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  • ok os im sorry tro post it here but..

    ok so heres the thing. latley i have been with the idea of breeding my mare so she has a foal and the day she leaves us i can keep a part of her and her legacy. i Have found a stallion to breed her with but i have some questions. first im afraid of the risks this might generate. are they to big ? any one who has had some problems during birth? i also have the question that at what time i should stop riding her and how much time can the foal live with her mother. im afraid of something happening to her since she is my life basicly. what can happen to her in the worst case scenario. what are the risk porcenatges. Note she was breed before with her previous owner and gave birth perfectly but aborted around 2 times (not a good quality stallion) NOTE THAT I AM DO CALLING THE VET FOR EXAMS DUE TO HER AGE (16) AND THE ABORTION ANTECEDENT BUT BEFORE WASTING MY MONEY I WANT TO BE SURE MYSELF.

  • Hi,

    I think you can get all of your information about this from your vet, and it would definitely be more reliable, as to my knowledge none of us here are medical experts in that field!
    However, something I do know, is you mentioned your horse's age is 16. I am pretty sure that her fertility rates will have already begun to drop before even reaching 15 years old. So the age of your mare may impact the health of the pregnancy and of the possible foal itself. From what I have heard, it is not safe to breed horses whose fertilities are declining.

    Hope this helps

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