Sunny Creeks Album//Schooling SCA Keep the Faith

  • @Regina-Walker She's a beaut isn't she :heart_eyes: shes fairly new to us but we are looking forwards to photographing her more!

    @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you! haha :laughing: we couldn't believe it! He looked rather happy with himself once he'd caked himself though!

  • Einhard is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

  • @Zatanna-Westerlund Isn't he?! And he knows it ;)

  • Welcome back, so happy your home. And had the time of your life.
    Glad to see all the babies happy. It was so wonderful to have them at avendale for as long as I did. ♡♡♡

  • @Lexi-House Thank you very much :D Glad you enjoyed having them! :)

  • Howdy Everyone, I think its time you meet our newest addition and say welcome back to another!

    Firstly we would love to introduce SCA Keep the Faith known as Faith for short to the team! She is a 3 year old Chestnut KWPN mare out of our two horses SLS Hollywood Shuffle and RFE Lieto and is the first of our homebred horses! She is made by @Sorren-Greyer and we adore her already and can't wait to see how she progresses with us, I have decided to take on her training myself and settled on both Dressage and Show Jumping. My original plan was just to compete her in Dressage but once she arrived I took one look at her and was like I bet she'll be a good jumper too, Faith receives +14 in DR and +5 in SJ. She has competed in her first Dressage competition here on Equus coming 2nd and in Show Jumping 3rd already so we have high hopes for her!

    And then we would like to say a huge welcome back to Flora Mckay (also pictured next to Faith) she has been gone for some time but has returned to us and we are glad she is back! Thanks to @Veola-Loveless for remaking her for us! Flora will take over Lieto's training again and I will hand over SLS Hollywood Shuffle to her as well!

    alt text

  • Schooling SCA Keep the Faith

    alt text

    Little schooling session with our newbie Faith! So far we have found her to be a particularly sweet and trying youngster and haven't come across any problems yet!

    On another note I decided to edit for the first time in yonks so apologies for the state of the mane and tail I realised why I don't edit! haha

  • And that pretty girl? I love she, that chetsnut coat is very beautiful :heart_eyes: The edition is not bad!

  • Thank you! She is a pretty girly isn't she! Haha thank you I suppose I need to practice more with mane and tails I just find it a bit stressful!

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