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    Chunky boy! He certainly has the look of a dressage horse! He's going to excel in his field no doubt!

  • What a cute face he has! I love seeing a good ol’ chunky warmblood :wink:
    And good to see you back! :smile:

  • Oh he is CUTE!!!!

  • if love could have saved you , it would..

    alt text
    The silence was profound. Ami was sedated as the final needle slid in. I rested his head in my lap and placed my hand over his eye. Seconds passed. The restlessness eased. Moving his stethoscope into position, my vet listened. He nodded.
    Farewell Ami. Love you forever.

    alt text

  • oh no :( this just made me so sad...
    Run free Ami <3

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    First of all ... sobs into tissues I was not prepared for that. At all :sob:
    Secondly - I have absolutely no idea how you managed to write that after what's happened recently. I could quite honestly burst into tears after reading that again. But lovely Ami, I'm so happy to have a foal from him and also yaaaay for you having even just a snippet of sims time again! <3
    I'm sending lots and lots of huggles (and cake!) your way <3

  • Ami... A legend is lost, I am sorry for your grief :sob:

  • i'm so sorry :( Rest in peace Ami!

  • Thank all off you guys <3

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