EC Ginam

  • Welcome to Ginam
    We are *myself still do not know where we are* in a very beautiful place, similar to the plains of Great Britain and forests of Karelia.
    We just come to you ranks, so strongly not to swear for any mistakes!


    Alicante GEC Stallion 4 y.o. Danish warmblood Dark bay Dressage
    Fall Back In Night Stallion 6 y.o. Dutch warmblood Dark bay Dressage
    Baroness Mare 6 y.o. Dutch warmblood Gray on black Dressage
    Dep El Ges Stallion 7 y.o. Akhal-Teke Gray on black Cross country
    Kublakhan Stallion 4 y.o. Akhal-Teke Black Dressage
    Tovshan El Ges Mare 7 y.o. Akhal-Teke Black Dressage
    Gelin Shatlyk Mare 4 y.o. Akhal-Teke Palomino Show jumping


    GN`Cherakash Stallion 10 y.o. Akhal-Teke Buckskin Show jumping & dressage
    Armaan El Ges Mare 14 y.o. Akhal-Teke Buckskin Eventing
    Silansiya El Ges Mare 8 y.o. Akhal-Teke Palomino Racing
    Hyperborea El Ges Mare 4 y.o. Akhal-Teke Bay with zd Racing

  • Our athletes moved to dressage with their favorite wards.

    Charlotte HESTER and Tovshan on the manege rides (what is the level? O_O)
    alt text

    Charlotte HESTER and Pergament Al Sali perform in the middle prize (actual about the level)
    alt text

    Emma HOFFMAN and Kublahan on the mayoe ride.
    alt text

    Emma HOFFMAN and Arman perform in the framework of a small prize.
    alt text

  • I like the last picture :heart_eyes:

  • @Zinnia-Arvi Thank you! ))

    We present to you Alicante GEC. Stallion of the Danish warmblood. Discipline dressage.
    alt text

  • We have changed a lot!
    No more Geli. Now there is only Ginam.
    Introducing the latest news:
    This is Fall Back In Night aka Apostate (Отступник). Our most beautiful and unique stallion of the dutch warmblood.
    0_1507451992909_381 экст Отступника.png
    0_1507451997467_383 Отступник.png

    And this is the Baroness, the mare of the dutch warmblood. A gentle and pleasant girl.
    alt text

    Musician works under Lidia Stanford. Stallion of the Furioso-Nordstar breed.
    0_1507452000926_389 Музыкант треня.png

    And our cute Dep Geli went to the cross. The guy Debut.
    Dep Geli and Jordan Fisher.
    0_1507451977562_Деп кросс в парадиз 12.png

  • Hello! For a long time I was not here O_O

    We have a new "old" horse. Larica GEC - danish warmdlood, 13 y/o. Tender, affectionate, and generally a bunny ^^
    0_1517605209879_132 экст Ларики.jpg

    And new arabian horse Randevy (Rendezvous)! Amazing horse _ Very soon will participate in the exhibition. If I get my hands
    0_1517606217479_60 Рандеву.jpg

  • Banned

    I felt in love with all your old pictures! Editing is on fleeek, haha! :D
    And welcome back!

  • Love the dapples on Larica

  • Im in love. Randevy stole my heart. Hes beautiful. :heart:

  • Love the picture of Dep Geli he looks so athletic! Larica is such a pretty girl. :heart:

  • Wow, such stunning horses!

  • Thanks to all!
    I did not think that my horses would like you! )

    And our incredible Arabian stallion Rendezvous! The boy is 9 years old, so there is still a fuse in him!
    He went to an exhibition organized by Russian Equus Sims. Let's wish him success :З

    0_1517773269372_153 к Пучку на выставку экст.jpg
    0_1517773273450_149 Рандеву к Пучку на выставку.jpg

  • Love the sassiness of his tail in the last picture haha, he looks like a horse on a mission. :heart:

  • Best of luck to him!

  • @Isabella-Khrazenzia Ahahah, yes. I made a mistake when creating a pose :smile: there must be a nice and fluffy tail, but I did not want to paint it at all

  • LOVE the confo picture of Rendezvous and the edit of Dep Geli! Also that trot pose of Musician is amazing! So uphill!

  • Beautiful horses do you have😍

  • Thanks a lot, everyone! I did not think that there would be so many pleasant reviews.
    Here's another batch of nice buns: З

    Since I'm very much obsessed with dressage, the core of our center is developing this direction. :smile:

    Enamored With Sunset GEC, Danish Warmblood, 10 y.o., dressage.

    1_1518300651670_Сансет 202.jpg 0_1518300651669_Сансет 199.jpg

    And this is the son of Sunset - Equilibrium GEC, Danish Warmblood, 4 y.o., dressage.
    0_1518300735233_Брюлик 186.jpg 1_1518300735233_Брюлик 187.jpg

    Alikante GEC,Danish Warmblood, 4 y.o., dressage. Brother by mother Equilibrium.0_1518300835188_Аликанте 163.jpg

    And our two lovely, gentle girls. First chestnut sabino Tenderness GEC! Danish Warmblood, 4 y.o., dressage.
    0_1518300956712_Нежность 189.jpg

    And the main mother of the family - Larika GEG, Danish Warmblood, 13 y.o., dressage. But you've already seen it.

  • Nice to hear you're turning more to dressage :heart_exclamation:

  • That first picture of Sunset is amazing!

  • While we were away, many changes occurred.
    Photographed our Akhal-Teke.

    Producer of the equestrian center

    Gaon, 19 y.o.
    2_1519404665227_171 Гаон.jpg
    Muscat Nemo, 15 y.o.
    3_1519404665228_172 Мускат Нэмо.jpg
    GN`Cherakash, 14 y.o.
    0_1519404257108_178 Чэрик.jpg
    Armaan El Ges, 14 y.o.
    0_1519404665177_167 Армаан.jpg
    Silansiya El Ges, 8 y.o.
    8_1519404665475_179 Силансия.jpg
    Hyperborea El Ges, 5 y.o.
    5_1519404665244_174 Гиперборея.jpg

    Sports horses

    Tovshan El Ges, 7 y.o. Dressage
    1_1519404665178_168 Товшан.jpg
    Dep El Ges, 7 y.o. Cross country
    6_1519404665245_176 Деп.jpg
    Kublakhan. 4 y.o. Dressage
    4_1519404665228_173 Кубик.jpg
    Gelin Shatlyk, 4 y.o. Show jumping
    7_1519404665456_177 Гелин.jpg
    And our prodigal son, Orlov trotter named Flocculent, returned home
    9_1519404665475_226 Флокулянт и глазик.jpg

    And I realized long ago that I had too many dressage! Therefore, "Hey, show jumping". Gelin Shatlyk and Brooke O`Viiver went to conquer the vast expanses of the Russian Sims community. 0_1519405373509_203 Гелин в Парадиз 100.jpg

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