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    Hello everyone!

    The horse reclaim process has allowed members to reclaim horses from other members that have gone inactive, or they have accidentally sent the horse to. Given the increasing complexity of some of the cases we have received and the amount of time required to complete the requests, we have decided to make a few changes.

    Requests to reclaim horses from inactive members have been the main cause of complexity and time consumption due to the multiple variables staff must check to ensure that the reclaim is legitimate. For the month of April, members will be limited to reclaiming horses from inactive members that have not yet joined the new forum. Starting May 1st, members will no longer be allowed to reclaim horses from other members. Reclaim requests that have been submitted prior to this announcement will be processed.

    Members will still have the option to reclaim horses that are available in the Reclaimable Horses account, following the same eligibility criteria (must own prefix horse is associated to, or have other proof of ownership). All horses currently listed in the blank, retired, and deceased accounts will be transferred to the Reclaimable account, and those accounts will be removed. Janelle will be removing the blank accounts and changing the form to prevent members from accidentally transferring horses to another account. This change will be done before the end of April.

    For those that have frequently used the retired and deceased horses accounts, a new feature on Equus 3.0 will allow you to add activity statuses to your horses' profiles. These statuses may include options like active, retired, breeding, or deceased. Members will then be able to sort and filter their horses by these activity statuses. It is, and has been, our strong recommendation that you do not transfer retired or deceased main site horse profiles off of your account if you wish to recreate them on 3.0.

    Please note that we will also be discontinuing the form for removing boarders from main site stable profiles.

    Thank you for your cooperation as we move forward. Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to post in our #equus-discussion channel on Slack.

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