceased and she focused only on the jumps in front of her.

    alt text

    Enjoy my favourite mare, Cassie. She should be a dream :slight_smile:

    Once she had settled and we'd finished our ride, I untacked my sweet mare and prepared her for travel. As I write this, my beloved mare is on the road to Sunny Creeks, where I am certain she will be very well cared for.

    Since I was already dressed in riding gear, I decided I may as well work with Ranger (HT I Can Dream) as well. After the half hour it too to tack him up (He really is not a fan of the girth) Ranger was much more interested in finding out where his friend had gone, refusing to leave the barn so he could watch the trailer disappear into the distance. I finally managed to convince the stubborn stallion to walk with me out to the arena, where his reluctance immediately turned into bouncy excitement. That horse has quite the personality, but he has some serious scope. He would leap over any jump I turned him to, and it was a lot harder to avoid the jumps than it was to go over them. Ranger has so much potential, I just hope I can keep his hot-headedness in check when it comes to competing him.

    alt text

  • Love these pics, lighting is on point to <3

  • @Kira-Simpson said in || Henderson Thoroughbreds Scrapbook ||:

    Love these pics, lighting is on point to <3

    Thank you Kira <3

  • Just seen this! Love your album and your latest update :)

    Bubba arrived safely and has settled in well am just about to do an update :)

  • @Cassie-James said in || Henderson Thoroughbreds Scrapbook ||:

    Just seen this! Love your album and your latest update :)

    Bubba arrived safely and has settled in well am just about to do an update :)

    Thank you Cassie :)
    Good to hear she's safe :heart:

  • A Friendly Race

    Wyatt strode up to Logan, who was peacefully tacking up Rose.
    "Hey Logan, I bet you 100 bucks that I can beat you in a race," he said, a boastful grin on his face. Logan looked up at his boss and smirked.
    "Yeah, right. You're on."
    The pair tacked up their horses and lead them out to the track. Vee pranced next to Wyatt, arching his neck in front of Rose. The mare simply snorted and continued to walk nicely with Logan.

    After a brief wrestle with the gate and an effort to convince the worried Audrey that the pair would be fine without helmets, the race begun. The prancing must have taken some of Vee's energy, as Rose shot to the front and stayed there.

    alt text

    At the end of the day, the horses and their riders got a good workout, and Wyatt ended up $100 poorer.

  • PCRA My Lucky Day

    A few days ago I purchased a gorgeous KWPN mare from @Kia-Williams. I would like to introduce you all to PCRA My Lucky Day.

    Lucky arrived safely at the stables this morning. She was eager to look around, but surprisingly calm for a horse that had been in a trailer for as long as she had. She's a lovely mare, and is already registered to compete in Dressage. One of our newer staff members, Kyra Houston, will be her rider. Kyra is already in love with the mare, and hasn't left her alone since she arrived.

    Lucky really is gorgeous. We are so happy to have her here with us!

    alt text

    (Excuse the poor editing, I haven't had much practice, nor do I have a tablet)

  • Henderson Thoroughbreds has a new logo! I want to give a very big thank you to Delaney Maclean for making it for me, I love it!

    alt text

  • That logo is fab! <3

  • Introducing: SBS Desert King!

    I purchased this lovely stallion from Jasmine Wilkinson a few weeks ago, and have finally gotten around to getting a picture of him. This gorgeous guy has a fabulous pedigree, and is already doing well in Show Jumping and Eventing, placing in his first shows. I'm loving this horse so much already, he really is a sweetheart. Thank you so much, Jasmine <3

    alt text

    In other news, PCRA My Lucky Day has gotten her first title!
    She has made it to 28 points in Dressage, earning herself the Local Champion title :D

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