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  • Development Committee

    Hello everyone! Welcome back again to my (very messy) scrapbook, or now so called blog!

    I will try to update regularly and post often, so bear with me.

    Im not to keen on massive intros, so if your after one then you have come to the wrong place :P

    But anyways, ive started this to share my average edits, so i guess here's one now!

    ########## ########## ########## ##########

    alt text

    Here is an edit of one of the stallions i have put up for auction on the new forum (actually the first as well)!

    This is SBS Navajo :heart:

  • Love that horse, I'm not keen on massive intros either xD

  • That horse is stunning! To bad i don't need another stallion right now. :smile:

  • What a gorgeous horse! Good luck finding him a new home, I'm on strike from even looking at sales for the near future now, I definitely do not need more horses :p

  • Development Committee

    @Kira-Simpson thank you! I'm not to keen on them as I never know what to write! :P

    @Serena-Bass aww thanks! Maybe a mare might interest you then :wink:
    I have too many stallions myself so I can agree with you there!

    @Callixta-Rosella ah thank you Callixta! I sure hope so! I think we all get to the point where we have to many aha, I did the same thing for quite a while too! :laughing:

  • Development Committee

    I would like to introduce you to Haapalan Love's Verse
    Our new Finnish Warmblood mare @Kira-Simpson made for me :)
    The picture isn't the best as my game is having an argument with me at the moment :o

    alt text

    We aren't exactly sure what disciplines she will compete in yet, but we do have a strong feeling she will do something to do with jumping :P

    I would also like to say that i have recently begun having major game problems (mainly crashes and what not) so for the time being i may not be able to access certain horse files etc as i cant load my game fully without it crashing in the loading screen :/

    I have been working on this for the last 2 hours (restarting, going through mods, clearing caches) i feel like i have tried everything but nothing will work. Im not sure what to do about it, and i feel like i may have to end up restarting another world and loading everything into there as i do have a backup of most of my horses. Others will sadly have to be recreated or sold (dont worry, every horse i have bought i have a file of ;))

    Sorry to vent, but i had to let everyone know. Hopefully i can post again in here soon! :two_hearts:

  • Looks fabulous, take you have all the markings now? Love the photo <3 geez that sounds tough Jas :(

  • Development Committee

    This is a not so great update

    Recently i have lost access to my one and only stable save that had all of my horses in it (and possibly another save along with that, GCR) as the game wouldn't open or even get into the actual save without crashing first.

    I have put a lot of hard effort into that save, and recently have had the lack of motivation to do anything with it as i have found no way to fix it but restart.

    So that's what I'm doing.

    I will have all horses files that i have bought that i know of (if not ill message the breeder/previous owner) and i have some of my own bred/made horses.

    As for any recent imports, sales, i will not have those horses.

    If you are awaiting files off of me from a sale or for an import (that is still in my game) feel free to message me and ill somehow make it up to you as i cant forgive myself for those left waiting. I am truly sorry that this has happened, and sorry for not being able to fulfill that requirement.

    So from beyond this point i am starting fresh with Silver Berry Stables and Game Creek Ranch, and hopefully will strive from now onwards.

    It wouldn't be a normal blog update without a picture and since i cant take one, here is an old picture of our Andalusian stallion MRD Butrero del Cascabel

    alt text

    Sorry to disappoint everyone! :/

  • Competition Committee

    Aw, that sucks Jaz, hope it all works out for you soon! (Don't worry about Curiosity, focus on getting your game working again :) )

  • That's too bad, especially for the sales horses :/ I always export them right after I make them, so that the file is on the ready at all times.

    I messaged you on Slack, perhaps I could help, I've had some non-loading saves in the past.

  • Do you have chateaus file ? I have kept it for cases like this

  • Development Committee

    Thank you lovelies for the kind comments, it was a hard decision, but i managed to work something out!

    As i had recently saved my household only about a week before my game crashed, i was pretty up to date with everything. And all the other horses i was missing i had files for, yay!

    That means i was able to make a new save (brand new world) and rebuild my stables again. This time all up to date and new, starting from scratch.

    This also means i can take pictures of my horses again! And everyone that i have bought a horse form, it is safe and sound back in my game, and i have files for all of them in case this stupid things happens again :laughing:

    And since i am in the middle of rebuilding my game, and in RL going to docs, preparing for netball, riding most days etc, all the horses shown in this update are and will be up for lease. Not for any certain time, just till my life gets less busier. And i will organize something for the leaser as a reward whenever the leaser wants to end it. All but 2 are registered, so its purely just for a love and attention lease as a lot of these guys barely get shown in picture updates.

    I currently enter all my horses in all their R shows, but it would give me a hand if i didnt have so many to worry about

    Anyway, I have a big update since its been a while, so every arabian i have got a photo shoot. Enjoy!


    MSS Reagan ~ Endurance (0 pts) ~ Flat Racing (7 pts)
    alt text
    alt text

    SBS Navigo Mundus ~ Dressage (not registered)
    alt text
    alt text

    Layyen ~ Endurance (11 pts)
    alt text
    alt text

    SBS Nothin' But Trouble ~ Endurance (not registered) ~ TREC (not registered)
    alt text
    alt text

    PSSC Chateau Margaux ~ Endurance (32 pts - Local Champion) ~ Halter (7 pts)
    alt text
    alt text

    Fae's Rashida ~ Flat Racing (6 pts) ~ Endurance (15 pts)
    alt text
    alt text

    Lethifret ~ Endurance (53 pts - Regional Champion) ~ TREC (60 pts - Regional Champion)
    alt text
    alt text

    SBS Mac n' Cheese ~ Endurance (19 pts) ~ Halter (0 pts)
    alt text
    alt text

  • Beautiful horses, their coats are very eye-catchy :)

  • Lovely Arabians!

  • Chateau Looks so happy there. Hope Anisa can be Aswell

  • You can never have enough horse pictures, I love all these horses, they're beautiful!

  • Chateau and Navigo Mundus are stunning! Love both their coats so much ,3

  • Development Committee

    Thank you my lovelies! :heart:

    As i haven't (and didn't either on the other forum, whoops) introduce all of my horses, i would like to make this post listing them all

    I will list them in sections corresponding to their breed, as i have too many disciplines with multiple horses having more then one to make a neat table/s :laughing:

    Dutch Warmbloods

    Name Gender Colour 1st Disclpine 2nd Disclpine
    SBS Durango Stallion Chestnut Show Jumping Eventing
    SBS Belair Mare Grey Show Jumping Eventing
    SBS Myra Stallion Light Bay Dressage -
    AKS Checkmate Stallion Dapple Grey Show Jumping Dressage
    Woodford's Voltairé Stallion Dapple Grey Dressage -
    WSLW Just Dance Stallion Flaxen Chestnut Dressage -
    RDEC Dipylon Stallion Bay Show Jumping -
    AR Taskora Mare Chestnut Tobiano Show Jumping Show Hunting
    SBS Cupid Stallion Chestnut Show Jumping -
    SBS Sundance Mare Chestnut Dressage Halter
    SBS Brybella Mare Chestnut Dressage Eventing
    SBS Doc Stallion Chestnut Dressage -
    SBS Alomar Stallion Bay Show Jumping Eventing
    SBS Snowy Rosie Mare Dark Dapple Grey Show Jumping Dressage
    SBS Ansel Stallion Dapple Grey Show Jumping Show Hunting
    HB Call Me Crazy Mare Bay Show Jumping Halter
    SBS Sailor Stallion Grey Show Jumping -
    SBS Indiana Mare Bay Eventing -
    SBS Stud Muffin Stallion Black Eventing -
    SBS El Jefe Stallion Chestnut Tobiano Show Hunting -
    SBS Victory Mare Chestnut Dressage Show Hunting
    SBS Gwenth Mare Bay Show Jumping -
    SBS Desert King Stallion Bay Show Jumping Eventing
    Hollow's Just in Divine Mare Palomino Dressage Eventing
    Hollow's Just A North Wind Stallion Bay Roan Tobiano Dressage Eventing
    Hollow's Just a Jewel Mare Buckskin Tobiano Eventing -
    Hollow's Lancelot Stallion Greying Bay Tobiano Show Jumping Eventing


    Name Gender Colour 1st Disclpine 2nd Disclpine
    Lethifret Stallion Seal Bay Endurance TREC
    PSSC Chateau Margaux Stallion Chestnut Endurance Halter
    POP Cream Stallion Flaxen Chestnut Western Pleasure Western Dressage
    SBS Mac n' Cheese Mare Chestnut Endurance Halter
    Layyen Mare Black Endurance -
    MSS Reagan Stallion Bay Rabicano Flat Racing Endurance
    SBS Adelaida Mare Dapple Bay Endurance Show Jumping
    Fae's Rashida Mare Bay Flat Racing Endurance
    FES Queen Of Fareed Mare Black Rabicano Endurance Show Jumping
    FES King Of Fareed Stallion Chestnut Rabicano Endurance Show Jumping
    SBS Nothin' But Trouble Stallion Chestnut Endurance TREC
    SBS Navigo Mundus Stallion Grey Dressage -


    Name Gender Colour 1st Disclpine 2nd Disclpine
    RP Baron Stallion Bay Show Jumping TREC
    SBS Reyna Mare Buckskin Dressage -
    MRD Butrero del Cascabel Stallion Dapple Grey Dressage -
    SBS Diamond Dancer Mare Buckskin Show Jumping Dressage
    Simply Sensational MAS Mare Black Endurance -

    Odd Breeds
    Mixes of warmbloods

    Name Gender Colour 1st Disclpine 2nd Disclpine
    SAEC The Nightcaller Stallion Bay Show Hunting -
    Ioke's Norinbergia Mare Grey Horseball -
    GATE'S Case Dismissed Stallion Bay Dressage -
    VAPH Gingerbred Man Stallion Chestnut Eventing Dressage
    VAPH Sir Cumference Stallion Liver Chestnut Dressage Show Hunting
    WP Daylite Mare Bay Eventing -
    SBS Mathias Stallion Dapple Bay Show Hunting -
    WYE Curiosity Mare Grey Eventing -
    Haapalan Love's Verse Mare Liver Chestnut Dressage -
    SBS Apple Bottom Jeans Stallion Chestnut Tobiano Show Hunting -
    Hoofbeat's Irish Coffee Stallion Black Tobiano Show Jumping Eventing
    SBS Boot's With The Fur Stallion Black Dressage -

    Current Leases

    Name Gender Colour 1st Disclpine 2nd Disclpine
    Remuíño Dà Ruadhail Stallion Bay Show Jumping -
    AR Snowwhite Mare Grey Show Jumping -
    PAR Magnificent Chaos Stallion Grey Dressage -

    ################### ################### ################### ################### ################### #######

    As we have recently bred 2 of our horses (SAEC The Nightcaller x AR Taskora) we have waited on a Show Hunting baby (bred just for the discipline) for a matter of months now, and so we are excited to bring to you SBS Apple Bottom Jeans. He will be joining our other Show Hunters

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • What a cute guy, I love his markings <3

  • Apple Bottom Jeans is very cute! <3

  • Beautiful horses! :)

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