Sunny Creeks Album//Christmas Halter 2019 - Banchelor, Margo & Sid (3 Newbies)

  • @Regina-Walker Isn't she!

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thank you! They are and they always seem to be mud magnets too :thinking:

  • I'm always so happy to see Wilma pop up in your scrapbook - it's good to know that you're enjoying her, even after over a year! Hanni also looks very handsome, but I'm a sucker for obnoxious patterns. Your pictures keep getting better and better; keep it up!

  • @Dimitri-Dane Thank you! :blush: Yep still enjoying her and shes come on leaps and bounds but still a very sweet mare! We plan to get some more training photos of her next so keep an eye out ;)

    Hanni is a handsome boy indeed but also on the challenging side generally its his way or no way :rofl:

  • I'd like to introduce two of our offspring to you well I say introduce but they don't have names yet as I'm struggling to decide and that's where you guys come in!

    We have two of our first 2nd Gen offspring here! When I first joined Equus roughly 2 years ago I started with a mare called Winne and a stallion called Buzz, the aim to use them as first two foundations and eventually when they had plenty of points to breed them and start my lines - well that time has come they have been competed at level 10 for awhile now and have over 200 points so now I'd like to focus on breeding and raising their offspring!

    I had originally planned to breed them together but as they compete in different disciplines I outsourced there partners for them! Big thanks to @Zatanna-Westerlund for providing a mare and stallion for me to breed mine too!

    Without further ado here is a photo of the pair of them a stallion and a mare! (On a side note big thanks to @Elaine-Rose for her base coats in the advent ;) )

    alt text

    Now this is where I could do with some help as I have been struggling with names as I'm not sure what suits them! So feel free to let me know in the comments if you have a preference or something new to suggest!

    Bay Mare - Eventing - SCA Infinity and Beyond and TBS Marie D'Anjou
    Show name - Barn name

    • SCA Spark of Life - Margo
    • SCA Globe Trotter - Paris
    • SCA In a Tizzi - Izzy

    What I've come up for for her, let me know your preference or name suggestions!

    Dapple Grey Stallion - Show Jumping - SCA Winter Wonderland and GAA Atlas
    Show name - Barn name

    • SCA Ice Age - Sid
    • SCA Written in Verdana - Danny
    • SCA Ace of Spades - Ace

    Now for him I am really favouring SCA Ice Age and Sid for a barn name but let me know what you think!

    Many Thanks!

  • I like Ice Age for a name, it's creative. I tend to find inspiration for my horses' names in countries or cities, even names of mountains and lakes

  • I love Spark of Life and Ice Age !

  • Spark of Life and Ice Age 👍

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thank you! That's a good idea actually didn't think about using mountains and lakes, I'm a outdoorsy person and love the idea of that!

    @Maria-Jones @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you! :D

  • Banchelor - TBS Banchelor Dampfross Jr
    alt text
    Sid - SCA Ice Age
    alt text
    Margo- SCA Spark of Life
    alt text

  • You can never have enough bays :heart_eyes: classic but still stunning colour

  • Wow! Very beautiful horses :heart_eyes:

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Indeed that is true! And variation in the colour of them too making each different!

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