{ENDED} SBS Spring Foal Crop!

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    Welcome to Silver Berry Stable's first foal crop for Spring.
    I have paired up the top studs and mares at SBS to produce our finest offspring we can offer, ranging in breeds and disciplines.
    All horses listed in this auction receive bonuses in their disciplines, so their new owner may choose to continue in those disciplines, or choose to follow a completely different path. Although we recommend to go with their disciplines they receives bonuses in (otherwise, why even bid?)

    All horses come with mainistes and custom white markings.

    As we like peopple to respect our horses, please have a read of our short rules below

    ~ RULES ~

    • Please do not mass upload the horse.
    • Do NOT remove my prefix 'SBS' nor add your own. Please do no change the names of the horses. They were chosen for a reason.
    • Do not alter the coat in any way, (including confo) nor use them as a template for other horses.
    • You may geld/sell/breed the horses however you wish, but please let me know if you wish to sell or geld the horse in case. Breeding you do not have to notify me.
    • You may edit shine/detail markings only, and you may change the shape of the mane and tail. But do not alter the color of them.
    • I am not one to fuss over activity, but it would be nice to see the horses enter a few shows and maybe even in a few blog updates (i would love to be tagged!).
    • When registering, please use my ID (8034) for the creator ID.
    • Please add your favorite breed to your first bid

    All starting bids are $8,000. Minimum increase is $1,000. There is no maximum increase.
    There is also no autobuy.

    Any bids ending on the end date (so the 18th of April) will then be turned into a 24hrs after last bid auction. Meaning that it is fair for everyone who didnt get the chance due to time zones.
    Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to DM or PM me.

    ~ Horses ~

    alt text


    Visit My Mainsite!
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    'Cam' was one of the first few born from this lot, and so far he has not failed to impress. Born a little weakling, falling behind the others even though this man was born first, but a few months along the track he was up and about, stronger then ever. Training began late due to his lateness in growth, but again he has not yet put a foot wrong. Very forward moving in training, and is always listening to commands.
    +7 Show Jumping
    +2 Show Hunting

    alt text


    Visit My Mainsite!
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    'Mave' is a bright eyed joyful mare. She has a very soft mouth, and is quite sensitive with foot commands, so you have to be willing to talk a lot when it comes to this mare. She has wonderful gaits, and is an easy to catch horse when out in the pasture. So no need for those sneaky treats! She can be a typical mare though, and is best not to let another horse sneak up her bum when she isnt looking. She will defiantly let that horse know otherwise.
    +5 Show Jumping
    +2 Eventing

    alt text


    Visit My Mainsite!
    Breed: Andalusian
    'Bailey' can be. How do we put it. Troubling, when it comes to work. Now we aren't going to sugar coat it, but this fella needs a strong grip, and some mighty strong legs to work him. His looks can be most of the time, deceiving. In a way where it feels like its best to just give in too that adorable face and stop fighting. But again, he in the end, is a charming young boy that just needs a strong and confidant rider to begin his career.
    +8 Dressage

    alt text


    Visit My Mainsite!
    Breed: Arabian
    'Malcom' is what we call a perfect project horse. Has all the flaws people love about buying and training a new horse. Although you wouldn't expect it wen hes not being mounted or ridden. Perfect paddock pal and seems like the most kindest horse out there, but we think as soon as that saddle is on and tightened, something else comes over him. There's only a few bucks and one or two rears we have encountered with this fella, but other then that he a a dream horse waiting for the right home and new owner.
    +13 Endurance
    +7 TREC
    +15 Flat Racing

    alt text


    Visit My Mainsite!
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    'Cindy' is actually a calm and quiet mare. She isn't one to be left alone though, too many lead ropes and expensive halters were broken. Best to stable her up with a a paddock pal, or another horse/pony to keep her company. She is excelling in her work. She may not seem like the most energetic mare when you saddle her up (quite surprisingly seeming shes still a youngster) but once a jump comes into site, she isn't afraid t bring out those fantastic movement to hurdle over the whole course.
    +1 Dressage
    +5 Show Jumping
    +1 Eventing

    alt text


    Visit My Mainsite!
    Breed: Arabian
    'Drake' is a hot headed arab. Very much likes not to be stalled as it can stress him out being confined. And would rather roam out in the pasture with a friend or two to keep him company whilst he does laps of the fence. He does enjoy a good hard training in the arena, and you'll find that you will be the one being tired out first as he wont want to stop.
    +1 Show Jumping

    All unedited photos can be found below:


    Unless a bid is placed on the ending date of the action (so the 18th), all bids placed beforehand will end as normal on the 18th. Any placed on the 18th, with then be turned into 24hrs ALB auction.

    | Horse | Current Bid | Member | End Date |

    | SBS Ever So Clever | SB| Lana-Rea Collins | 18th |

    | SBS Egyptian Wind | SB | Luke Teth | 18th |

    | SBS Bailey's Irish Cream | SB | Irene Crownguard | 18th |

    | SBS Airborne Magic | $15,000 | Lana-Rea Collins | 18th |

    | SBS Cincinnati's Treasure | SB | Alexis Jorden | 18th |

    | SBS Bullet Proof | - | - | - |

  • SB -- SBS Airborne Magic

    Tennessee Walking Horse

  • PR Committee

    SB - SBS Egyptian Wind

    International Sporthorse :wink:

  • Both accepted! :)

  • As i had calculated some of the bonuses wrong, all horses have been checked over again and their bonuses have been fixed :heart: (my sheets had taken off some bonuses :laughing: )

  • SB --- SBS Ever So Clever

  • Accepted! :heart_decoration:

  • 9,000 for SBS Airborne Magic

    Arabian 8)

  • SBS Airborne Magic -- $10,000

  • Both accepted. Leading bids have been added :)

  • SBS Bailey's Irish Cream = SB


  • SBS Airborne Magic 11k

  • SBS Airborne Magic -- $15,000

  • All accepted :)

  • SB ~ Cincinnati's Treasure

    Warmbloods, anything coloured or with big movement

  • Accepted!

  • Congratulations to:

    @Lana-Rea-Collins for being the new owner of SBS Ever So Clever and SBS Airborne Magic

    @Luke-Teth for being the new owner of SBS Egyptian Wind

    @Irene-Crownguard for being the new owner of SBS Bailey's Irish Cream

    @Alexis-Jordan for being the new owner of SBS Cincinnati's Treasure

    As soon as you all send payment, the sooner i can send files/mainsites/markings.
    If you do not have slack, please send me a PM over the forum so i can get your email to send files to.

    Thank you all for bidding! :heart:

  • @Jasmine-Wilkinson I've sent payment, you can find me on slack :)

  • PR Committee

    :heart_eyes: Thank you! :slight_smile: I'll send payment now!

  • Sending payment today! You can find me on slack as well!

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