[Sold] 2nd gen Anglo-Arab with Bonuses

  • Adonis BE is a very sweet boy who will become your best buddy. He has great manners and acts more like a dog than a horse. He is still young, so he can go in any direction you want. His Sire (BT Yankee Zee) is Local Champion is Show Jumping and his Dam (IA/CDE Kestreli) is Regional Champion in Eventing. Sire is 100% Thoroughbred and also raced (Ungraded Stakes with ESRC) before becoming a Show Jumper. Dam is Anglo Arab 50/50 Tb and Arabian and only competed in Eventing. Adonis' Grandsire (Knight Rider) is State Champion in Eventing and Dressage. Dont miss this chance for a great boy!

    simple, just keep him active. Ive had to reclaim almost every horse I have sold. I want him to go to a forever home. If you find you cant keep him anymore, let me know and I may take him back. You are allowed to geld him, even though he is a nice stallion. No change of coat without my permission, just ask its easy. Id really like to see photos of him in your blog, nothing makes me happier to see my horses being loved <3


    0_1491534788480_Screenshot-173.jpg 0_1491534798214_Screenshot-33.jpg

    PRICE 10K

    Your name:
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    What will you do with this horse?

  • Can you provide the number of bonus points he would receive?

  • +1 Show Jumping +5 Eventing and +3 Dressage (if im correct, unless this has changed) Its one point per title right?

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