Westen Manor [6/13] - Field Time

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    The sun streams brightly over cotton cloudy blue skies as you drive up in front of a large, rambling estate. Up on the hill a rundown building adorned by three large bells takes center stage, and a small sign by the path says "Welcome to Westen Manor." It's nothing special, with its winding stone path and slightly shrubby landscape, but it holds a charm nonetheless.
    To the left of the building on the hill stands a lower, but much larger stable complex. Horses are led in and out, some stopping to eye your car curiously and others prancing and snorting as they pass by.

    Westen Manor is a western based stable focused on breeding and competing criollo horses in particular. We keep very small stock and occasionally take on other western breeds such as AQH/APH etc. We do have an unnamed English branch as well, that competes and breeds warmblood horses and ponies for our children.

  • Arthur strolled down the barn aisles early in the morning, checking each horse was enjoying their breakfast and to hand out a few facerubs here and there for the curious ones who poked their noses out. He stopped by Little Havana's stall at the end of the line, and the mare shoved her head in his hands for an eager rub.

    "Easy girl, you're really pushy this morning." he laughed.
    The mare nodded her head almost in response, nickering and nudging Arthur with her nose.
    "Maybe we should take you out for some practice runs or something, work off all that breakfast energy!"
    Havana snorted eagerly in response.

    Fast forward a few hours and Arthur had loaded Havana up in the trailer and set off for the local rodeo grounds. Upon their arrival, the mare practically pranced out of the trailer and swished her tail impatiently while her tack was unloaded. At last, they were ready for some practice.

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    The pair had a fairly successful run, going through the various reining patterns with few hiccups, not counting a small crowhopping session Havana had at the very beginning to work off her salt n' vinegar.

    They ended their practice session with a celebratory lope around the arena and a good pat on the back before heading home to dinner.

    [wow this was so bad im really rusty on the whole story thing ahahahahimsorry]

  • ooohhh woaaahh love last pic

  • @Nina-Ricchi Thank you! ^^ Im quite proud of how that came out

  • @Cat-Shepherd said in Westen Manor [4/15]:

    Im quite proud of how that came out

    You can it is just sublime

  • Awesome another western person, welcome! Looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

  • @Cole-Tieman Yes! I don't see enough western people :C

  • @Cat-Shepherd that last photo is perfect.

  • @Remi-Clarke legit i do all my edits at 2am and hope for the best

  • Criollos? Awesome :) I love the first two pictures, your facilities are beautiful :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Yeah! Criollos are awesome little horses, I wanted to share my love of them :D thank you!!

  • late night update dump from last night. Got the western horses all settled in! TJS Kissin' Kate (middle) went for a run in the mare paddock with WM Little Havana and WM Antigua. We think she'll settle in just fine. (antiqua and havana need coat updates shhh they got them right after this photo)

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    Meanwhile EWE Skip'n In The Spotlite arrived from @Heather-Tann and so did our beautiful pintabian import ART Roanoake from @Nikki-Calvaria ! these guys will be staying in the small barn up by the main house while they settle in. Roanoake's discipline is yet to be decided, but we look forward to seeing what he excells in!

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    (really bad unedited photos bc im lazy shhhh)

  • The last picture looks really pretty.

    Btw I just saw your auction Criollos. They are drop dead gorgeous. I'm so tempted :)

  • So! I would like to start introducing y'all to all my english horses, who run under the barn name Irish Creek Stud (clever I know, I'm not 100% happy with it ) but to kick this off I'd like to show off one of our new leases, NLS Donatello, from @Remi-Clarke! Westen Manor/Irish Creek has two of Donatello's offspring, who have proven to be fabulous horses, and we are excited to lease Donatello and show him!

    I wrote a really bad little story to go with this image, but to spare y'all from a mountain of text and my bad writing, I'll put it under a spoiler.

    Cat stood at the crossties with Donatello, checking his tack over once more before she led him out to the front pastures. As she undid the ties, she was approached by her stable manager, Arthur.
    "hey, how has this big guy been settling in? He seems ready for some work." she asked, giving the big black and white stallion a pat on the neck as she exited the stable.
    "yeah, he's been getting restless now, I think he's done with the whole time off thing." Arthur said, jogging slightly to keep up with Cat and Donatello's quick strides. As they reached the paddock, Cat turned towards the barn, eyeing the resident stable hand, Asa. He was a small teenager who Arthur had put to work in exchange for some lessons. As he sifted grain into the feeders, she grinned.
    "AAAAAASSSSSAAAA!" she yelled, laughing as he jerked in surprise, almost dropping a scoop of feed and a bucket.
    "Come here! And bring a helmet, yeah?"
    the teen sprinted off and soon emerged from the large open doors of the barn carrying a helmet. Jogging over to where the trio stood, Arthur shot Cat a confused glance.
    "Put that on, Asa. You get to warm up Donatello."
    "WHAT?" Asa exclaimed, glancing down at his attire: a plaid shirt over plain undershirt, cargo pants, and riding boots. "I'm not even wearing breeches though!"
    "Never Ridden in regular pants before? Over on the western front, we pretty much only ride in jeans. Now put that helmet on and I'll give you a leg up. C'mon now!" Cat said.
    Warily, Asa placed the helmet on his head, flattening down the coif of reddish hair held up by far too much hairspray, and buckled the straps. he stepped towards the large tobiano stallion, who had been standing patiently next to Arthur. Huffing gently, the big horse nudged Asa's shin as Cat interlaced her fingers and gave him a leg up.
    Asa looked rather small atop the giant stallion. His normal lesson horse was a mare only about 15hands high, and Donatello far outclassed that at 17.2hands. They set off around the paddock slowly, both getting used to eachother. Donatello was eager to move, but Asa kept a firm grip on the reins as they made a few warmup rounds.
    Leaving Arthur to supervise the pair and give tips on handling the stallion, Cat quickly made a couple of runs to and from the barn's storage room, dragging out some jump standards, cups and poles. She arranged these in the middle of the paddock while Asa and Donatello cantered leisurely around fenceline. The stallion moved with grace and ease that would have never suggested he had been out of work for so long.
    "Alright Asa, let's see what he can do! Go ahead and take him over this jump." Cat said, gesturing to the poles she had just set up. The teen's eyes widened and he faltered slightly as he looked at the setup, a large fence set up about 4 foot.
    "No way Miss Shepherd! I've never jumped that high!" He exclaimed, slowing the stallion down to a trot and circling around Cat and the jump.
    "Arthur, how high has Asa jumped Delilah?" she asked.
    "Highest they've ever jumped is 3 foot, but only once." He said, eyeing the vertical with trepedition equal to Asa.
    "Well, I'm all about challenges. Go on Asa, at least give it a shot. I've seen you jump before, you can do it!" She grinned, stepping back and motioning towards the fence.
    Asa inhaled deeply and nudged donatello into a canter. The stallion tossed his head in excitement, eager to finally stretch his legs. The pair circled the paddock a couple of times, before Asa turned and set Donatello on the path. As they approached the jump, almost before Asa signaled him over, the stallion was in the air, taking the fence as if he was hopping a small log.
    Upon landing, Asa pulled the stallion up slowly, letting out a long breath as he did.
    "Good Job Asa!" Arthur clapped, walking over to give him a hearty pat on the leg. A smile spread across Asa's face as he realized that he had cleared the jump without incident. Dontatello snorted and nudged his stirrup while pawing the ground, impatient at being told to stand once again.
    "Alright Miss Shepherd, I'm never doing that again, alright?" he gasped, staring down at her wide-eyed.
    "alright, alright, point taken Asa. Good job though! Why don't you cool Donatello off and meet us inside" she said with just a hint of a giggle in her voice as she headed towards the barn.

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    Sometimes you can catch Cat in the barn sharing stories with the stallions. @Kassidi-Coy-Lutz

  • Caaaaat. Such a beautiful barn, I always look forward to seeing updates from you, your photos are always so perfect and gorgeous quality.

  • @Remi-Clarke <3 thank you Remi!! I totally didnt... redo my whole facilities for the millionth time because I wasnt happy with it LOL. I think I'm done... for now. :')

  • Stunning horsies :heart:

  • This post is deleted!

  • I wrote "Cat's markings" I meant the horses' markings! :joy:

  • I'm so in love with your facilities! I love how you have played with terrain tool especially in the pic on the opening post :)

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