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  • Any questions or comments, leave below :heart:

  • Is there any judging criteria?

  • @Jasmine-Wilkinson how tall is each level ?

  • @Leda-Monroe
    I will be judging each level (edited and non edited) on a knowledge base of how much realism is in the picture.

    I will be going off similar things regarding the old Traditional show scoring. Taking things in mind like turnout, environment, tack suitably etc.

    I will be judging on my knowledge of the discipline, and will be listing all my thoughts (when judging) on the scorecards I will be making for results if people want feedback and to see how their picture was looked over. :slight_smile:

  • @Mariana-Pereda-Sloan
    Depending on what level you decide to enter your horse in, each level has (in brackets) what real levels it equals to, which you can then find the heights (although they will be listed soon on the challenege thread).

    For example:
    Beginner level is equal to Level 1 to Level 2 in Show Jumping, which is the heights of 1'3"- 2'3", (smallest Lvl 1 height, highest Lvl 2 height)

    EDIT: Heights have been added to their corresponding levels :)

  • Breed Committee

    Probably a straight-forward answer but can I enter my pony too, or is it a horse only show (asking because Equus splits them)? :smile:

  • @Rebecca-Wall
    There is no rules saying ponies cannot compete. Just the Show Jumping discipline in general, so yes ponies are aloud to compete/enter :)

  • All entries have been taken in, and now it is time for judging!

    Due to my lack of activity over the past week, this challenge may take a week on its own to judge (this includes making some prizes that haven't been made yet).
    Hope everyone understands, and that this show has not been forgotten. It just needs some time to be fully judged. :slight_smile:

    ~ Jazz

  • Breed Committee

    Take all the time you need, there are more important things than this show :heart:

  • Any news ?

  • Scorecards have almost been fully filled out, so hopefully within the next week results will be public. :)

    Sorry for the lateness guys!

  • Will they be up soon? Hahaha so excited! no rush though, just curious

  • Oh my god, what? Results are ready?
    Yup. You read it right. Results are finally here! Read below and see what you placed!

    If you're not interested in my apology, please skip the next paragraph! :laughing:

    Where do i even begin, This challenge was hosted.....what.....about 2 months ago. 2 MONTHS! Goodness gracious!
    I cant begin to say how sorry i am to everyone that has been waiting for these results to be posted. I had everything ready for results to be posted a week after the challenge, but then stuff happened and i never got around to finishing the other half of the scorecards.
    Every day i get on and begin, only to be pulled off by RL drama or jobs. Plus this new relationship i recently got myself into (my crushed asked me out) has been a big thing in my life.

    BUT! Good news. Results have been finally calculated and winners have been announced below and tagged so no one misses their win!
    If you have any issues about anything, please let me know and send me a message.
    Money winnings have been sent out or are being sent out regards to this post being posted.

    Marking gifts and Ribbons can be collected upon DM or PM (if i havent messaged you first send me a message!) :heart:


    ~ Beginner - Edited ~

    ~ Amateur - Edited ~

    ~ Medium - Edited ~

    ~ Medium - Unedited ~

    ~ Advanced - Edited ~

    • 1st Place: @Lana-Rea-Collins :first_place: : $4000

    ~ Advanced - Unedited ~

    ~ Grand Prix - Edited ~

    Scorecards can be viewed below!


    Congratulations to everyone that entered (and everyone who placed) and thank you so much for entering! I apologize so much for the lateness of this, but i hope you all can forgive me! :smile:

  • Administrators

    Thanks so much for your time & effort during a chaotic few weeks in your life! <3

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