[ENDED] 7 horses - Various Breeds

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    end 24hr ALB ❧ Various breeds

    I made those horses a while ago, when I started in an other sims community but they've never been registered here or anywhere else. I just updated them a little.

    You can do whatever you want with them I'm happy if you love and show them a lot but I wouldn't minf if they stay in your sim bin forever. The breed and gender can be changed, their coat color and morphology too, you can add markings ...
    They can carry my suffix (RW*), yours or none but I probably won't reclaim them

    Autobuy option is available just send me a PM here with your offer

    Auction ends 24h after last bid for each horse - starting bid is 2 000$
    alt text alt text
    German Riding Pony - Mare - Red Dun Sold via autobuy German Riding Pony - Stallion - Palomino
    alt text alt text
    Sold via autobuy (Selle Français - Stallion - Seal Brown) PRE - Stallion - Buckskin
    alt text alt text
    Mangalarga Marchador - Stallion - Sooty Buckskin Akhal Teke - Mare - Grey (black) come with a custom face marking
    alt text
    Sold via autobuy American Paint Horse - Mare - Grullo Overo

  • SB Selle Français - Stallion - Seal Brown

    He's beautiful ♥

    SB American Quarter Horse - Mare - Grullo Overo

  • Accepted (23:19 - France GMT +1)

  • SB on the PRE Stallion : )

  • Accepted (00:26 - France GMT +1)
    Selle Français sold !

  • PR Committee

    SB on the Mangalarga Marchador!

  • Accepted (01:10 - France GMT +1)

  • SB red dun mare

  • Breed Committee

    Akhal Teke - SB
    Red dun - $3000

  • Red dun - $4000

  • Breed Committee

    Red dun - $5000

  • PRE Stallion - $3000

  • All accepted (04/14/17 - 00:50 France - GMT +1)

    Mangalarga Marchador sold to @Andrea-Burdine for $2 000

  • Hey I was wondering when you had the chance if you could send the Seal Bay's file over 😊

  • Breed Committee

    Just wondering if I won the the dun and the Teke as the bids wereally 2 days ago? I'm happy to wait another 24hrs if not :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Auction ended :

    GRP mare Red Dun and Akhal Teke grey mare won by @Rebecca-Wall

    other horses have been sold via autobuy

    I've mixed up my files, so if you haven't received your horse yet it's because I'm a terrible mess. Hope I could send them to you as quick as possible ;)

    Thanks for all your biddings !

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