Shady Hollow Horses for Sale

  • None for sale currently!

    Rules <3
    -DO NOT edit the coat, or copy the coat, do not edit template, or re-use the template without permission.
    -Updates are must be given at least every 2 months, but I'd really like monthly or weekly.
    -Do not change the prefix
    -Do not re-sell with permission or upload to any download sites.
    -Do not breed without permission! I'll say yes if you ask first!
    -To ensure you read the rules please put at the end of your application "I like cow neck horsies"

    There is no specific application for these guys, just write about what you can offer them, what their future will be, etc! Please PM applications!

  • I just fell in love with SHS Touch The Sky! :heart_eyes: I would buy her. PM?

  • New horses added!

  • Could I buy SHS have fate in me? x :) I love him (ps its Haveria Stables)

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