[ENDED] Yeguada del Alandaluz Auction

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    Welcome to the second auction of the Yeguada del Alandaluz, today we sell 19 beautiful Pura Raza Española horses (PRE), of which 16 are registered in the main site and 4 of them in dressage. Different coats, ages and bonuses.


    Do not put the horse up for mass download.
    Prohibited use our template for personal use.
    You must keep our prefix (YDA).
    You can not change horse's conformation, coat colour and gender. Stallions can be gelded.
    Missing markings may be replaced.
    You can not change horse's mane&tail colour, however the style may be changed.
    The horses are to be registered realistically and with my creator number #6091.
    Notify me before selling the horse (just so I can keep track of it).
    Add "Ermitaño III" into your first bid.
    I reserve the right to remove horses from the sales listing if I need to do so.
    I reserve the right to claim the horse if I see any of these terms is broken.


    Minimum Increase: $1,000
    Autobuy is negotiable by chat.

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