Silver Winds Stable - Stallions and Mares Seperated and a Bunch of new faces.

  • Still a WIP why I figure this board out.

    Silver Winds Stables Facilities
    alt text


    Silver Winds Stables, started as a small stable with just eight stalls and a small paddock. Chase and Allie wanted to own the land around them and slowly started buying up the land. The main house came up for sale and Allie and Chase saved for it. When they bought the house it was a bit run down. About this time Allie had two toddler girls in the house to keep her busy when she was not training horses for others. As time went on they ended up buying much of the area around them. There old home is where the western yard is now. They allow visitors to stay there and keep there horses in the barn there. As time went on They ended up breeding other's horses to fill the stable.

    Contact - Chase and Allison Person
    Location - Wicklow Vally in the Heart of the Ozarks
    Visitation- We allow it only on appointment.
    Capacity - 40 Horses

    Breeding and Stud Services
    Boarding and Care
    On site Vet clinic
    Hosts Competitions
    Horse and Rider Training

    Main Barn

    The main barn has a fully functional vet office with a surgical suit. There is four stalls just for layups and recuperating.
    A nice size tack room is above the offices in the center.
    A barn office is just inside the main door. The main facility also has a bathroom and shower.
    Two lovely paducks greet you as you enter.
    It has 14 stalls

    Western Yard

    The western yard hosts a nice three bedroom house and a eight stall barn. It has a round pen and a padduck. It also sits next to one of the fields.

    Dressage Indoor Arena

    It has a bathroom, mahogany wood panels and walking between the wall and the arena. Offers more then enough room for more then one horse to practice at once. It also has upstairs viewing and a bathroom as well as bleachers next to the arena.

    Stadium Jumping

    This arena is everyone top pick on the farm. We have eighteen lovely jumps for all ages. Work your way up from the baby jumps or tackle the hard ones.
    We also have an indoor jumping arena for rain and snow.
    Outdoor covered arena.
    If you get tired of the same walls go outside. We can set up jumps in this arena though right now it is empty for training. It has high enough walls those crazy horses won't jump it. We drag it several times keeping it well turned.

    Cross country courses.

    Want to experience some real Adrenalin rush? Silver Winds has two cross country courses. one has embankments as well as water crossings and anything between. It is for the more daring. The kids get stuck on the easy log and jump course.


    We have this arena for our big shows. We love the thrill of it. The 60 x 40 arena has a judges podium and bleachers on two sides. We never miss a action.
    We also have an indoor arena for Dressage for when it rains or snows

    Tack Room

    • Our tack room is in the main barn and has several areas for the tack and the
    gear our horses use
    • Also offers a bathroom and shower for our riders.
    • Our other barns all hosts tack rooms for visiters and boarding people to put there tack and stuff.

    Feed Room

    • All our special feeds, emergency vet kits, and wraps are in here.
    • We have a bin for out most common fed feeds.

    • Ribbons by Raymond Equestrian
    - Age Name Stable Main Discipline
    33 Allison Silver Winds Eventing/Western
    36 Chase Silver Winds Cross Country
    12 Elsa Silver Winds Pleasure/Dressage
    12 Anna Silver Winds Jumping/Cross Country
    7 Chase Jr. Silver Winds Jumping/Cross Country
    7 Chad Silver Winds Gymkhana/Pleasure
    5 Jamie Silver Winds Horse tester, Toddler rider

    Silver Winds Owned Horses

    ID Name Breed/Age Discipline Title Retired Classes
    28628 alt textAdonis BE Photo credit to: Leda Monroe 4- S - Anglo-Arab alt textEventing/ alt textDressage -- N/A
    15714 alt textRFE Connaught Grey photo credit to : Lidija Rotherford 15 - S - alt textIrish Draught (Warmblood) alt textDressage/alt textWestern Dressage -- N/A
    25038 alt textHetting's Colorful World 6 - S - American Paint Horse alt textWestern Trail/Working Cow Horse -- Halter alt text
    12584 alt textWRR One Sweet Ride 11 - M - American Paint Horse alt textWestern Pleasure/Western Trail WPWT N/A
    8933 alt textBKR Count Your Guns Photo Credit to Kassidi Coy Lutz 13 - S - American Quarter Horse (AQH) alt textWorking Cow Horse/Reining WCHalt text N/A
    27912 alt textHMR Zigga's Lost Cat Photo Credit to Cole Tieman S - American Quarter Horse (AQH) alt textWorking Cow Horse/Cutting -- N/A
    12668 alt textIn Memory vH Photo Credit to: Vivien Stone S - alt textFinnish Warmblood alt textEventing Halter -- N/A
    12669 alt textTenerife Sea vHPhoto Credit to: Vivien Stone M -alt textFinnish Warmblood alt textEventing alt textShow Jumping -- N/A
    15850 alt textRFS JuliettePhoto Credit to: Vivien Stone M -alt textFinnish Warmblood alt textEventing alt textShow Jumping -- N/A
    16420 alt textIoke's Norinbergia Photo credit: Charlie Smith M -Hanoverian Horse Ball -- N/A
    17604 alt textLCR Rocky's Rowdy Queen M -American Quarter Horse (AQH) alt textWestern Pleasure Reining WPRein N/A
    29115 alt textSPEC Caleesa Photo Credit: Farrah Lockwood M -alt textArabian alt textDressage/alt textWestern Dressage -- N/A
    28412 alt textCSR Jax Full Moon S -Mustang alt text Mountain Trail/Western Trail -- Western Trail Local Champion.
    19541 alt text TWR Sammy's Moon Standardbred M Eventing - -
    22695 alt text Doc's Triple Threat American Quarter Horse (AQH) S Eventing - -
    8870 alt text Slick On Time American Quarter Horse S Dressage - -
    11675 alt text MSE Virtual War S Budyonny Show Jumping 67 - -
    11676 alt text MSE Western Ground M Budyonny Show Jumping /Show Hunting - Show Jumping Regional Champion.
    12283 alt text MSE Nežēlīgs S Latvian Warmblood Show Hunters - Show Hunters Regional Champion. 72
    23893 alt text BV Southeast G Knabstrupper (Sportshorse) Eventing - Eventing Regional Champion. 97
    27759 alt text CSR Ravens Regret S American Quarter Horse Cutting/ Working Cow Horse - -
    22261 alt text AAS/CSR Jesus Of Suburbia S American Paint Horse Working Cow/Ranch Versatility - Ranch Versatility State Champion.
    22621 alt text FC Sheza Rising Player M American Quarter Horse Ranch Versatility/ Working Cow Horse - Ranch Versatility State Champion, Working Cow Horse Regional Champion. Ranch Versatility:121 Working Cow Horse: 80
    22610 alt text ERSH Bella Knows A Buck M American Quarter Horse (AQH) Ranch Versatility/ Cutting - Ranch Versatility State Champion, Cutting State Champion. Ranch Versatility: 102 Cutting: 107
    17876 alt text ERSH Cash 4 Love M American Paint Horse Ranch Versatility/Reining - -
    23357 alt text CSR Dees Fresh Kicks M Appaloosa Working Cow Horse/Ranch Versatility - Working Cow Horse State Champion, Ranch Versatility Regional Champion. Working Cow Horse: 117 Ranch Versatility: 65
    23655 alt text QMR/CSR Maximum Glow S Appaloosa Reining/Working Cow Horse - Reining Regional Champion, Working Cow Horse Local Champion. Reining: 78 Working Cow Horse: 33
    23724 alt text CSR Pocos Lazy Susan M American Quarter Horse Reining Reining Regional Champion. 97
    23660 alt text CSR/AAS Polar Prince S Appaloosa Reining/ Cutting - Reining Regional Champion, Cutting Local Champion. Reining: 72 Cutting: 41
    95 alt text Jassur NA S Arabian SEA Halter/Endurance - -
    12723 alt text HMR Simply Irresistable M American Paint Horse Western Pleasure/Reining - Western Pleasure Regional Champion, Reining Regional Champion. Western Pleasure: 54 Reining: 69
    23165 alt text NF Pinkalicious M American Quarter Horse Ranch Versatility 34/ Western Trail60 - Ranch Versatility Local Champion, Western Trail Regional Champion.
    14773 alt text RL Blazin Diamonds M American Paint Horse Cutting 49 Reining 53 - Cutting Local Champion, Reining Regional Champion.
    10616 alt text RR Brick House M American Quarter Horse Cutting 63 /Working Cow Horse 105 - Cutting Regional Champion, Working Cow Horse State Champion.
    22591 alt text RWH Milkshakes M American Paint Horse Western Trail 113/Western Pleasure99 - Western Trail State Champion, Western Pleasure Regional Champion.
    23365 alt text RWH Ricki's Red Mercedes M American Paint Horse Working Cow Horse 106/Reining 89 - Working Cow Horse State Champion, Reining Regional Champion.
    22874 alt text RWH Nick Bar Kid S American Paint Horse Reining 92 Reining Regional Champion.
    29431 alt text Blackstone's Sans Serif M Gypsy Vanner Draft Horse Showing/TREC - -
    29432 alt text Blackstone's Bastard of Bolton S Gypsy Vanner Draft Horse Showing 7/TREC - -
    29445 alt text SWSt Victorys Last Bad Boy S Spotted Gypsy Vanner Draft Horse Showing/Halter - -
    28975 alt text SWSt Smokin Silver Cat M American Quarter Horse Working Cow Horse/Ranch Versatility - -
    29522 alt text SWSt Rocky's Suburban Queen M American Paint Horse Reining/Ranch Versatility - -
    17025 alt text FC Faithfull Annie M Appaloosa Flat Racing/Halter - -
    17027 alt text FC Delta Queen M Appaloosa Flat Racing/Halter - -

  • We had a new Arrival. We leased out two horses and decided we needed another so we bought This stunning boy. Donny is a lovely Anglo-Arabian. He will be shown in Eventing and We are thinking Dressage later. Welcome Adonis BE. alt text
    Donny is looking great for his sale shot.
    alt text
    We just love that head. Just so intelligent. He also has such soft eyes.
    alt text
    We have decided this boy will stay a stallion. His first breeding of every season goes to @Leda Monroe She allowed us to buy this stunning boy.
    alt text

  • During our fun here at Silver Winds we managed to welcome some new horses to our stables.
    Hetting's Colorful World
    alt text
    Cody we are very happy to have. He has titles and looks.

    RFE Connaught Grey
    alt text

    WRR One Sweet Ride
    alt text

    BKR Count Your Guns
    alt text

  • We can not seem to stop enjoying out barns. So we added more.
    In Memory vH
    alt text
    Tenerife Sea vH
    alt text
    RFS Juliette
    alt text
    Ioke's Norinbergia
    alt text

  • @Allison-Person said in Silver Winds Stable:

    We can not seem to stop enjoying out barns. So we added more.

    Best reason ever! Keep on adding :)

    Your horses in the previous post are also very beautiful :)

  • Ooh your horsies are pretty ! Can't wait to see more ! :heart:

  • We decided all our horses needed to be shown off. So check our lovely show list up there.
    Yes if you check LCR Rocky's Rowdy Queen is leased to me. Check her owner and you will see why I have her on my horse list.
    We also decided no open breeding until we see 200 ribbons. Cody has two foals coming from a special breeding.

  • I update the points every two weeks
    OUR Stallions

    Image ID Name Breed Color/Genotype Primary Secondary Titles in Primary Titles in Secondary
    N/A 15083 NR Aim For Class American Quarter Horse Sorrel/ee/Aa/Gg Western Pleasure - 55 Reining - 91 Western Pleasure Regional Champion Reining Regional Champion.
    N/A 22695 Doc's Triple Threat American Quarter Horse Chestnut/ee/aa Eventing - 19 None
    N/A 8870 Slick On Time American Quarter Horse Dapple Grey/Ee/Gg Dressage - 41 None Dressage Local Champion.
    N/A 27912 HMR Zigga's Lost Cat American Quarter Horse Silver Grullo Splash/Ee aa Dd nZ nSpl Working Cow Horse - 56 Cutting - 37 Working Cow Horse Regional Champion Cutting Local Champion.
    N/A 27759 CSR Ravens Regret American Quarter Horse Blue Roan Splash/Ee aa Rr nSpl Cutting Working Cow Horse Sheets hate this horse
    N/A 27626 CSR Midnite Caper American Quarter Horse Smokey Black Splash /Ee aa nCr nSpl Reining - 15 None
    N/A 22874 RWH Nick Bar Kid American Paint Horse Bay Minimal Splash/Aa Ee nSpl Reining - 99 Working Cow Horse Reining Regional Champion.
    N/A 29709 Hunting's Kid's Lost Cat American Paint Horse Silver Black Splash/Ee/aa/nZ/Splspl Working Cow Horse Cutting Needs Reg
    N/A 22101 Winstone's Run Around Ryan American Paint Horse Chestnut Splash/ee/aa/SplSpl Reining - 10 Barrels & Poles
    N/A 22261 AAS/CSR Jesus Of Suburbia American Paint Horse Seal Brown Tobiano/Ata Ee nT Working Cow Horse Ranch Versatility Ranch Versatility State Champion.
    N/A 23658 CSR Magnum Force American Paint Horse Chestnut Minimal Overo/aa ee nO Reining - 48 None Reining Local Champion.
    N/A 25038 Hetting's Colorful World American Paint Horse Smoky Black Sabino/EE aa nCr nW Western Trail - 106 Working Cow Horse - 35 Ret Halter - 50 Western Trail State Champion Working Cow Horse Local Champion, Halter Regional Champion.
    N/A 23655 QMR/CSR Maximum Glow Appaloosa Chestnut Blanket/aa ee nLp PTN2 Reining - 93 Working Cow Horse - 49 Reining Regional Champion Working Cow Horse Local Champion.
    N/A 23660 CSR/AAS Polar Prince Appaloosa Bay Leopard/Aa Ee nLp PTN1 Reining - 42 Cutting - 78 Reining Regional Champion Cutting Local Champion
    N/A 9191 LCR Desperado King's Bar Australian Stock Horse Bay/Ee/AAt Western Trail - 12 Cutting - 45 Cutting Local Champion
    N/A 28412 CSR Jax Full Moon Mustang Dark Bay Tobiano/EE Aa TT Mountain Trail - 22 Western Trail - 30 Western Trail Local Champion
    N/A 28628 Adonis BE Anglo-Arabian Bay/EE Aa Eventing - 6 Show Jumping - 15
    N/A 95 Jassur NA Arabian SEA Grey/Ee Aa Gg Halter - 4 Endurance - 10
    N/A 24788 NF Sin For Sin Arabian SEA Dark Bay/Ee/Aa Western Pleasure - 38 None Western Pleasure Local Champion
    N/A 18451 GHEC Diablo V Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Chestnut Sabino/ee Aa Ff Sb1 Show Jumping - 28 Show Hunters - 45 Show Jumping Local Champion Show Hunters Local Champion.
    N/A 21721 DVEC Zinor Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Bay (Grey)/EE Aa Gg Dressage - 66 None Dressage Regional Champion
    N/A 22511 ADS Christmas Sausage Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Chestnut/ee aa Show Hunters - 38 None Show Hunters Local Champion
    N/A 25287 Sovereign's Riddle Me This Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Chestnut/ee aa Show Jumping - 16 None
    N/A 22682 GHEC Aztec Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Grey (Black Based)/Ee aa Gg Show Jumping - 80 None Show Jumping Regional Champion
    N/A 29493 Rosewood's Final Call American Warmblood Grey (Black)/Ee aa Gg Eventing Show Jumping Needs Reg
    N/A 12283 MSE Nežēlīgs Latvian Warmblood Bay/Ee Aa Show Hunters - 72 None Show Hunters Regional Champion
    N/A 11675 MSE Virtual War Budyonny Bay/Ee Aa Show Jumping - 80 None Show Jumping Regional Champion
    N/A 15714 RFE Connaught Grey Irish Draught (Warmblood) Fleabitten Gray/EE aa GG Dressage - 56 Western Dressage - 31 Dressage Regional Champion Western Dressage Local Champion
    N/A 12668 Blackstone's In Memory Finnish Warmblood Bay/Ee Aa Eventing - 33 Halter - 16 Eventing Local Champion
    N/A 9852 Pontiac Hanoverian Grey Ee aa Gg Eventing - 44 None Eventing Local Champion
    N/A 28688 SLS Hanzi Khulai Gypsy Vanner Black Tobiano/EE aa TT Dressage Fine Harness Needs Red
    N/A 29432 Blackstone's Bastard of Bolton Gypsy Vanner Silver Dappel/Ee aa nZ nP1 Draft Horse Showing - 7 TREC - 8
    N/A 29445 SWSt Victorys Last Bad Boy Spotted Gypsy Vanner Smokey Black Splash Varnish Appaloosa/Ee aa nCream Spln Lpn P1n Draft Horse Showing Halter Needs Reg

  • OUR Mares

    Image ID Name Breed Hight Color Genotype Primary Secondary Stud
    N/A 23723 CSR Blonde Dixie Mare American Quarter Horse Dappled Palomino ee AA nCr ZZ 15 Reining None
    N/A 23726 CSR Olenas Smart Chex Mare American Quarter Horse Sooty Bucksin Aa Ee nCr nSty 15 Reining none
    N/A 22262 HMR Sheza Red Beauty American Quarter Horse Mare Red Dun aa ee nD 15 Ranch Versatility Reining
    N/A 22267 TY Hebe's Gonna Spook American Quarter Horse Mare Red Roan aa ee RR 14.2 Reining Working Cow
    N/A 22267 TY Hebe's Gonna Spook American Quarter Horse Mare Red Roan aa ee RR 14.2 Reining Working Cow
    N/A 8933 BKR Count Your Guns American Quarter Horse Mare Red Dun ee aa Dd 15 Working Cow Horse Reining
    N/A 17604 LCR Rocky's Rowdy Queen American Quarter Horse Mare Smoky Grullo EE aa nCr DD 14.1 Western Pleasure Reining
    N/A 22621 FC Sheza Rising Player American Quarter Horse Mare Palomino Min. Sabino ee/Aa/nCr/nSb 15.1 Ranch Versatility Working Cow Horse
    N/A 22610 ERSH Bella Knows A Buck American Quarter Horse Mare Red Dun ee/aa/Dd 15.2 Ranch Versatility Cutting
    N/A 23724 CSR Pocos Lazy Susan American Quarter Horse Mare Seal Brown Ata Ee 15.2 Reining None
    N/A 23165 NF Pinkalicious American Quarter Horse Mare Red Roan ee/Aa/Rr 15 Ranch Versatility Western Trail
    N/A 10616 RR Brick House American Quarter Horse Mare Dunskin Roan Ee/Aa/nCr/nD/nRn 15 Cutting Working Cow Horse
    N/A 10447 RR Sheza Fancy Gal American Quarter Horse Mare Classic Champagne EE aa nCh 15 Working Cow Horse Cutting
    N/A 28975 SWSt Smokin Silver Cat American Quarter Horse Mare Silver Smoky Black Sabino Splash Ee aa nCr nZ nSpl nSb 15 Working Cow Horse Ranch Versatility
    N/A 14773 RL Blazin Diamonds American Paint Horse Mare Red Dun Ee/aa/Dd/nZ/nSpl 15 Cutting Reining
    N/A 22591 RWH Milkshakes American Paint Horse Mare Buckskin Overo Aa/Ee/Crcr/nO 15 Western Trail Western Pleasure
    N/A 23365 RWH Ricki's Red Mercedes American Paint Horse Mare Red Dun Overo aa ee nD nO 15 Working Cow Horse Reining
    N/A 27027 BNR Pistol Annie American Paint Horse Mare Buckskin Splash Ee/Aa/nCR/nSpl 15 None None
    N/A 29522 SWSt Rocky's Suburban Queen American Paint Horse Mare Dunskin Tobiano EE Aa nCr nD nTo 15 Reining Ranch Versatility
    N/A 12584 WRR One Sweet Ride American Paint Horse Mare Buckskin Tovero Aa Ee CRcr Toto Oo 16 Western Pleasure Western Trail
    N/A 12723 HMR Simply Irresistable American Paint Horse Mare Sorrel Overo ee/Aa/nO 15 Western Pleasure Reining
    N/A 17876 ERSH Cash 4 Love American Paint Horse Mare Bay Sabino EE Aa nSb 15.3 Ranch Versatility Reining
    N/A 12723 HMR Simply Irresistable American Paint Horse Mare Sorrel Overo ee/Aa/nO 15 Western Pleasure Reining
    N/A 23357 CSR Dees Fresh Kicks Appaloosa Mare Grullo Blanket aa EE nD nLp nPtn2 16 Working Cow Horse Ranch Versatility
    N/A 17025 FC Faithfull Annie Appaloosa Mare Bay Snowcap w/ Varnish Ee/Aa/nLp 15.2 Flat Racing None
    N/A 17027 FC Delta Queen Appaloosa Mare Bay Blanket Varnish Ee/Aa/nLp 15.2 Flat Racing None
    N/A 18128 CTTN In the Dust Quarter Pony Mare ee/AA 13.3 Barrels & Poles None
    N/A 18207 TY Whiskey Attitude Mustang Mare Chestnut Splash Aa ee nSpl 14.2 Barrels & Poles Western Pleasure
    N/A 26853 Ma'at BP Arabian SEA Mare Flaxen Chestnut Rabicano (Grey) ee/Aa/nRb/ff/Gg 15 Endurance None
    N/A 29115 SPEC Caleesa Arabian Mare Palomino ee/Aa/nCr 14.2 Dressage Western Dressage
    N/A 22573 Rutledge Guacanchas Lusitano Mare Chestnut ee/Aa/nW 15 Working Equitation Classical Dressage
    N/A 19541 TWR Sammy's Moon Standardbred Mare Bay Ee/Aa 15.3 Eventing None
    N/A 18677 WBS Meadowbird Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Mare Chestnut ee aa 16 Show Jumping TREC
    N/A 22512 DVEC Selicra Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Mare Dapple Grey Ee/aa/GG 16.2 Dressage None
    N/A 10380 Latara Oldenburg Mare Bay Ee Aa 16.2 Show Hunters Show Jumping
    N/A 11676 MSE Western Ground Budyonny Mare Chestnut ee aa 15 Show Jumping Show Hunters
    N/A 23893 BV Southeast Knabstrupper (Sportshorse) Gelding Bay Snowcap Leopard EE Aa LpLp PATN2 16.2 Eventing None
    N/A 12669 Blackstone's Tenerife Sea Finnish Warmblood Mare Palomino ee/aa/CRcr/Ff 15 Eventing Show Jumping
    N/A 15850 RFS Juliette Finnish Warmblood Mare Smoky black EE/aa/CRcr/fF 14.3 Eventing Show Jumping
    N/A 16420 Ioke's Norinbergia Hanoverian Mare Grey ee Aa Gg 16.1 Horse Ball TREC
    N/A 9903 Pollyanna Hanoverian Mare Dark Bay Ee Aa 16 Show Jumping None
    N/A 10905 Zeyara Hanoverian Mare Bay Ee Aa Eventing 16 Show Jumping
    N/A 11691 Zatarana Hanoverian Mare Black Ee aa 16.2 Eventing None
    N/A 8435 Zainah Hanoverian Mare grey Ee aa Gg 17 Eventing Dressage
    N/A 28687 SLS Araunya Gauni Gypsy Vanner Mare Black Tobiano EE aa nT 14 Dressage Fine Harness
    N/A 29431 Blackstone's Sans Serif Gypsy Vanner Mare Buckskin Aa/Ee/Crcr 15 Draft Horse Showing TREC

  • Allie and Chase went to another sale. Came home with more then they wanted. Allie always gets her way. Poor Chase just looked on with amazement at just what she got for there trailer. All he could think was "Thank goodness we brought the Simi".
    After getting home Allie got the mail as they pulled up. In her mailbox was a letter she was so happy to get. Her favorite Lease horse came up for sale. So of course she helped unload the horses then escaped to the barn office to transfer funds to buy the big guy. At 16.2 hands and a gelding meant the kids could ride the sweet guy. Most her boy horses was studs so they were warned to stay back. Even if they loved a few of the studs. This guy took the cake always going into a class with the will to win. His points proved he could do it.

  • At times the sheets love to give me headaches so I have a tendency to just say screw it.
    I also update this from my page on a regular basis.

    OUR Lease Horses

    ID Name Primary Secondary Titles start Titles Now Point Start Points Now Owner Show Fees
    7162 MSE Existential Entrophy Show Jumping Field Hunter Trials None We are going to pretend I know why this horse Is screwed up on his points None Aylet Schrödinger
    11451 WRNGS Sidestepping Romance Field Hunter Trials Eventing Not Sure Field Hunter Trials State ChampionEventing State Champion 114 - 105 Aylet Schrödinger
    13946 Sovereign's Back In Black Eventing Polo Not sure Eventing National Champion 191 Gwen Parker
    14212 Bs Dont Stop Huntin Eventing None As long as I have had this horse.. I will pretend I know why he is low. Gwen Parker - Lease
    20587 SiLS Prince of Victory Halter None ? Halter Regional Champion 63 Yu-Mi Shimizu
    25849 Zanzibar HW Eventing None ? Eventing Regional Champion 75 Johanna Masters
    25016 SiLS Lotus Dressage None We dont ask why Dressage hates to show Addelle Watson
    28864 HB Snow at Dawn Show Jumping None Show Jumping Local Champion 29 Addelle Watson
    23423 SH Desert Sun Show Jumping None ? 16 Callixta Rosella
    24868 Monachyle's Paignton Show Jumping none Show Jumping Local Champion. ? 34 Callixta Rosella
    24825 Monachyle's Whisky 'N Wine Eventing Dressage Constantine Vale
    24829 Monachyle's Dark Dreamer Dressage none Constantine Vale
    23831 PAR Druid Dressage none Constantine Vale
    29037 Giggling Nanny Flat Racing none Flat Racing Local Champion. 27 Vivien Stone
    29038 Night Stalker Racing none Flat Racing Local Champion. 25 Vivien Stone
    9111 Gambit av Eloyard Eventing Show Jumping Eventing National Champion, Show Jumping National Champion. 183 - 152 Saga-Dahlia Wallengaard
    13399 Llamrei V Eventing Show Jumping Eventing State Champion, Show Jumping Regional Champion. 109 - 75 Saga-Dahlia Wallengaard
    21509 PCRA Hercules Eventing none Eventing State Champion. none 133 Kia Williams
    25928 PCRA Hero Dressage none none none Kia Williams
    25929 PCRA Angel Dressage none none none Kia Williams
    25930 PCRA Ghost Dressage none none none Kia Williams
    25971 PCRA Harley Quinn Eventing none Eventing Regional Champion none 52 Kia Williams
    26143 WPW Carry Me Show Jumping none Show Jumping Local Champion none 44 Kia Williams 375
    26675 PCRA Warrior Show Jumping none Show Jumping Regional Champion none 59 Kia Williams 375
    28389 ABRC Vor Vidan Eventing Show Jumping none none 22 - 19 Kia Williams 300
    28509 Pallas Callida RC Show Jumping none Show Jumping Local Champion none 29 Kia Williams 150
    24286 TBEC Orbryrdnis Show Jumping none Show Jumping State Champion. none 123 Kia Williams 450
    20977 PCRA Vedette Dressage none none none Kia Williams
    19464 WHEC Heiken Eventing none Eventing Regional Champion none 88 Kia Williams

  • I love how you added ribbons to your page here, all your horses are beautiful. :)

  • Thank you. When I get in game I will photo the gang

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