Silver Winds Stable - Small Photo Addons

  • This post is deleted!

  • If I seem distant forgive me. I am dealing with the fact I been awake since 1:30 am after going to bed at 9pm and pulling a 36 hour stay up with a sick dog. He is in a 24 hour clinic and I have to deal with a Autistic child who does not understand why her dog may have to be put down. So please bear with me. I am not up to par and going to bed now.

  • Nice to see some photos with some commentary instead of charts with names and numbers :rofl: I must say I skip those as they are just... too serious? xD

    And regarding RL issues, take your time, pixel ponies will be here :heart_exclamation:

  • I try to do more then charts. I may delete those. An the bad news is the dog left us at 1:30pm CST. I made that hard hard call to let him go and held him close to me till the end.

  • Sorry to hear about that, it is always tough to lose our companions.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that, sending lots of love your way <3

  • Everyone knows Silver Winds can not stay with one type of breed for long. So we went out and photoed a few of our new kids.

    One Way Only
    alt text
    Bonnie is a lovely black Thoroughbred mare. She is firecracker and a tad stubborn but we love her.

    SI Musi
    alt text
    Bud is our black tabi Marwari Stallion. Very fun horse.

    PCRA Everardo
    alt text
    Ever is one of our four Andalusian horses. Lovely beast he is.

    Kaine's Geneva
    alt text
    Geneva is our Christmas special win. We dont win many raffles but was HAPPY to get her.

    Tripulante S
    alt text
    Tilly is our only Andalusian Mare. Her bay bum loves to be in your pocket and she mopes if you do not pet her. Every.. Time.. You.. Pass.. Her.. Stall...
    Heaven forbid you are in a rush.

    PCRA Lighthouse
    alt text
    Light is a special boy. He is our only Friesian at the moment. He is a sweetheart but can be standoffish with strangers. We were surprised when he came with the group of horses we got from the PCRA dispersal.

    FS King Of Fareed
    alt text
    What can be said about this boy? He is LOVELY is what can be said. An impulse buy we have yet to regret.

    Holmgard's Nothin' But Trouble
    alt text
    If you dont know this guy.. well you will. Tee is his namesake. Nothing but trouble. He escapes stalls, fields anything. He even escaped our trailer. We have had to change latches on everything because he loves to turn the other horses loose to. Not fun running across the entire ranch because he has turned 39 other horses out. We still love him.... for some odd reason.

    lPCRA Cristoval
    alt text
    Chris is our last Andalusian stallion. Another surprise from PCRA in the herd we bought. We have been very happy with him.

  • Yaaay!!! Good to see a lot of unknown Andalusians :heart_exclamation:

    You've got a lot of pretty horses!!

  • Holmgard's Nothin' But Trouble <3

  • Thank you

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