Cuatro Soles: The diary. [07/13: Little update]

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  • 04/11/2017:

    Dear Diary:
    Days are becoming warmer and sunny. The mares are going into heat and the stallions are becoming a little wilder than usual. Such a time to be alive.
    We managed to move to a new neighborhood with a lot of services we dind't actually had at our old stable and we are absolutely thrilled with all the moving and packing and sending horses from point A to point B.
    Also our staff is really glad -actually they are really pissed but if you wanna eat you better work it- with our new location.
    And also I'm getting another job because of the manager telling me to create a blog for the stable because "pictures and texts help us with the business"
    Save me or something.; Zoila Wilson

    Meanwhile, Tormento is the first one to arrive at our new facilities. He looks really happpy after a 12 hours trip from our old house to his temporary home where he'll stay until our construction work ends and the facilites become suitable for living creatures

  • O5/14/2017:

    Dear diary:
    It's been awhile since the last time I had a moment to sit my multiracial butt and write some stuff.
    During this months a lot of things hapened. Specially with the horses.
    Life is going great at our new home. The horses arrived safely and all the mares, foals, stallions and dogs are really adapted by now.
    Also we have a lot of new faces around and I couldn't be happier. This is finally going somewhere!

    Our biggest news are concerned to two beautiful Hispanoárabe mares. One was a template I made almost a year ago to suit my broodmare needs and I modified that a little with the new sliders I've downloaded since she was created. The other one is a in-game foal by my SEA stallion Halaam-sheeral (yes, I've been playing some DA: Inquisition during my break lo) land a purebred andalusian mare . First picture is the SEA/Andalusian mix. Second one is the template.

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  • Lovely horses :two_hearts:

  • A little update!çMeet our newest addition. The PRE stallion Don Diego!

  • Beautiful horses. :D

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    Still alive and working! I took a rest from equus since my projects are still being shaped.
    As the Hispano-árabe project I'm currently working on... the horse pictured here is one of the first products :)

  • beautiful coat

  • Nice to see HAs coming back into play!

  • My little girl :heart_eyes: She's perfect!!

  • Breed Committee

    Really pretty Alba :D :heart:

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