Shady Hollow Stables Horses For Lease

  • SHS Pretty Boy
    Age: 6 and 1/2 years old
    Gender Stallion, but can be gelded for leasing.
    Breed: Connemara pony mix
    Discipline: Dressage, and little Jumping training.
    Description: As much as I hate to do this, I am putting my boy up for lease. This boy has been so sweet during his time here, he has never bucked, reared, bit, kicked, etc. He was originally trained for Dressage, but he did have a little bit of Jumping training when he was 5. He was mostly used to teach our teenage rider. If I didn't tell you he was a stallion, you'd think he was a gelding! He is honestly such a sweet boy, and I hate to see him go! He is a huge cuddle bug, and he loves attention. He is such a good boy on the ground and under saddle. He must go to an active showing home, or someone with an active lesson program, riding program, etc. I'd prefer he go to a showing home though! His leasing price is $200 a month!

    There is no specific application for these guys, just write about what you can offer them, what their future will be, etc!

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