[CLOSED] LOS Blind Campolina Imports!

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    Blind Campolina Imports by Tundra Mountain Stables

    As some of you may know I absolutely adore Campolinas and I really want other people to love them as much as I do so I will be offering up some imports for them <3

    Campolina's originate in Brazil and I don't think there are any Campolina's currently outside of the South American area which makes them a very unique horse to add to any stable! Campolinas are both a gaited and a baroque breed and therefore are a versatile horse that does very well in most western disciplines and also a few english disciplines. In Brazil they are mainly used as ranch work horses and that is why on EQ they excel in those disciplines, I currently though have all my Campi's I made myself in Dressage, and they have all excelled so far in it!

    Here are the disciplines they can reach at least level 5 in

    Here are the accepted colors and patterns for Campolinas, and let me tell you they do not disappoint when it comes to their tobiano markings! Campolina's for some reason tend to skew their tobianos like crazy and I will be basing these crazy markings off real campolinas so that you have proof when registering if needed.


    All white markings, besides possibly roans will be custom!

    10k- Solid, comes with a facial marking and small leg markings, though some legs may not have white and sometimes all 4 legs will have some white

    15k- Minimal, minimal/medium tobianos, lots of the base coat will still show, the gray in the examples is a medium tobiano

    20k- Loud, big ol tobiano markings, and I might attempt some custom roans at this level but no promises because roans slay me


    You can sign up for an import using the form below! Please do not send payment until I've told you the horse is done <3

    Sign Up!

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    The first group of imports are all done! I hope everyone enjoys their Campolinas <3

    Here is a cute lil group photo of them all before they get sent off to all their new homes!
    First Group!

    I'm still taking orders for these lovelies <3

  • So happy with mine! They all look gorgeous!

  • Is this still active? ^^

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