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  • Sunday Funday

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    Here is a photo of myself and SCA Winter Wonderland also known as Winnie on a fun Sunday afternoon hack, we had a blast! I do love getting all our competition horses out for their weekly hack!

    Winnie competes in Show Jumping and she is one of our first horses that we had over here on Equus along with Buzz her breeding partner. Winnie is a Dutch Warmblood is approx 9 years old and competes in Show Jumping. Winnie has recently moved up to level 9 and holds 151 points and $20,350 in earnings. We hope to breed her soon and get some lovely foals from her!

  • Winter has a lovely Coat love the cute dapples, hope you will have successful breedings with her :horse:

  • @Nicole-Löffler Thank you very much :) We hope so too :)

  • Beach Vibes

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    Here is a photo of RFE Lieto and Flora Mckay going to a little ride on the beach, it was hoped that Grace & Hannibal would also tag along but Hanni wasn't playing ball and didn't want to be caught from the coolness of the pasture. The hot sun as been beating down recently and we love it and hate it at the same is sometimes unbearable to work it but hey, are farmers tans are looking good ;) Anyway, as its been so hot, we haven't really done much training if any...hacking in the evening or early morning we do try though. We were hoping to send Lieto & Flora in for a swin but Lieto wasn't too sure on getting his feet wet this time....we will work with him and hope to get him in and the others for a splash at some point.

  • Banned

    wow! the colors from the coat and the rider match so great! <3

  • @Hilda-Wilson Thank you very much! :blush: they do like to match! :)

  • Not that long ago we introduced our new stallion TBS Enihard. He has since settled in and is now in training with Grace, here we decided to share a photo of their recent session focusing on his trot. They seem to be getting on well, it took Grace a little bit of time to adjust to the big moving stallion.

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  • SCA Infinity & Beyond and his trainer/rider Ariel Rose during a training session recently. The pair compete in Eventing and Buzz holds 147 points, and $21,080 in earnings. He is currently at level 9. His breeding parter is SCA Winter Wonderland but we hope to offer him to stud to others.

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  • Update

    Well Howdy it's been awhile! For those who didn't know my old laptop went bust and I couldn't get in game and I could only use it in safe mode to recover any files I had saved.

    I finally ordered a new laptop and it arrived last week and I've spent some time setting it up, installing all my sims games and putting all most cc back in game! I still have a lot to do but I'm getting there slowly! Anyway yesterday I created a world and put all my Equus Community horses into it instead of having them here there and everywhere like I did on my old laptop. The only horse I need to add in is TBS Enihard and put in a lighting and horse mod and sort all my others horses out that I don't compete here in other worlds! I am missing a few riders/horses and cc that I need to sort out too!

    Anyway I had just enough time last night to grab a quick photo so without further ado here's a photo of Grace jumping WPW Here There Be Monsters also known as Hannibal! He competes in Eventing (Level 6 currently) and has 113 points & $5,220 in earnings!

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    Here are some snaps of mine & SLS Hollywood Shuffle's weekly training session with Ariel, this week Grace & TBS Enihard join us for a joint session! I worked mostly on Holly's trot whilst Grace was focusing on controlling Enihard's canter!
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    alt text
    Our next update will be of RFE Lieto in a few days time, next weekend I will get some photos of Winnie & Buzz before focusing on getting all my other horses back in game and everything organised!

  • RFE Leito

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    Here are some training photos of RFE Leito, this time he is ridden by Ariel Rose who rides Buzz. He is normally ridden by Flora Mckay but she is away on holiday (side note - if anyone remakes sims please let me know I didn't have her file from my old laptop and I suck at making sims). It was a simple session both horse & rider getting used to each other as Leito hasn't been ridden by anyone other than Flora since arriving at Sunny Creeks. Ariel did add in some raised trot poles and a small jump at the end of the session though. Leito wasn't overly impressed at how small the jump is though!
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  • Aww Lieto looks absolutely awesome! :D

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you very much :) We love him! :D

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    Happy New Year!

    Myself (Cassie James) on SCA Winter Wonderland out for a New Years Day hack with Ariel Rose and SCA Infinity and Beyond. It looks like Buzz is enjoying watching the snowflakes fall!

    Couldn't wait to test out the poses from @Gundrun-Ward Pose Calendar either! :blush:

  • lovely horses you have there! Happy New Year!

  • @Jade-Nguyen Thank you very much :blush:

  • Introducing WRNGS Winter's Blues

    Today we would like to introduce a newbie to our team. Meet WRNGS Winter's Blues also known as Wilma she is a fleabitten grey German Sports Horse Mare - made my @Dimitri-Dane whom we were lucky to get from the holiday imports! Thank you so much!

    She is going to be competing in Eventing with Ariel Rose - they have already entered their first show and have come in 6th place. We can't wait to see what the future holds for her! We already have a German Sports Horse stallion so they have become a breeding pair for the future!

    Here are some photos of Wilma (the ones with the Grey background are from Dimitri's album) and the other two are taken from the day after arriving!

    alt text
    alt text

    alt text
    alt text

  • She's beautiful :) I love her pictures in the snow.

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Isn't she just!

    Thank you very much! :)

  • She is gorgeous, I love her little speckles!

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