{Closed for a while}Fancy's Coats!

  • Ok I have decided I would like to do a coat service since I have been making ones that turn out nicely lately, so just pm me on slack with a ref pic and I will make it for you!

    FWB in liver Chestnut for Jasmine Wilkinson

    0_1484029772080_Light grey.jpg

    Chestnut Coat and Markings For Zinnia Arvi


    Simple- Any bay, black, light greys will be £1,000
    Medium- Chestnuts, dilutes, Dun, dapple grey (med) will be £2,000-£3,000
    Hard- Pintos, Dark/Rose greys, Sooty will be £5,000
    I will only do one coat at a time as don't want to get over whelmed XD


  • Now creating custom markings !

    0_1491254854541_TS3 2017-03-25 23-44-19-82.jpg
    0_1491254756078_TS3 2017-03-22 16-40-05-53.jpg
    Tobiano example shown on my Missouri Fox Trotter mare, which I also made her coat, confo plus her marking
    Custom markings can cost anything from £5,000-£10,000

  • Dark Dapple Grey
    was very pleased with how this coat turned out, I spent so long on this XD

    0_1493489548565_TS3 2017-04-29 19-03-31-59.jpg
    0_1493489554315_TS3 2017-04-29 19-04-09-20.jpg
    0_1493489559302_TS3 2017-04-29 19-04-16-84.jpg

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